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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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my first lost broken heart love | Reviewer: sakura zoya | 5/23/13

i met this very frst love of mine through facebook...we usually txt echothr n in few months it seemz lke we were addicted to each other..n we startd having a feeling called LOVE..n very soon .we decided to meet ech other n it was succesfully done...i was so glad to know that he loved me so much...n now itz been 1yrs suddnly a heavy wind blew in our relation n i culdnt saved it... i was left alone he showed a dream n he scattered it away n left me alone..this song is dedicated to him..{karma} i wish he sees this n returns back to me coz itz 3years that he left me but i still love you truely please come back

One side love ... | Reviewer: divya | 5/16/13

V both were same schl.. i was d new admission ... a day i left ma schl bus so i was waiting 4 out bus .. tn i sa him n tat bus ... he took weared our schl uniform.... i thought he would b 10th .. aftr getting down he too entered into 12th std clasrum.... i was shocked ... tn one day i got a chance 2 tak wit him ... aftr board xm v were b bestfrnds.... during schldays he used 2 giv chocolates 2 me... i saved all vapours of chocolates ... tn aftr 1yr he suddenly stoped 2 tak wit me.... bt i didn't proposed nd nyt i cried alot ... stil waiting 4 his msg... pls cum back .... i luv u da... my lyfe s blank witout u rahman

My first & last love bt one sided...... | Reviewer: Bhupendra ballabh | 5/8/13

I met wid my love 2years back when i use to go my institute. First i don't like her i thought that she was egoist bt after 1 month i like & love her from the bottom of my heart bt i did'nt get any chance 2 show my love infront of her & i could'nt propose her bt i still luv her & i'll be waiting for her till my whole life. Hey supriya i'm waiting 4 u if u'll ever read it plz cll me #9044140472. When i listen to this song, i think about u.

loneliness... | Reviewer: HIL | 5/4/13

I FIRST SAW HER IN ONE RAINY SEASON IN MY OFFICE 4 YRS, AGO ..1 month before i proposed. but she asked me why this thought came in your mind ? so many questions she asked me ? but my one & only r my life..without u i am zero . now i am alone to feel the meaning of loneliness.

worst fellows | Reviewer: | 3/25/13

ey..dnt u al have brain to think wht's gonna happen nxt..listen guys dnt indulge in fake r.ship wit gals..there's a lyf njy as much u is true only if the situation demands..dnt blame on gals(some)..sry if i said anyting rong.. really i felt sry and angry of u...all the best 4 ur future...

Vinod p.c | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/13

I never want 2 be lonly in ma am always busy 2 make lovers.some of them are one way.i love my self too, sn am also ma lover.when am in lkg i was fall in lov wid ma clas teacher..there after ma schooldays n clg days were fulflilled by not i want 2 lov n loved.thatz why i choose abt 22 lovers.i hav n dream lover also.sneha d film actrers.her mrg is done, bt ma lov wil not end. .stil i love her, stil i busy in loving..

feeling the meaning of loneliness. | Reviewer: varghese | 3/18/13

I met her in my 1st standard in school. We were in the same class till 7th and parted ways till a proposal came at the age of 27 years. She was my wife for 20 years and we have 3 children. We negotiated the whirlwinds, storms as well as the breeze together. She left me and our children 1 year back after a brief illness. now i am alone to feel the meaning of loneliness.

she pluk my life N nvr give bck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/13

I met her in 8th the first impresion,she takes my life..nobody nvr make me like this.thaz the time my luv was born in my life...nd i made a great mistake in my luv,i become late 2 say my luv

i can wait for her | Reviewer: magesh | 2/10/13

i met her at my bros marriage, after some days, i was proposed her she didnt think abt anything and said no.and we are talking like fris after some month i asked the reason, she said nothg, she take care of me, she likes me so much,i was stop the contact more one year. In that one year she calld me 4 time i dint attend the 6 mes i dint replied. After some days i got mes from her that s ' i am ready to spend time wit u.......u?'. Then i ask tat wat is ans she said 'BAYAMAIRUKU'. We r good fris be my fri always. Bcas i like u soooo much............''''' but i love her. She is my gal

broken heart | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/13

i met her in my collage...she was pretty friend to me...then i was in love with her...,.but when she came to know that i am loving her she saw me as an enemy and left me i am alone and happy....,all because of BSB...
boys ,
Be Alone To Be Happy...
Be Happy To Be Alone....,
Thanku bsb..

Broken heart | Reviewer: Amod | 12/4/12

When I saw the video first time I could realise the song actually.. But now I can .. Because now I lost my love and my heart.. I can live without her but as a dead man.. Because I loved her more than my life..

Hopeless love | Reviewer: Prince | 11/29/12

i loving my princess from last one year through meeting in company , she has been forced by his family to marry another boy , still now am waiting for her , may be am too unlucky , may ad she not loving me .but my love is true and am able to wait till end of my life , love you princess please come back

Lonely | Reviewer: Fitra | 11/25/12

When i heard this song, i m reminded of something i do to her with stupidity and carelessness, and this time i lost everything, i just can hope and i feeling very lonely and always lonely ...
Thank u BSB is great.!

show me the meaning..... | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/19/12

i want u back akshay i cant live without wat if i tlk wid u daily as a frnd bt m nt able to show m feeling towards u in this way.... i love u alot. comeback plzz comeback i cant even think living without u plz come back i love u.....

Broken heart | Reviewer: Manoj | 11/5/12

I was loving my girl friend very much she was also loving me because of 1girl she miss understood me nd finally now I'm alone........Show me d meaning of being lonely Preethi...???????broken heart still waiting to my kbt Preethi...

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