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Backstreet boys and only 4 ever..... | Reviewer: aryan | 7/12/07

Backstreet boys and only 4 ever.....
really backstreet boys is agreat group of singers and i like all songs for them but my favorite song is (((never climbing))))

New album 2007 | Reviewer: SJH | 6/20/07

Release date for new album is OCT. 30th 22007!!!
Yes!!! I love the backstreet boys.

i love backstreet boys | Reviewer: andrea | 5/29/07

the backstreet boys is the best group the pop-rok.i love backstreet boys (the best is brian).from the best fan from Spain.bye.

bsb | Reviewer: Eliana | 5/23/07

Backstreet Boys is the pop but good band of that there is in the universe. They enchant the voices to me that are listened to in all their beautiful songs. My favourite of all is The one and Shape of my heart. Them I listen to them since it had 10 or 11 years of age. At the moment they are my favorite band pop, but it gives much pity me of which they find finished his successful race in perìodo, but that now they returned, although are not backstreet of the 90, were a little more young people, but their voices cambiaropn, if one listens to them sing, do not seem adolecentes voices. My favorite of all was Nick Carter and Brian Litreel. In fact, all are very pretty, all sing very well. Sometimes people ask which is your favorite band? And I respond to them: - Backstreet Boys. - Backstreet Boys? Estàn somewhat old-fashioned! But for my they continue being nick Carter, brian litreetl A.J. Howie, Kevin… Bsb. But there are times that I ask to them girls of 18 and 19 years if it is that it liked bsb and they me affirmed it. Of which they were his boys preferred of tele, of the adolescent selected voices màs. Backstreet boys is the best singers than they exiten or who I know well. On the one hand sometimes I feel bad because it was fashionable in the year in which I was completely one drinks and my premium tenìa 12 years and went to see them uin recital that they had come to Argentina. But of all ways I am contented of which almenos they brian conosca to God. bsb is brilliant. Eliana of Argentina writes to them, Santa Fe. Bye…
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i love u | Reviewer: Bianca Stewart | 5/16/07

hi i love u guyz i've been a fan of u guyz for 11 to 16 yearz now dont u think thatz alot any way can u send me an email at k love u guyz even nick nd arron carter :) i love u

hi i love u backstreet boyz i love u | Reviewer: melissa | 5/16/07

hi backstreet boyz i love u guyz i watch house wit carterz every time itz on i love u nick carter

**COME BACK** | Reviewer: Alicia N | 5/1/07

To me i belive they never really went out of style, but thats just my opinon. they are way over due for a comeback heinsec the title **COME BACK** if u have an input u can email me at my address below. Love Alicia N.

hmmm....=] | Reviewer: Mina | 5/2/07

I won't be boring with "you are the best"...."you are my favorite group" aren't my favourite...but you have great favorite song is everybody(backstreet's back)...I have I vidio,too...

p.s.sorry for my bad English...I'm from Serbia...!

If only Kevin didn't leave..... | Reviewer: Nick Luu | 4/29/07

Hi! I just wanna say :"I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH". I'm really really upset when I know that Kevin would leave. I love your music.I love all you Nick,AJ,Brian,Howie,Kevin...Nick said that the door always open...We'll miss you,Kevin !!!

yo my cuzins... | Reviewer: dphnee | 4/26/07

hey you guys were of the chart.... thats means you guys are the bomb..... you guys can sing dance n perform amazing shows... maybe one day i can chill n talk you guys pretty soon maybe have an interview for some fans that you have here n florida n not the adults the little fans that love you so much... hope to see ya n concert soon.... WE LOVE YOU BSB!!!!!!!!!!!

bsb | Reviewer: ogo | 4/14/07

their songs are very touching and motivating i have all their albums and they are highly cherish by me

femail | Reviewer: noelle pereira | 4/10/07

how are boys i am a fan i really to see you in life ilike to meet you in hollwood is fun i like to see you i have all your cds you are so good i love voice
your the best

i love the bsb | Reviewer: megan | 4/9/07

A lot of people love the bsb, i know i do. So that is why i will open a bsb musem in Old Fort, NC if you do not like my ideia then go jump off a brige and die!

te keremos rubito!!! | Reviewer: Elisabet | 3/22/07

hi !! we love you so much we want to see you you are the boy of are life we have all your cd's



Backstreet Boys 4ever | Reviewer: Melissa | 2/21/07

I have been a Backstreet boys fan for 12 to 15 years now, there music has touched my life. I have deal with losses of family members, and friends. I recently lost my Aunt to cirroses of the liver about 2 weeks ago. So i just to the music of the Backstreet Boys. Exspecially Black and Blue. Brian is right it as alot of dealing with lossing some one close to you. I have never been to see there concerts but I hope to still go one day. Ihave written to them at least 6 times. I just want to say to them thank you for the music you 5 guys have put out for the last 12 to 15 years of the bands life. You guys have touched my life and millons of others life through you're music. So Brian,AJ,Howie,Nick, and Kevin keep rockin for years to come.

Love your fan,
Melissa Catterton

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