Amazing! | Reviewer: vish | 8/2/11

what srprsd me alot is th fact that th lyrics of this song is nt so cmfrtable to compose n 2 sing aswell bt they did a fab job!!!!!!!!! this is 1 of my fav song ever u r awsm BACKSTREET BOYZZZZZZZZ b)

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Nessa | 4/30/09

This song is amazing.. by far my favorite song on the Never Gone album.. Poster girl is about a girl who lives for the moment and all you have to guarantee yourself is the moment.. and not the future. Its about a girl who knows shes messed up but is who she is. Its an amazing song

AAAAAAAAAARG! | Reviewer: Teal | 6/5/07

I think I'm in love with the melody. O God... If only the lyrics weren't all about being seduced and then seducing people back... and that's supposed to be positive? But O man. the Melody's beautiful. If only it could've been cut out to different lyrics. Just tragic.


It's ver diffrent from the rest of the album which I love..Is always good to try something new. And i love the melody. It;s kinda pop funk lol.

Now or never doesn't last forever... | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/11/06

The words of this song are beautifully sculpted around the central idea that isn't ever touched by the words themselves. Just because alone looks pretty doesn't mean it's not empty underneath. The unspoken words in this song are even more powerful than the lyrics: hopelesness isn't a way of life, it's a way of death. The consiquences of your actions are not something to be trifled with. Inviting all these sources of sadness and momentary pleasure don't fill the void left behind by the quiet moments with nothing to reflect on. The "Right-Now Poster Girl" is empty, and spreading her hopelesness to others one at a time, wrapping them around her finger, until they start to believe that nothing matters. Tis true, nothing lasts forever in this world, but that doesn't mean that life is to be trifled with and left out in the rain to soak up the tears of Mother Nature.

back to basics | Reviewer: Paige Matthews | 1/30/06

its great if you like the backstreet boys back when they first started out a attempt to reconnect with the fans that hated the new stuff but i think its ok not anything great but not like some of the other junk i have been hearing

nice hooks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/05

Okay the Julie part sucks, and the lyrics are okay, the chorus indeed is good and very rhythmic and plagged of rhymes, but dude the melody is awesome, it needs to be a single, it sounds kinda innovative, although the album is not a well-achieved transition, this song and the present single "I Just Want You To Know" rescue a bit this probably failling reincorporation of the guys into the industry.

Great melody... | Reviewer: Sarah | 6/27/05

Good song. Not too fond of the Backstreet Boys, but I do like this song. Great melody, okay lyrics.

A Highlight from their album | Reviewer: Jeannine | 6/23/05

This song is just one of the many songs that stand out on this album. After being away for so long its good to hear the catchy Backstreet Boy sound that deserted us for so long. Its lyrics are nice and its a tune you'll have stuck in your head for a long time.

Love this song! | Reviewer: Tricia | 3/26/05

Saw this song performed live in Concert last night in Philly and it was awesome. Has a great melody to it.