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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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EEEWWW IT"S CRAP! | Reviewer: Diane :) | 4/12/05

This song sucks ass! It's like the Spice Girls Naked song...but with deep voices....and other guy, are you SURE your not gay...?

Backstreet is Back and in full effect | Reviewer: Kay | 4/11/05

This song is so beautiful and I love the direction that the guys are taking. I hope that they will be number one on the charts this summer, because they are number one in all their fans hearts.

i love bsb | Reviewer: michelle | 4/4/05

the backstreet boys' songs are so inspiring and i agree, they demenstrate what music is truley about i love them and i know that they will stay around for a long time!

germany loves it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/05

Even though I´m male and NOT gay... I love them!!! Great song again (didn´t expect anything else). I saw them live twice, hope Backstreet´s back in Germany this year!!! They´re great!

yes yes | Reviewer: arno | 3/27/05

they are the best, and im all for the non sex filled lyrics.. these songs actually mean sumthin deap.. like music's s'pose to!! yng girls who listen and look up to artists such as 50 cent and snoop dogg.. really cool but u girls most of the time.. become what they sing.. go to a party.. ya'all know what im talking about!! nothing wrong with being respectible.. and i think thats what bsb's music give.. a sense of value to relationship and love.. not just sex and as many H%$'s as i can find.. etc.. bsb are awesome, their music is AWESOME for every reason!!

LOVE IT!! | Reviewer: Sarah Mclean | 3/21/05

OMG!! It's so EXCITING that BSB is releasing *New* Material!! This songs ROCKS!! If you haven't heard it, buy the single when it's released!! This song is AWESOME!!!!

SIMPLY AMAZING! | Reviewer: Daneca | 3/17/05

okay this song is sooo amazing. one of their best, right below Backstreets back.
Such a amazing song.
the first 6 times Iv heard it my heart sank, and I couldnt breath, and I started crying because it was so amazing.
it did that to my friend too.
they do that to me.
and I am so glad they are back!
and they still have it!

OMG | Reviewer: Arley | 3/11/05

Can you beleive this!? Isn't it so amazing? The boys are back finally, and this song kicks some serious ass! And for all of you out there who don't beleive in the boys anymore, then you can go to hell, they still got it! WhOoOo... and nicks voice is so hot... oh gawd... hot flashes lol I'm so glad that they are back, i cannot wait for their album to come out!

yayyy can't wait for the album | Reviewer: emily | 3/1/05

Can't get enough!!! but yeah, ur right!! we can only hear aj and nick :)

I am in shock and awe | Reviewer: Chrissy | 2/27/05

This song is one of the best Backstreet Boys songs I think they ever came out with! They seem like an extremely new group then what we met over 10 years ago. The instrumentation of the song was absolutely extraordinary. I think that the vocals are ohenominal..

I love it | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/14/05

I love it, its so different from what they have done before. I'm dying to see what other ppl will think of this change in style. Its a lovely song!!! I hope everyone else enjoys this song as much as me.

AWESOME | Reviewer: Naureen | 2/5/05

It'z an AWESOME SONG... they sound great even though all i really hear is Nick and A.J. but unlike all the other artist with sex music this is a nice change... yeah get over it... theres nothing wrong with boybands... well all except the Backstreet Boys... ummm the song is great hopefully we'll hear more good stuff from them...

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