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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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Broken heart | Reviewer: Broken angel | 7/31/11

Dis song is very close to ma heart n very meanful.when ever i hear dis song i fyl lyk ......why dis lyf is so difficult.every one whom i trusted they always breaked ma heart n ma trust..itx so easy to love n very hard to forget.nw ma hearts broken into small pieces.nw ones here to help me

bad friends | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

every time i help everyone i make them happy and smile and at the end they disappointed me...i had a great friend but nw we are so apart she left our school and i still love her but she changed alot as i can't hold so l left her but she still talk to but nw she had a new friends and she love them sometimes i feel like i forget her but i don't know when she talk to me i feel so happy and there is a new friend i know she love me so much since i was wiz my old friend nw we are close but she sometimes hurt me and sometimes lovee me and bad frisnd there is a bad friend in my live when i was sick she was treat my bad and she still acting like she love me i don't know what ta do this song is very emotional :( this life is to hard

Incomplete indeed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

I am swimming in an ocean all alone, and i find my self incomplete not because there aren't anyone to care for me but i miss a special person who i care about the most, and who now thinks of someone else as special.... :(

BEST BSB SONG EVER | Reviewer: ecah | 7/5/11

I admit that,4 the first time i listen to this song like WTF?it really from BSB? but when i listen 2 second time, this song killing me with the lyrics,music and haunted me now since i listen 4 the second time.This song made me realize BSB are no longer boy but a man.How wast time flow.....Best song ever from BSB.

my dream love | Reviewer: niloufar | 5/2/11

oohh this song is soooo beautiful,this song play with my heart and my feelings , i like it so muuuch,i can undrestand that when u lovw s.m and he or she has a strong proud and wants to leave u what it feels oh baby ...i know it , u feel empty and incomplete...yeahhh...incomplete

Just | Reviewer: Ari | 3/14/11

He is a guy towards who I felt something from the first time I saw him year ago at my new school. He wasn't a hottie, or a Mr Handsome of school or whatever.. He seemed to be quite nice.. I rarely could see him smiling.. But this year it's quite different.. My friends (boys) saw him drinking and smoking with his friends and other stuff.. They wouldn't lie, and my friend (girl) talks to him at times and learnt that he wants to pass an entering test to one school in Canada.. He is 2 years older than me.. At school i'm not popular. In my hometown I'm quite popular and have a boyfriend who is from my sister's class and is 2 years older than me too.. But we don't call each other.. At all.. He doesn't.. So I try to forget him
and so on, but when I see that guy from my new school I'm just going mad and everytime I have to realise that I've got no chances.. It's clear that he has a girlfriend.. I don't know.. At the end of the study year I want to tell him the truth..that I really like him, that it was me who sent him a valentine saying : "you broke my heart, stupid" and that i've crossed "stupid", and just say goodbye.. But there is a possibility that he won't go away.. Tiny-tiny... But still, I know that he has a good personality.. He is just so cute, especially when he smiles and..

re emad: | Reviewer: amir | 2/5/11

emad, an iranian name, i think you are iranian, i want to say that in iran this really usual unfortunately, because of 2type religion that aren't same, and because of a picture that they dream of europe, a mistake in their life, they are missing their way..., and in the end i want to say : because of mind control! from west..

real love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/11

i met dis girl wen i went for an assignment, 4rm d first day i fell in she dnt wanna giv me a chace she said we cld only be frens. Since den,i tryd to cover lyk i neva nw her,m awake bt world is half asleep,i pray she gives me a chace oneday for widat her in ma, m incomlete. dis song gives me courage to hope dat one day she'll realise i love. i love dis song

me and my life... incomplete... | Reviewer: sorp | 12/23/10

All such stories are of a kind, everyone who felt that way, never stand mindless to this song, BSB as always make it stunning. true love really never ends, just as well as the pain it brings, because sometimes life makes relationship impossible... years pass us by, we are both still in love, despite the fact that for all these years we've tried to move on, to forget about each other and to persuade oneself that it has been just illusion of love... Nevertheless, being now married with other people, having children, our life is incomplete. Life always shows it is cruel - when we meet, the world stops turning round, but nothing may be changed. Living an incomplete life, loving with all the heart and soul a person, stupidly lost in the past, and hoping that one day we will somehow meet, or even be together forever. The reasons for hopes - love never is given in vain!

sick of love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/10

So i was in a relationship with this guy for about a year i fell in love with him hard, but like so hard i just coudlnt imagine my life without him. Then i found out i had to move. I broke up with him bcuz i was tired of his bs, as an example he cheated on me. So then that same day when i broke up with him i told my friends that i really loved him ( i basically telling them not to even try anything on him) so one of my friends didnt get the message she made out with him knowing that i told her that. I know what a backstabber. Any who the last time i saw him i kissed him and now i just REALLY want to let go of him bcuz i dont want to love him anymore i just cant miss him anymore. I cant. It hurts to much.

sorry about myself | Reviewer: imanovic | 10/30/10

i've been hurt so much!! he left me alone...he asked me to forget him but i really can't cuz he's my best love ever!& the only one that i ever trusted<< but.....this is the end so what i'm gonna do..!???

broken heart | Reviewer: va | 10/7/10

hi dudes actully i listen to this song every night ,sara i understand u,i am exhuasted of my heart every night i cry becuase one girl ,at first she was good with me but i dont know suddenly she said i dont want u becuase i want to married with another one ,i do every thing to forget her but i cant ,i am afraid maybe i will be crazy.plz pray for my broken-hearted.

bsb 4ever!!! | Reviewer: wolf_sia | 9/16/10

this is how i feel for my best friend(Jenny).im a girl(NOT LESBIAN),and she don't understand what she's means to me...for awhile we were just fine,happy and now that her old best friend(girl too)came and...from then we don't hang out anymore...we are talking strangers...and it's all my fault :'(...i told her that im a therianthrope...and now:i tried to go on like i never knew you,im awake,but my world is half asleep...i prayed for this heart to be unbroken,but without you all im going to be is incomplete...:(i really miss her:'(i don't know what to do:'(i love her...

.... Life is crual | Reviewer: emad | 9/7/10

I was in love with a girl i see her for the first time about two years ago.. for one year i just think about her and after one year i made my first move. i asked her to be a friend with me..just a friend but soon she found out i'm truly in love with her.. i done everything for her.. everything.. but one day she go on a trip for 3 months .. when she came back... she was in a relationship in another guy.. she still think i don't know anything about that guy and she is still in relationship with me.. u may not belive .. i always pray for my relationship to not be broke but ... it happend .. and i always ask myself.. what part of my action was wrong ?

My sad lovestory | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/10

Im writing to all those people out there who have done mistakes and then realised that your world died as an outcome. I cheated on my bf when i was out clubbing, Im not going to use any excuses but after that moment it hit me how much I loved him en how badly i hurt him. I confessed to him, But he hasnt found it in himself to forgive me. I tried my hardst to make it up to him to the point i got called a stalker. I love him so much, now i go out i feel empty en nuthing makes me smile.

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