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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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Incomplete | Reviewer: jonstar | 8/23/10

I've never cried because of a girl but this time is different.
I met this girl on a bus, and the moment I saw her I just knew that she's the one. we talked on facebook and phone and then she invited me to a party.
the party was suck but I enjoyed seeing her..and by the end of the evening we kissed.I think it was her first kiss.
but there was only one problem,she was young.I was 19 and she was almost 15.
and so she called me yesterday and told me that she does'nt feel ready for have a realtionship.I told her that it's o.k and that I was glad to meet her and goodbye.
that night I was a beat sad,but the true pain came only the follwing day.I could'nt stop thinking about her and now I hear this song and it describes me so well..I'm crying now,for the first time because of a girl.
I love U so much,may..
I hope that one day we will be together..but till then,I just miss U so much.

I love BSB | Reviewer: Nina | 6/27/10

That was the first song I heard from the album named "Never Gone" and I immideately fell in love with it.
and I listen to this song everytime when I'm blue and feel broken.. It describes the feelings very well and the mood of the song is so true...
Even now I feel broken and this song helps me not to give up))

true love never ends | Reviewer: angel | 6/16/10

although I've never been in a situation like this , but I can feel it through my friends who have been hurt in this way . Whatever happens they promise not to let go of their lovers , perhaps it's not a great idea to hold on with someone who left you and asked not to wait for him . After all , true lobe never ends , no matter how we tried hard ......

am incomplete without her.... | Reviewer: shadowed phoenix | 5/16/10

this song really matches my mood..and what i am going through..people tell me to move on..but i am still waiting for her..i tried to move on cuz she told me to..but i couldnt..and..she told me we cant get back together..but i still love her..and even if it is meaningless am waiting for her..

Pain | Reviewer: Shakes | 4/27/10

I listened to this song a couple of years back with my chick, n it was meaningless 'cos my life was fully filled. eight month back she left me for another man with plenty of coin, now my life is empty n INCOMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! huh!

Luv hurts,luv scars,luv wounds n luv mars.. | Reviewer: Liz Riri | 4/16/10

I hv 4llen in luv n out of nt th 1 2 blame but guys i hv met hv brought m tearz owez. I hv bn hurt bt i try again hopin i wnt get hurt again bt it kps comin bak.nw my heart z scarred big tym bt i stil hop i wil find sm1 who 'may' mend it. Wen i listen 2 ths song my heart skps a beat n am owez in tearz..i fl so empty...nah ths aint ryt.iz anatha name of luv pain??i wan kno wat luv iz.

my heart | Reviewer: sarah | 3/30/10

this song is remind me to my ex-boyfriend.I've dumped him a couple years ago.when i heard this song in automatically my mind is to him.even though he make me felt unappreciated but my heart is empty and incomplete.I've tried to called him back to continue our relationship but unfortunately he has found someone as replacing heart is broken and till now i always hope that i'll find someone to fill the empty space in my heart.

i don't know | Reviewer: xXx | 3/17/10

i just loved her, for no reason for no doupt, i put everything i can in to make this relationship works...but she didn't put anything of that in account & we kept haiving fights day after day then it became so annoying to both of us so ... i left her & thats the most thing I'm regret for till now , i just simply love her so much but i can't go back to the start point ... huh!
who said that love is the most beautiful thing in this fucked world ... i would jst tell him that he's right in very few cases & for a very short time

love suck | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/10

lastt summer i felt in love with a girl, we've been together just one month, but nou after 8 months i'm still thinging at her, and i can not find somebody else. i screwd my life and everything, i spend a lot of money with doctors, is this normal? ? 8 months i can belive it, i'm a fucking fool. what should i do?

Love hurts | Reviewer: Diego | 3/4/10

Im writing this with tears in my eyes.My heart is broken...this reminds me of my boyfriend when he left me a couple mounths ago.We were so in love.Our love was pure and innocent, atleast for me.One day i finished earlier at school and i decided to suprise him.I bought some flowers and i went to his house.when i arrived the door was opened and i walked in.I heard some noise in the bathroom and i walked inside.Then my whole life falled apart.He was rubing another man back.I was shocked...and i droped the flower and ran out.I was running and crying.My heart was broken and is stil broken.
One day i was siting in the park and i heard this song from a couple in the park.i relaized that this song discribes me how i feel without him...INCOMLETE!!!!So if im homosexual,dont think that i have no feelings and that i could not love someone so badly.

it remindes me.... | Reviewer: nedjma | 1/17/10

this song remindes me with a special periode of my life, i was too young when i listened to it i still can remember it's beate here in my country we don' ttalk english so i had a special world with this song, i was living a place outside the reality and that hurts.
i thought all my life that i was kind of possesed by songs but i relized that it's not what it is all about.

my comment | Reviewer: Chris barnes | 12/17/09

All I can say is that when I first heard this song it was how I felt when I have to leave someone behind ,someone has been on my mind because of that I felt INCOMPLETE everytime anywhere and it plagues me ,I also don't want lose my friends ,my family ,my home ,I have to tell them one way or another.

without you what I'm going to be is, incomplete... | Reviewer: kimberlylove2213 | 12/14/09

my girlfriend was very angry because of what i've done.. i didn't mean to hurt her feelings.. she told me that it's better if we will not see each other ever again.. I cried.. I told her how much I love her, how important she is to me, and how my life would be without her... sHe still don't believe me. She left without saying anything.. After 4 months, shE still doesn't want to see me.. i missed her so much.. i want to hold her into my arms but i can't.. i felt that my heart has a hole in it that needs to be filled. i did everything to fill it up but only she can occupy the empty space in my heart that no one can replace.. i heard a very good music from my neighbor.. i can't understand what it says but i really loved the melody of that music.. i asked my neighbor about that song,. i borrowed the music album then listen at home.. as i listened to the song, i just found myself crying. i recorded the song then asked someone to give it to her.. the next day, she called me.. she told me that she loves me and she also felt the same.. she told me that it's so hard to pretend that her feelings for me were gone.., i asked her what does she felt when i was not by her side then she answered "INCOMPLETE"..Because of that song, i won my girlfriend's heart back....tnx...

TITLE OF THE SONG: "Incomplete"

incomplete | Reviewer: david | 12/6/09

i have a girlfriend who i have been with for 3 years now. we have been threw thick and thin. we are bestfriends. i honestly want to spend the rest of my life with her. but this year i hurt her alot. i have been going threw alot of problems with my family and father and i always wanted my space and i dissed her to go with my guy friends and i just took her for granted. we are broken up becuz she hasnt felt the happiness with me for a while...but now i sit here feeling incomplete without her. i feel empty. i never stopped loving her but i was just so angry with other things that i didnt realize that she was there for me..idk what to do anymore. i tell her i want her back i tell her how much i realize i love her still and i dont want to lose her. but i feel so hurt at the fact that i couldnt man up not so long ago and i wouldnt be going threw this..but most important she wouldnt of gone threw anything. she would be happy....

pain</3 | Reviewer: lnr | 11/14/09

i love this osng &its to my ex my very first love <3 we r still very much in love but are not allowed to b together </3 and it hurts so much cuz ive tried to act like idk him & like we never had a relationship but i cant & tha worst part is im datin his best friend & i have to act like i stil dont have feelins for him while im with my bf where i wont lose him too :( but i just feel empty w/o my ex he is my everything & he has my heart<3

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