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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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Oh ! It's a sad song | Reviewer: Thawach | 5/31/07

But I am swimming in an ocean all alone.

Backstreet boys Please you are swimming in an ocean all alone.

I don't want to swim together.I am fear to see the shark.

From A Thai best friend.

Waa! | Reviewer: Bloodrain | 5/25/07

Backstreet boys!keep goin guys,one day you'll reach the moon with these damm cool songs,it realy rocks,I LUV U GUYS!!

Out of Words | Reviewer: allaik | 5/23/07

BSB have always been my best artists, all their songs are great and the more they come up with new songs the better they get. You Rock Guys. And incomplete.....its just down to earth.

Kaur Siim | Reviewer: Kristine | 5/20/07

I lost my best friends one day , and that song, Incomplete, just reminds me of them. I love them so much. They are just wonderful boys. But I made a mistake and lost them for ever. I cry when I listen to this song. I just let myself go and cry

i love it | Reviewer: coi | 5/14/07

'incomplete', it's so wonderful.I love this song very much!ilove BSB

many times I can't remember | Reviewer: Dinh Hai | 4/17/07

Yeah,Incomlete has come to Vietnam. I first heard this song I really shocked with the lyris of the song. Its so wonderful and beautiful lyris. Incomlete in real life and love.

it really talks about your feelings deep from the heart, isn't is? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/07

this song just explain how painful it is from deep inside your heart, when you're left with you alone... the world is left incomplete, but life still need to go on. this song is really superb. BSB really rockz...

about backstreet boys,s songs | Reviewer: mina | 3/13/07

hi boys i wanna say i love you and your songs.i listen to them every time and i enjoy them alot.thank you so much for your lovely songs!sorry! my english isn,t very good (i,m from Iran)

just great!!! | Reviewer: faylin | 3/3/07

it is a very good and full of lone song.the first time i've listened this song i liked too much.bsb yoy are back!!!!!!!!!

these guys rok!!!! | Reviewer: KAREN | 2/14/07

i was so glad that they came back together .when i first heard this song i started sobbing of how this song made my memories come back to my mind.YOU GUYS ROCK I HOPE YOU GUYS MAKE MORE SONGS!!!OMG DAM

it's mine | Reviewer: hussain | 11/23/05

i belive...its my story that has bin translated into this song...i hear it all the time..n when i aint the back of my mind its playin all the time..

ITS ROCKS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: vpp | 10/22/05

INCOMPLETE totaly completes ur lifeunlike the titleof the song.the vocals,lyrics and the vidio is just awesome.the BB look great and sing great.THEY R TRULY BACK PEOPLE DONT MISS THIS FOR THE WORLD.ENJOY.

Great song | Reviewer: AJ | 8/27/05

Powerful song, reminds me of someone I care for deeply (JDW)

Incomplete? More like this song makes my life COMPLETE! | Reviewer: Shauna "Brian Littrel is a lovely man" Reno | 8/8/05

Incomplete is, undoubtedly, the most hauntingly beautiful, heart-wrenching, and downright amazing song that has even been sung by the God's known as "the Backstreet Boys". I was really having a rough time, searching for answers (in all the wrong places) after the infamous hiatus of '01. For four long, agonzing years, I was left with nothing but distant memories and hours and hours of listening to Millenuem and Black and Blue to keep me going day after day. That pain was lifted just a few short months ago when I heard familiar voices on the radio once more. As it turns out, that song was "Incomplete". Since then my life has taken a turn for the better. "Incomplete" is not only an amazing tune, but it symbolizes so much more. Yes, the Boys are back, but for those like me, they were "Never Gone".

Great song | Reviewer: Masteryoda | 7/21/05

everything i can say about the greatness of this song will be INCOMPLETE.
and this reminds me the words in BSB song Eveverybody:" and as long as the be music will be coming back again".

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