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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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Aamazing | Reviewer: Cora | 11/14/09

I love the song. It reminds me about my exboy friend and the times we spent together. For some reason it makes me smile and cheers me up, despite the tears I shed in the first few days over the break up. It gives me hope, for some reason, that I might be able to win him back,I can somewhat empathize with this song, .. a lot actually. It describes exactly how I feel.

love rocks!!! | Reviewer: gath | 10/30/09

vow!!! What a song, it rocks.oh, i just can't describe how i feel while listening to this romantic number. this is to my grlfrnd.. she is with me.. but i can never leave withiout her..she is my life..i love you so much cuty..

magnificient | Reviewer: sway | 10/12/09

when i here this song first time i felt in love with it coz i dont have any boyfriend i just love ur song from bottom of my heart along with it i love ur another song i.e. quit playing with my heart both are wow actually i dont have any words to express my love for ur songs please send me ur names along with ur pictures.

huhu :'( | Reviewer: Dkz 010 | 9/30/09

Hei, karim u have the same story with me. Everytime i listen to dis song i remember the girl that i love her from deepest my heart. But sadly, she doesn't know that i love her. I was tryng to forget her(I TRY TO GO ON LIKE I NEVER KNEW U), it's impossible !! I know she never read dis review, but if she read dis. I just wanna say that i love u afi..

Akash thakur | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/09

Hey guys, dis song is muh fav1. U knw wot i luv a gurl n c luvs me 2. Weneva c ignores me n hurts me, i juz tune in 2 dis heart touching song. I feel lyk muh lyf is damn hell widout her. I cnt live vidout her. Sushmita, i'll love u 4ever, till muh last breath, no1 cn take ur place. Luv u janu

....... | Reviewer: broken | 8/4/09

to all those ppl who have truly experienced love..."never let go of the person u love..not even if she/he hurts u in any way..coz love is abt givin and being happy by seeing ur loved one's happines even if her/his happinies lies in ur pain" --coz thts wat love is...

aw aw aw...incomplete >.< | Reviewer: my oh my | 7/13/09

yeah, hi.. i'm indonesian. i heard diz song for many reminds me to someone who loves me and i love him too, but we can't be together.
yeah, well.."I tried to go on like I never knew you"..but it's so hard for me, actually..hiks..i wish him happiness even though we're not together..

incomplete | Reviewer: marisol | 6/17/09

i know that everybody says my botyfriend is all i want to be complete but am incomplete wuthout god in my life i just wanna let u guys know that only got is the reason u are alive and he loves u with all his heart and hes the reason of me waking up in the mornings i love god with out am INCOMPLETE

rif girl16 | Reviewer: free girl | 5/23/09

what a nice surprise!! ah sorry:my name is omaima and i'm from morocco alhoceim!the best city and by the way i love your songs so so so much guys i mean the lyrics are so so nice and you know what keep wourking i'm with you and pls come to my city some day

Touching | Reviewer: ndoumah | 5/21/09

When ever i listen to or sing, i feel like its my first time. I just can't let it go. I just can't get tired of it. It's so cool, rock and roll, makes me think of her all the time. Especially now that she's gone for school far off my town, province, very far off. I Miss her.

I want u | Reviewer: Karim | 5/15/09

I want to say that when I heard this song i remmember always the girl that i love her from my heart and i'm ready to give everything i have just to be with me but now my heart is full of pain coz she doesen't know that i love her at last i want to say i love u ...i love u...i love u...i love u Marwa

Sooo Impressed | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

Affs! This song makes me feel it from my isnide... Ahh... i heard this song many times but i didnt know that it was BSB... and now.. im listening to it.. over and over again.. and this guys who sings... I rly feel that he sing with his soul... and every word is like a part of his heart... and i read the first comment... So.. soul-touching... was about to cry xD
I just have no words!!!!!! AAAA! I love it!

saagar | Reviewer: syed fizan khalid | 4/13/09

well, i don't have words to explain myself about this song......the best song i've ever you bsb..anyway if i tell you people that i loved a girl n i still love woud be thinking thats nothing new...nevertheless i wanna share my love with you all boys n girls...i was in love wita girl since my childhood.... i told her when i was 19...she was like i never thought about you in this way..although we're good friends..buh after that she quit talkin' to me....i know she will not read this...but my love was pure....perhaps she never realized....alot of things in my life n chore which makes me thinkin' of her again n again...i'm incomplete with out you...albeit i know i'll never be wit were the one who can COMPLETE THIS INCOMPLETE person....what about life??? i wish that i face her b4 i stop breathin'...i love ya back street boys....why did ya break your group???i'm so distressed...

aaaw :'( | Reviewer: joj | 2/23/09

this song is so amazing..
but sad as well...reminds me of my boyfriend..
he went to malaysia now..and im still at germany..almost 10000 km away from me ..
without him im simply incomplete...
its like a part of me went with him and it wont return until i hold him in my arms again...
yes, this song really means much to me, thank you backstreet boys ;) for giving me solace
@ my mister right:
please return to me as fast as possible..i cant live without you..and everyday is so hard for me to stand you :)

incomplete | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/09

im into metallica and megadeth etc..... but this song really did touch me. me and miss S just broke up. it was never goin to wrk cuz she ws living in france like 1500 miles away. before she went to wrk there we had an amazin relationship. we loved each other very much but it all changed when i went to see her. she was a totally different person. i will never know why that is but im so hurt. s*** happens i suppose. LOVE U miss S xxxxxxxx

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