amazing! | Reviewer: allie | 12/3/09

this song is so amazing! i listen to this all the time because every time i listen to it, i cry because i knew i need someone in my life. he came in my life but doesnt know how much i need him tonight as my comfort.

Sweet Song | Reviewer: Heather Marie | 9/28/08

I really love the song.. I own every album the backstreet boys own's.. Even the one's that Burger King used to sell back in the day.. I love how they put so much love, emotion, feeling and truth into their song's.. I love you BSB..

awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/08

this is so a good song!
I mean,all songs of backstreet boys are really really good but nick was singeng this alone and he doesn't relly had experience with solo - singing,so...he only performed a few times alone on stage before bsb,but still.
so much feeling,so much perfection.
you can hear it's someone singing from the Backstreet Boys!
awesome job guys! allways did and will.
luv ya!

beautiful song | Reviewer: allie | 1/13/08

I absolutely love this song! Nick is an amazing singer & the song is emotional b/c he's singing to the love of his life... 5 stars!

I Love It!!! | Reviewer: Cassandra | 9/6/07

Nicky did an amzing job with this song. It was definitely for him! He sang with alot of emotion too. He's an amzing singer. 5 Stars!!