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Performed by Backstreet Boys

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give me a chance and i will prove it to u that i love u | Reviewer: nadia | 12/7/12

babe i really love u and i want u know that , i dont know what i should do with my life without u babe, i dont think i cant live without u dino , ur the first guy that makes me smiled ur amazing , last night i was crying alone in my room thinking what should i do to have u back my heart was pumbing up side down

Loves takes time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/10

Love is something we all understand,don't? Don't be like me when a loving guy comes along after the heartbreaker who broke ur heart.Give the lover boy a chance,u'll regret it if u let him go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love is pain | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/23/09

this song is so true sometimes girls dont realize that just chus one asshole hurt u dosnt mean that ALL of theemm are the same. I have been threw alot so far , and when it comes too love, its not always funna be easy but u always gotta look for the right one. Theres going to be some tears and arguing. But thats the way love is.You just gotta keep looking && searching,& im pretty sure we will all find our TRUE love.

I"ll never break your heart | Reviewer: Hannah platzke | 5/22/07

I did it once to nick carter I cry when I hear it it's a love song too

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