I'm new at writing the review of the backstreet boys ! | Reviewer: Heather Verdun | 12/9/13

My name is Heather Verdun , and i have to say the song from the Backstreet Boys , is really amazing and the Boys are really talented , and great singers. If there is a way of learning more about the band that would be great. the song is what makes you different makes you beautiful ,and I was thinking the boys about that one song and why it's not on the black and blue Cd cause I like the meaning of the song. thank -you from Heather

What Makes You Different..... | Reviewer: Eric | 10/8/07

i don't know if this is the album where the song What Makes You Different is I'm searching for it's lyrics hope you could help me.....cause i really like it the and the meaning of the song.

i lovE yOu!!!!!!! | Reviewer: deLyN | 7/11/07

..just wanna say,,..even its now 2007..your still alive!!!!..i just mean that your really hot,,cool,,and so much!!!..
time to say goodbye..
take care always!!!
love yahh..always!!!

great | Reviewer: I | 10/14/06

That's a great album!If you are looking for a good music buy this album,you can find everything you need in there.My favourite songs are :More than than,The call and Shape of my heart...Enjoy ;)