sensible boyband... | Reviewer: aj | 1/30/11

the backstreet boys has been in the music industry for a long time, yet they continue to fascinate their listeners, both young and old, with their natural flowing harmony-especially with their acapella pieces.
the backstreet boys' songs possesses well crafted lyrics which tends to accurately describes a person has at the moment.
truly, a band worthy of respect.

supereve backstreet boys | Reviewer: waseem | 10/8/09

you are the best boys band ever in the another band cannot touch u in music.i wish kevin must returns in the band.because without kevin i feel the band is incompleteeeeeeee.i love all backstreet albums.their all albums and new album this is us,is supereve.i wish u all the best backstreet boys. by by love.

tha BSB's ! | Reviewer: BSB Fanatic! | 3/22/09

i am in love with tha BSB boys. their songs are meaningful, fun, loveable, and just completely entertaining. i love all their albums. i hope kevin returns to tha group because it feels kina incomplete without him! best wishes to tha bsb ! may tha BSB live forever ! wishing you all blessings and success , continue making your fans happy!

Backstreet Boys are my Inspiration... | Reviewer: Shree | 7/14/07

hi am Shree here.. i lov bkstreet boys very much.. their songs are my heart beats. i like 2 mk my world with backstreet boys.. u r the 1 who mks the world dance forever. hope 2 continue this till thw world survives... best wishes backstreet boys..