Reviews for Looking Out For Number One Lyrics

Performed by Bachman-Turner Overdrive

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BTOs Best | Reviewer: Alviator | 11/25/2008

This cut in its original form (may have been shortened slightly for 1970s radio) is a superb work of art, particularly the unique and unregulated insrtrumental flow. If you haven't listened to it in 30-plus years, give it another try and you'll be very impressed.

$100 a barrel... just for you | Reviewer: Tony Romero | 1/3/2008

They'll be playing this one at the G.W. Bush Presidential library... as well as the rest of "B.T.O.'s Greatest" - but probably not in the lobby.
Now that you're practically "flat broke" - the story continues - but different.
I've been waiting for that bus all day, you see...

guitar licks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/13/2007

This is different than most of the BTO songs, and to me, the very best. The guitar work between the verses is some of the most innovative in rock, and shows true virtuosity, not just repeating practices licks that are so typical of most rock guitarists. This is the cream of BTO.

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