whiney bit**** | Reviewer: tom | 5/30/09

Whilst pete has some undeniable talent, all you little pussies who go on about how he's such a genius and how clever he is, one question.

If he's so fucking clever why does he spend half his time high as a f***ing kite, and the other half faining an interest in music in order to get money to go get high.

I'm a fan, but of the early stuff and it makes me sad to see this man piss away the talent he has, but as for genius; Einstein was a genius, Shakespeare was a genius. Doherty, not so much.

He really is something special | Reviewer: Icdiwy | 10/25/08

I think this song and many of his other songs are just beyond everything else there is. Melodies and lyrics he can create are just brilliant and he has his own way of just performing from his heart.

And about drugs...well the only reason why I really hope he wouldn't do them anymore is that they'll kill you or turn your brains to porridge and I'd imagine it quite hard to be creative or talented in that situation.

lovely | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/08

aahh! u should try to listen to the one thats acoustic live on j. ross show! its heavenly!!! aahhh, to hear real music again, and my god i hope he doesn't die any time soon, what with all the shite he's putting into himself..

i LOVE u Peter!!!!

doherty | Reviewer: betty * allan | 5/22/08

Pete is a fkn genuise who gives a shit if he does drugs i mean does it really matter????
he still a talented songwritter,thinker,musician,artist and poet so it hasn't affected his work so why should you care???

p.s what a song !

err | Reviewer: aaahhh | 7/1/07

such a deep song man... fuck all you who hate pete doherty, listen to him before you judge him!

petes a god | Reviewer: steveie boy | 9/8/06

one the best songs by him since the libertines an absolute god who can make poems in to lyrics who gives a s**t if he's a smack head when u got that much talent