a pace of the thret | Reviewer: nat | 11/11/11

dear people i just want to say i had a baby at the age of 2 years old i called my baby faby face but he went in care i am adorted and now im 16 years old they told me that i can get my baby back but the thing is he never came every since then every think babd has been happening in my nabuohood but a nevery thing is when i applyed in the satae of ameriac they said i can not get my baby backe cause he is like mariha carey but worse isaid what do you mean they said he is a big gangsta and too danuguse fore you so you can not have him evey since then i havenot been acting right not only that is i am not even a loud to get my oyher son or dougther as well and therer names are dasiy doook babayface gooodfather afther my move so l name him chirs trant my first born child nato beoncey alperchno det weller jet lee tj shara lee louise ann per dich cheo perdick key o trick key and my children can never merry the royla family coz i made it legal cloephara sinyra pj mizzy ignara natalie star . And i am in the make a wish foundation charty avent to do with some one who is dieing of an illness and ai can not wait to be remove a prarently it should be on the radio live fauose pepole are in this like mairaha carry like petre andra and meny more

Savior | Reviewer: Cavin | 8/19/11

Lost a partner that iv been with for 4 years."i never thought id love again,i thought my life was over and".. Yet today i still love her. Babyface is realy my savior..his songs brings love to my soul.. Thank you 4 lettin us c love,trust n hope thru ur music

Someone to Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/10

This song is so beautiful. Recently, I connected with someone I knew when I was growing up. He informed me that he has always had strong feelings about me and that he remembers the conversations we used to have. We have been conversing with one another, trying to decide whether we should meet face to face again and see if there is a connection to each other. what he doesn't realize is that he came back into my life at a time when just as the song says "I thought I'd never love again
I thought my life was over and
I didn't want to face, or even see another day
Suddenly from no where, babe you appeared.." It has already changed me. I don't know if we will share a future together but I do know it has filled my heart. I hope he is the one for me. How could I not want to know him?

love | Reviewer: mus | 8/10/10

as im riting im listenin to this song now..and i have tears, JON B SNGS this song and hes amazing..
but ever since i split up with my ex ive been living with this song...
i really thought i wouldnt love again,untill this amazing person came along and dryed my tears away... her love has really rescued me... someone to loveeee , someone to trust ,hold,touch
is really a great feeling.. LOVE IS THE BEST!

Damond, I Love You For Being Here For Me! | Reviewer: Mrs. Damond Morris | 7/28/10

I am a HUGE Babyface fan and this song REALLY touches my soul. My mother died this year and my son's father came back into my life just a few days before she died unexpectedly. He has been here for us since and without his love and support I don't know where I'd be right now. The Lord used him to draw me closer to the Lord and I am happier now than I have been in years because I now have my soulmate permanently back in our lives! Although I miss my mother tremendously, I believe that things happen for a reason. I just want to thank my lover, my friend and my soon to be husband for loving me and for caring for me and for making my loss a little easier to cope with day by day. I love you, Damond! FOREVER!!!

someone to love | Reviewer: christina valdez | 8/20/07

i really like it. It has just the right words to get what you mean across to the special someone