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heyyy b5 | Reviewer: Lule | 11/22/07

hey b5, ya'll so fine..i love ur songs+videos:D dustin i think ur really cute/hott, bryan u little cutieee ur awsome...and the rest of u all are just great..keep it up, and i hope the best for all of u in the future:D much love..as always:D

ALL OF B5 | Reviewer: KIKII | 11/21/07


taina | Reviewer: carmel-taina | 11/15/07

i am a fan of you, i love your music the move you did on your music video.Dustin and patrick signing verry good.Carnenell and bryan are verry cute.kelly.....sexy...lol!!

ps:i am to pretty for all of you lol!

hi carnell | Reviewer: orissa | 11/10/07

hi carnell my names orissa i'm 15 i'll be 16 next year january i jus wanna say how my i luv u, think u are the best sing in the B5 group jus wanna let u know that tell all your broz i said hi anyway bye luv yah

all about CARNELL | Reviewer: Juezel | 11/8/07

Hi CARNELL my name is juezel jones and i am 15 years old but i'll be making 16 next month.
Any way jus wanna say i'm a big fan and i think you are really handsome and cute and the best looking one out of your brothers, and would really like to meat you. i live in nevis and thats all the way in the caribbean. i travell a lot, but never got the opportunity to go in the states but hopefully surpose to be there next month to dance. i am a dancer and i also teach dance at my school. this is my last year in school so it's kind of stressful because we have plenty of assignments to submitt and going to be setting some very important exams.
CARNELL your my boy for life....and please contact me. hope to see you!!

boi yall fineee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: gabby | 11/3/07

wat up yal my name gabby.im 13 n i juz wantd 2 say i luv u.dustin u fine,kelly i culd play n yo hair,patrick u mi main thang,carnell i alredy know dat u gne b mi hubby,n bryan u so cute!but al yal juz sooooooooooooo fineeeeeeeeeeeee.i wuld do anythang 2 get 2 c yal.cuz i gtta lot of talent it runs n my fam.c where i liv aint nobodi famous.i got real talent.i can sing like i dnt know wat.i live n nashville TN.so it aint dat far 4rm yal.bt it wuld mean the WORLD 2 me if i juz culd meat yal n sho yal dat i got talent.Holla at yal lata if u culd help me out hit me up at my e-mail!!!!! It wuld mean a lot if yal culd help me.i juz need 2 sho sum famous ppl dat i got talent so if yal nice enough juz 2 a least help me out wen yal get a chance 2 e-mail me please do.

hotties | Reviewer: Samantha | 11/2/07

B5 are the Hottest and Cutest Boy grounp singers, fuh sure. Especially Bryan but heck all of them cute and good lookin! Bryan,Carnell,Patrick,Kelly, and Dustin.

bryan all mine | Reviewer: shelly | 10/26/07

bryan if u went out wit me i would treat u like a really person fameous or not i would treat u real and dats the true

lisa | Reviewer: lisa | 10/19/07

hello im lisa I love you kelly allen you good looking kelly mi telephone number is +542965453220 my nationality is aegentina ,and my from is puerto madryn

so fresh...so clean!!! | Reviewer: Chantell | 10/17/07

Carnell, oh god i love you...i ain`t being funny either...2morrow my b-day oct 18...anyway i kno i love people tell me im to young to be in lov i kno how im feeling and this is real just like ya`ll song. bryan, you is cute with dem freckles stay cute. , you is cute too wit dem braidz kelly. patrick, ohhh you is fineee. dustin, wow you to sexi...i put a i in team cuz yalll is a team and is all sexi!!!! but giving yall love 4rm ya 14yr old gurl...holla at me...plzzzzzz!!!!! can`t kno one compare to yall...thatz 4real!!!! see ya soon babiez!!!!

im back...listen good!!!! | Reviewer: Chantell | 10/17/07

carnell i wrote a oem for you cuz i luv you:

Boosie got Webbie
Tigger got Pooh
Souljah-boy got Arab
Dora got Bootz
Spongebob got Patrick
Arthur got Buster
Raven got Chelsea
Chelsea got Eddie
Beyonnce` got Jay-z
penuttbutter got jelly
Dustin got kelly
kelly got Patrick
Patrick got Carnell(you)
You got Bryan
Bryan got you
You got me
AND I got you.

!!! LOVE YOU!!!


cassie.. b5 | Reviewer: XxcassiexX | 10/15/07

hiya just poped in to send my love to all der boys hi yah love you all you guys are soo cute patrick so buff, bryans sooo cute ,carnells my husband, kelz is my ex,dustin so my hubby but i am makking a move but he dnt know yet loooooool
just jokkin but still love you guys a lot

from your gyal cassie love yahh b5

will you make my dream come ture! | Reviewer: Charvayle white | 10/5/07

well all i have to say is im a big fan and i love your music and i would like to sing too.
But my changes of singing is a 10 percent because i live in talladega,alabama and nobody gets famous here.But i won't would love too.
if you get this b5 can you make my dreams come ture im really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

watup | Reviewer: nicole | 10/6/07

hi b5 my name is nicole but they call me nikkyyour song are amzing i got your cd me and my friends listen to it all the time. well i just want to know what do u guya do on your free time? well get ack to me when ever.me and my friends are saying hi

bey diviertate!

luv ya | Reviewer: Mercedes | 10/6/07

b5 yall r so amazing luv ur songs and bryan u r so cute it would b nice to meet u one day and and im a rel nice person smart and very athletic person im 14 years old and live in pa monessen!!!!!!!!! love ur new cd

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