bryan u sexxiii thing and the hole group | Reviewer: Mercedes | 10/6/07

i love brayn and one day i would love to meet you and im a very nice person nice to hang wit smart and funny and athletic person to and im 13 years old live in monessen. pa and for the hole group ur mom should be very proud of u and she must b a very good mother u should b very thank full for having her as a mother

Key Key | Reviewer: Vakiesha Williams | 9/28/07

I luv Carnell.He is the best 1 out of the group 2 me. I luv all of them but, Carnell is my favorite 1. My wishes go out 2 the whole group.

just the lil truth | Reviewer: Miss Kary | 9/28/07

Hey i'm just showing some love to you all B5 i have to say i cant choose a favorite, i cant say i love you guys in any way that i know will never be, and i defenatly cant say that any of you will ever read this but all i know is that you guys inspire me in so much ways that you cant even imagine. if one day i ever get to meet you guys i promise you all as your truely calm, koo, and very realistick fan, i will only say the truth and that is how much i appreciate your talent. only me just one more person in this world with her head in the clouds........only Kary.

Im really in love wit kelly | Reviewer: Kadriana | 9/19/07

kelly i luv u and all i be on is b5 website everyday all day i luv
yall songs they just mean so much to me and kelly i hope one
day i get to meet you yall need to come to texas i mean
everybody love yall .Expecially my best friend bye love you kelly
and always be missin you

b5 is the best | Reviewer: shamika | 9/18/07

I love b5 so much but I gotta put it out there carnell is the finest I love him so much he got the moves and the looks only if I could b ur girl if u read this note I hope I get a reply or if not I want u to know I love u and the rest of b5 to carnell keep doin ur thang baby

Album | Reviewer: Patrick | 9/19/07

Hey all my fans I just want to say thanks for the reviews on the album most of you are sweet:)but you can check out day to day updates in my journal on send all your love there or hit me up on my personal yahoo I would really appreciate it and no doubt about it im the real patrick.

the best group ever | Reviewer: shamika | 9/18/07

B5 yall doin yall thing and I love yall very much but my favorite is carnell I love him so much and I heard he was single so hit me up baby I love u so much b5 keep doin yall thing yall the best

my favorite | Reviewer: shamika | 9/18/07

B5 I love u guys so much u rock I also love carnell o that's my baby ur new song is hot and I love it I watch ur video over and over and I watch it to see my boo carnell I love u so much carnell ur the best

Come to maryland | Reviewer: kayla | 9/18/07

i pray that one day i'll get to meet you...i'm cool, chill, funny, smart, and i am dying to meet you..i don't wanna come on as being one of those crazy fans, i just hope u give me the chance to be yo girl byran and it be cool if you came to bowie md thanks

awsome music | Reviewer: eva | 9/17/07

ur songs are just amaizing.i love all of ur voices.all of u r talented.
keep on going don't sop.

just 1 question i gotta ask? do u live with ur dad? cos i allways here about ur mum but never ur dad? or do u live separately then u go see him

u my boo! | Reviewer: patrick'lady | 9/16/07

patrick,u the sexyest dudde alive,and im the sexyest chick alive,so yeah we made 4 eachother,and as 4 the rest of b5,yall cute,but thats about it!!!!!!!

B5 | Reviewer: Ki | 9/16/07

U guys are so alsome! I love all of yall & adding bowwow was a good touch.yall are better every day.

I LOV3 HIM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07


b5 | Reviewer: eva | 9/11/07

your mama must be really proud 2 raise up 5 boys who have gone far in life dont forget 2 thank her for everything that she has done for u all. give her a kiss n a hug when u see her n tell her that u love her very much.
love fom eva xoxo

i am in love with bryan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

i love bryan soooooooooooo much! you are the sexiest thiing alive and i praay that one day i'll get to meet you...i'm cool, chill, funny, smart, and i am dying to meet you..i don't wanna come on as being one of those crazy fans, i just hope u give me the chance to be yo gurl....