Bryan | Reviewer: Ariane | 8/8/08

Bryan i luv ur sooooo cute,i luv da wy u dance
and i luv wen ur singin,me and mi frendz luvz u
ur sooo kool,mi name iz Ariane and mi b'day iz on 8 nov 1994. can u plz email me on c ya i've gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!

Bryan Future Gurl | Reviewer: Natalie AKA Nay Nay | 8/1/08

Bryan I love you soo much i am ya num 1 fan, my brother and sista r ready 2 kill me b-cuz im alwayz talking about you, I wished i lived in the ATL so i could meet you, when i get me a job im going to move there me and my brother, i wished you could come to rockingham north carolina so i could meet you there having a new school open this year its called 9th grade academy if you all ever happen to be near drop in and perform 4 us, you are so sexy and by the videos i watch on youtube i really like ya personality its not b-cuz your famous or ne thing,i know alot about you i know that your 4 months and 2days younger than me, cant nobody have ne more luv 4 u than me except ya family my full name is natalie nicole fender my bday is june 12 1993 my fav color is baby blue, i love t sing and dance, and model,my fav food is pizza,fav movie is step up but ne wayz i got to go b4 my momma finds out im on the computer

Do I Know U Well? | Reviewer: Mrz. Bryan Breeding | 7/30/08

hi bryan i really love u in all ways.anyway u could think of is the way i love u.everyday when i get the chance i go on youtube and look up videos with u n ur brothas in them. but i mostly only look at the videos because u r in them. people always tell me that i am so obsessed with u n i tel them that i cant help who i love n i love u. but to tell the truth i really think ur the sexiest one out of the whole group then carnell then patrick then kelly and finally dustin. but anyway if u eva get the chance to call me my numba is 17733700645. and yea its my cell phone. call me anytime.

for patrick | Reviewer: Harmony Diaz | 7/19/08

well uhhh... i do kinda have a big crush on patrick l0lz =) and someday i would love too meet him and get 2 know him better he seems like a great person u know he may be cute and all... but i jus wanna know him like who he is and how he acts l0lz and maybe someday have a serious relationship wid him ... well i hope so i wish lmaoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!well if i had too say something too patrick i would say if i eva had a chance too spend time wid you i would be a very happy girl jus da feeling of you near me is good enof for me and like :) expressing how i feel about you and how ur music inspire me and how i want u 2 make me laugh and how smile i really wanna be myself wid you i wanna get too know you hehehe maybe someday :)

U leave me speachless | Reviewer: Racheal | 4/2/08

U guys are the hottest group i think i have ever laid my eyes on. it's gotten so bad that everytime i see a picture of you guys, i get side tracked and forget everything i was doin. But if i had it choose favorites, it would be you Patrick. you are hotter than all my ex's and my current boyfriend put together. Now if that isn't SEXINESS then i dont know what is. I love you guys for life.

To Patrick Breeding | Reviewer: Nina | 3/31/08

Patrick Breeding, If your reading this how do you Know If Someone really likes you and not pretending to because your a celebrity? how do you really Know if i really want to be with you to know your likes and dislikes in life, care for you in need, be your favorite girl? if your still reading this how do you know if im a erika cain chick, got it like that chick or an no one else chick? for me im that got it like that type of girl and for you, you can compare me to no one else type.... your probley thinking wow is she for real or just posing to get at me...... im not fake im a real real chick, a really like you and i hope you can no that from your heart. but you probley think the opposite because im just a normal girl,I dont need to look up on the internet and know whens you birthday, or what do you like in girls you can just talk to me, so we can know about each other. :)

Carnell'z woman 4 ever | Reviewer: Shashi | 2/27/08


Bryon | Reviewer: Brianna | 2/16/08

Bryon is soooooooooooooo hot.I wish that he was my boyfriend.I already have a boyfriend and every body say were that cutiest couple in the whole school.i bet if b5 came to my school and bryon was in 7th grade and we had all our class together besides p.e. everybody will be saying ya'll are the hotest couple in the whole area.......

i love carnell | Reviewer: Bre'Shown | 1/11/08

i really love you and i hope you read this cuz i know every thing about you and i was at yo concert in chattanooga i was crying for you and i screamed whenyou looked at me!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi guys | Reviewer: greisy | 1/7/08

omg ya guys rock hard core i really love ur music,,wat can i say is the best thing in the word....dont let nobody bring u down cause they hating,,,they got NOTHING on b5 and thats my word...i love u guess good luck
ps.why ya never come to new yor i really dont appriciate that

I love u Dustin | Reviewer: Dee-Dee | 12/26/07

i love u dustin u is so sexy and then there is kelly i love u 2 and i cant forget my baby bryan u cutee, sexy,fine whateva u wnnna call it my heart aches for yall 3 patrick and carnell i got luv 4 yall 2 i just luve B5 thats all i can say and if i ever met u trust me i wouldn't be passin out like them gurlz at DC i would be all over yall but not as bad as the chicks that stole kelly,s earring in mineanapolis but u no how i do luv u 4ever and ever an ever yall future wifey (especially Dustin)

Reviewer: Shantea | Reviewer: Shantea | 12/23/07

Hey b5 you guys are so cute and sing the singers i ever heard i love you guys so much i hope you guys can come see me some time but Bryan i wish i could date you you to kelly but u a little to old for me. bryan u are so fine in the hole world love you guy God bless you.

b5 | Reviewer: pogy | 12/16/07

wat sup b5 thanx so much for comin over i had so much fun well anyways pat i really am fellin u i was happy when u gave me a hug and u wat ever happen tell lil b to give me my cell lol dat my cuz said watsup love you baby call me later i forgot to call u today bye

Hotties | Reviewer: cece | 11/27/07

Omg you guy r so so so so so so so so so so so so so cute. Patrick I luv u so much and kelly u r so hot and bryan you are so hot 2 I wish you could call me. I have not forgot about dustin and carnell iluv u guys

u guys r sexy | Reviewer: Sierra | 11/23/07

i luv u guys so much and i tryed to get on your b5 fanclub but i cant afford it but im still your biggest fan nobody luvs you like i do cuz really all i do is think of you day and night.