i luv patrick and carnell breeding!!!! | Reviewer: tynaiya | 1/29/12

omg i hve been in luv with b5 ever since thee 1st grade but favorite os patrick and carnell plus bryan but i really luv patrick bc he is fine as hell......LUV U PATRICK, BRYAN, AND CARNELL

Uhm . . . just my thoughts :) | Reviewer: Lonnisa | 11/1/11

I will admit that I'm the type of person NOT to like something just because everybody is crazy about it but that wasn't the case with B5. I was just oblivious. When I finally started paying attention (about 2009) I wanted to kick myself for not paying attention sooner. I love their music, their look, their personality. I just love B5. I originally was ALL Carnell ALL the time but like . . . I don't even know anymore. I think I'm more of a Patrick girl (but don't get me wrong, I love them all :P ). Lolz. I can't wait for their album as Audio :) Alright, I'm done. Smooches! Bye loves <3
Love, Lonnisa

the way yall make me feel | Reviewer: sychia | 9/11/10

hay i justed wanted 2 say that im in love with yall.ever time i listen 2 yall songz i get a good feeling like when im feeling down i just listen yall and it put a smile on my face when i ask people do they know about yall they say yall old and it dose not matter what matteris yall give me faith and hope bcuz i wanna sing and dats in my heart and dats wat ima do people tell dat i can sing and 1 day dey gone c my name in da spott light so yea im just wanted 2 tell yall how yall make me feel and also if u want yall call at 316-305-4264 please call if yall get this y would makemy day.

i am a fan never a hater | Reviewer: Lele | 4/3/10

hi you guys i hope you dont think i am a groupy or any thing because i am a fan and im trying to be one of your friends or something like that not your feature wife lol but i really wish you guys aka young men the best of luck and wish you make more songs

Bryan breeding!! | Reviewer: rachel | 2/23/10

i luv ya bryan!! i luv all yals music and i just wanna let ya know that. i hope yall do gud wit yals music this yr, nd im really proud of yall. im sure yalls mom is too. nd by the way, on youtube, this gurl made this story about yall its called the " a patrick breeding story"!! if yall read this, yall need to look it up... luv U BRYAN..... nd patrick, dustin, kelly, carnell

~*biggest fan 4eva!!!!!!~* | Reviewer: Justice | 1/16/10

~i think u guys have really gud music and u should make more songz and i really lik u guys alot and i also think that u guys are very hamesome boyz im 1 of ur biggest fans in da world!!! just thought u shudd know and i think ur looks will get u somewhere in life and i hope u guys enjoy making songz~* i will always luv u 4 eva and i hope u make an new song 4 2010 4 da new yaer and luv u 4 who u r and wat u do sincerly Justice. hope u write me back and give me da lateset and new ideas

ur luving friend since 1st grade | Reviewer: Breiona | 1/16/10

i luv u bryan i am ur biggest fan eva and i think u r very hott i've been liking u from d a1st grade but now im in 7th grade and i just wanted 2 tell u dat. i will continue 2 be ur #1 fan and listen 2 ur music until i die and i hope 1 day i get 2 meet u in personaly vcbh

ur luving friend since 1st grade | Reviewer: Breiona | 1/16/10

i luv u bryan i am ur biggest fan eva and i think u r very hott i've been liking u from d a1st grade but now im in 7th grade and i just wanted 2 tell u dat. i will continue 2 be ur #1 fan and listen 2 ur music until i die and i hope 1 day i get 2 meet u in personaly

BryanJesseBreeding; | Reviewer: NickkyDionna; | 11/26/09

i love you so much! i are sooo cute! i love everything about you.i live in romulus, michigan.
i went to the atl. a few times and hoped too see you but never did!i'm currently 14 but my b-day is dec.19th 1994. you're only a 2 months and 5 days older then me! but you're b-day is the same day as my lil brother! and he means the world too me!my hobbies are singing, drawing, running, and modeling.i am in the making of becoming a super model, so hope too see you if i make it !i am a very queit person. i am super shy but thats only if i don't you! my favorite movies are purple rain and the jacksons:the american dream!favorite colors are purple,green,and orange!i love listening too B5 of course!. jackson 5, michael jackson and usher! they are my favorite!im not like everybody else so im not about too waste no time!but i just wanted too say that i love you sooo much and that i will always support you! you made me want to sing from the first time i seen you on tv!you kinda remind me of michael jackson! i love you;

i luv b5! | Reviewer: ronisha a.k.a. cupcakes | 3/2/09

i just want to say if any of you b5(members) read this i just want to y'all that i love you so much there is something in each one of you that i like bryan's personality, dustin's swagger, kelly's pimpish image, carnell's soft,fun, side, and patrick's humor!

you guys are the best | Reviewer: victoria | 12/17/08

hi b5 i love your music. you guys are so talented
and sweet.i really wanna go to one of your concerts but my birthday is 1/10/97 i also want to know your nationalities. mine is dominican rep.and creole.creole is french,indian,and spanish.hopefully i will see you guys also favorites are patrick,dustin.kelly,carnell and bryan but i still like you guys but patrick is my favorite #is 910-382-3930 remember im 11 years old going on 12 dont send innapropiate things to me but I LOVE YOU PATRICK YOUR BONITO BYE p.s. call me espacially you patrick AdIoS AmIgOs

a song 4 carnell | Reviewer: ikenna | 11/30/08

i need some1 like u that can help me when i go through that you always make me proud and not afraid to let me come with you in a crowd im not phenin but boy you givin me a rush and all i can say is u my numba 1 crush
lolzx lov ya

i loooovvveee u bryan | Reviewer: NIYAH | 8/29/08

hey bryan i am in looovve wit u, u sooo fine. u only a year older than me , i am single for u bryan, one day i wanna be mrs. bryan breeding. from chicago, love ya boo, i cant keep my eyes off of u, every i look at your pics i smile t00 hard

Rachel aka Tweet | Reviewer: RAchel W. | 8/26/08

I congradulate u young men comin from a young lady herself i admire ur accomplishment it jus pushes me harder forward to where i wanna be and wat i wanna do ill be seeing u in the entertainment business dont worry jus rememeber my name Rachel S. White aka Tweet

God bLess

Holla lOL =}]

be real | Reviewer: gabby | 8/11/08

hi. i like b5. but i think everybody who talks about how much they love u guys should really find somethin else to do. ur chances to meet them r really slim, plus u cant love someone u really dont know! just bcuz u go on u tube and learn all there is 2 kno about them doesnt mean u kno them. to kno someone u need to meet them talk to them and not base ur oppion on looks, all of u said somethin about them bein sexy or hot and thats not all thats to them! the key is personality!
yo gurl gabby