MRS.SMYTH | Reviewer: Joia | 7/24/14

Hi I'm mrs.smyth I love you soooooo much like u do just don't know I been your number one fan for life. OMG 😍😍😍😍 HML 6789939144 I know everything about you like u just know and I would like if u help me get to da top

B Smyth | Reviewer: Emily Elmore | 5/11/14

I think b Smyth is the most talented kid I will ever hear sing. He's just so good in the way he sings and the way he dances is just unbelievable. My dream is to meet him but we all know im just another fan never gonna have their dream come true. So thanks B Smyth for making music much better theses days.

The True B Smyth | Reviewer: Ashley Fernandez LeBlanc | 10/15/13

When did he start liking music so much?
What type if things he likes to do?
How does he feel about finally being notest?
Does he still talk to his friends that he had before he was famous and will he always be close to them?
When hes home does ge get treated differently?