avril lavigne the best | Reviewer: saoirse O'Neill | 10/6/2007

avril lavigne is just the best and every song tht she has made out i have loved them i think tht she is the bets singer and arits ever. her and her husband r lovely toghter. he really desvires her and vis versa.and this is coming from and singer as well. i play the drums, viloion, guater( cant spell)and panio. i love avril. keep singing

You never satisfy me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/30/2007

This is great the guitar solo sounds kinda spanish style the lyrics are great too!

Very Good song | Reviewer: Jasmeet Singh | 4/21/2007

This song is awesome

great song | Reviewer: roxy | 2/5/2007

i heard this song on YOU TUBE. i really like it cos its so honest and sincere and cool as well. it should be released on the top 40.