Reviews for When You're Gone Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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WE LOVE YOU IZZY!!! | Reviewer: Rachel Ballard | 2/5/08

i miss and luv u. u should see the school these days everyone is really sad like alot but that means everyone luvs u. oh and there was a rumor going around sayin i called u ugly well y would i do that if i was writing all this nice stuff about u? and a romor going on sayin u never liked me cuase i sopasbly tried to take sammy away from u well i would never do that p.s. I LUV U

oooh, i miss him i miss him i miss him! | Reviewer: nicolle | 1/31/08

i love this song bcoz it reminds me of my ex scott who lives in nottingham. i see him every time i go on holiday, and we never shouted or anythin, we just slid apart, bcoz he thought i dumped him and i didnt, and i thought he dumped me, and he always says we would still be 2gethr 2day, so i want2 giv it anuthr go.

Its Not FAIR | Reviewer: nettie | 1/23/08

its not fair to have people every where you go telling you your boyfriend is no good and you shouldnt be dating.people say that you should break up with him. if your in that situation post this or just remember your not the only one who is going through that.theres other boy and girls who are going through that situation.your not the only one.TIME HEALS EVERYTHING but it may hurt

For My Baby Girl's Uncle | Reviewer: Michael | 1/20/08

This sing is good for my girlfriend, Sabrina because she just lost her Uncle John. Even though I never met him, I'm sorry and I feel sad for your lost, baby. I hope you feel a little better. I wish that you can see your Uncle John again. I wish for you to get better and that I love you always. Thank you Avril Lavigne for this song.

For My Baby Girl's Uncle | Reviewer: Michael | 1/19/08

The lyrics to this song is amazing to express feelings for lost This is great for my girlfriend Sabrina, which her Uncle John just died. Even though I never met him I'm sorry for your lost, baby. I know he's in a better place. I hope you can meet him again. I will be there for you always to comfort and I Love You!

i miss him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/08

this song reminds me of my ex justin. me and him dated for about a year and a half. we had a long distance relationship, it was really hard. i dont have the feelings for him, but i really miss talking to him. he was my best friend. i read some of these things, and they say they cry when they hear it. but it makes me smile, coz it reminds me of all the good times i had with him.

i miss my boyfrnd.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/08

hi, im rachel my bf told me to listened dis song he said he like dis very much and d lyrics are happened in our relationship,were in distance as of now d tym when wer chating i lstened ds song it med me cry... huhuhu,i olwys remmber my boyfrend wen i slep w/ him...i now im hoping he wil cum n GOD's will...frm dat tym wen im n my opis i used to play dis... i love dis song very much...

Miss you my best friend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/08

This song reminds me about my best friend who died in Thailand when I was studying in the US. The day I arrived Bangkok, I called him at his cellphone but it was turned off. I kept calling him for two months. Finally, I called to his home phone no. I asked to speak with him, but his sister said he already died five months ago. I can't explain my feeling at that time. It was so sad. I didn't even go to his funeral. I miss him so much.

when you're gone | Reviewer: anonomiss | 12/29/07

I love this song!!!!Every time I here it it kinda makes my eyes tear up when I start to remember the good times I had with my friend Isabella Piacentini.she was my best friend that died a few months ago And I really miss her!!!WE LOVE YOU ISABELLA!!!!!

Military | Reviewer: Courtney | 12/26/07

My boyfriend is in the military.. he's overseas right now and this reminds me of him so much. A little while after he left, his cloths were laying on my floor, and I started washing them and this song came on. I can't even stand to watch the music video, it makes me cry everytime :(

WOW!!!!! | Reviewer: Ashley MiIler | 12/20/07

Wow. I can't begin to explain how much i love this song. it gets me sad sometimes. the first time i heard it i cryed sooooo much. now that is some good song writing right there.

when your gone | Reviewer: Mandy | 12/14/07

this song is a story for most young girls. it is a great song and will always be played from me as well. My favorite song!

i love you josh | Reviewer: amber | 12/14/07

omg i can't get him off my mind and htis song reminds me so much of him cause now he's gone and he's not in my life ne more!!! i love you josh your still my one and only!!!

Avril Lavigne | Reviewer: Bina | 12/7/07

Hey Avril Lavigne i love this song i rmb when i had so much fun with a best friend of mine during kindergarden i miss her and she make my life feel so real!I wonder will u every come to Singapore Avril Lavigne?

i miss him. | Reviewer: meg | 12/5/07

i can't keep myself from crying when i see the music video for this song.

it reminds me of an ex that i was so close to and it makes me miss him even though i have a new bf.


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