Reviews for When You're Gone Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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gr8 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

this song is AMAZING!! made u think of people who r far away!! remember the good day!! it's soo gr8 !!

My friend Roxy | Reviewer: Niki | 6/20/07

I love this song! It makes me think of a very special friend named Roxy who is on oxygen. She struggles to breathe with each passing day. This makes me think of her and sometimes makes me cry. I want to know that she's always there even though we're miles apart.

About the song | Reviewer: Yadira Estrada | 6/19/07

I think this is the most beautiful song ever it expresses how I feel right now that my boyfriend is away in Iraq the begining of the music video made me cry b/c as soon as i saw it it remind it me of him.....and how much i miss him.....I Love You Clark

My Bestfriend | Reviewer: kingkOng | 6/15/07

this is dedicated to my bestfriend who is also my first love..

even though you don't love me i'll still love you...yOur still my bEstfriEnd...


whAt i tolD yOu is i Love yOu..i didn't sAy Love me toO..

feeling alone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/07

i love this song!!! before her album was out my frd let me hear the sample and i just broke down right in front of him coz that was how i was feeling like that with my frd. i have had a crush on him and he asked me out once but after that we just said hi to each other in sch and he hardly reply my msg or listen to my calls coz he said that he wasnt my dream boys...*sniff sniff* when the mv came out i cryed even more!! I lov u avril!!

abt when ur gone | Reviewer: zaina | 6/14/07

my sister got me to listen to this song and she tured it on started crying...she was thinking abt her boyfriend...thts a very nice song..byebye

i love this song and i love avril lavignes voice | Reviewer: dana | 6/13/07

i love this song it reminds me of my crushes that i have and they are really strong crushes but somehow im getting over one and i dont really want to so this song put so much inspiration in my heart and now i know that maybe i should move on and it makes my heart warm. when i first heard this song i almost cried. i haven't bought the album but i really like the songs

It's Like An Excerpt From My Diary... | Reviewer: ATeacher | 6/12/07

This song is so amazing. It almost feels as if Avril has unlocked my house and entered my room to find my diary. After reading it, she used my experiences to create this song. It's so easy for anyone to relate to on various levels. We've all experienced having someone we love not with us anymore--whatever the reason, and this song combines all of our feelings into a Dear Diary song without the formal letter structure. Again, this is amazing...

The Best Damn Song | Reviewer: The Excellence of Execution | 6/10/07

This is a really great song...HONESTLY... I've got tbdt and i listen to this song again and's s/c a sad song... it reminds me of Avril... I really love much... She rox and those who insult her suck...i MEAN it....i know i can never have her...this just makes me sad....

Avril...keep rocking for ur fans...i'll never stop supporting u....


:(( Eric \m/

Shi Yee | Reviewer: Kellyn | 6/9/07

It reminds me of Shi Yee.. He will be going to New York and I'll be at Chicago.. We'll never get to be together again, never... I'll love him forever.

I luv Avril | Reviewer: Freshy | 6/10/07

Great song in a great album wtitten and performed by great artist Avril

When you're gone, so great | Reviewer: Ashley | 6/6/07

Oh dear. this is an amazing song, i heard it for the first time today along with its video, i literally almost burst into tears!

after reviewed.. | Reviewer: f a n c y | 6/3/07

This song remind me of him,I know he will leave me soon.

To my ex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/07

I love this song and make me cry when I listen to it. My ex is already out of my life and enjoying his life but not me yet.
I miss you Ryan

Feelings revealed... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

Was shocked when i heard this song for the first time when i was driving, how avril come out with another great song again n again after my happy ending & nobody's home...

Thanks avril, for revealing my feelings and many other people's one all around the world...
this song will forever kept in my mind...

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