Reviews for When You're Gone Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Effective | Reviewer: Lafulessia | 6/28/07

this great song shakes my heart,
not only for a moment.

<3 | Reviewer: Katie | 6/27/07

I really like this song and everytime I hear it, it makes me smile. I'm happily in a 5 month relationship and we're going strong. My boyfriend lives 45 minutes away, we both don't drive, and he works and I'm in the process of getting a job. Sometimes I feel like we rarely see each other. I miss him a whole lot when I'm not able to see him, but just hearing his voice everyday really helps me get through it. He's the best thing to happen to me and when I miss him I really feel as though this song captivates what I'm going through.

...i miss you... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

i love this song. it reminds me of when i lost someone i loved so much. but i love u Avril & this <u><i>rockingest</i></u> song!!

truth | Reviewer: Mickaela | 6/27/07

This song seems to have a way into everyone's heart! It's just so beautiful, passionate and true. We've all gone through that experience of having to let go of someone we miss, we can all relate to this song! This is definitely one of Avril's best songs so far!!!

amazing! | Reviewer: Maggie | 6/27/07

This song reminded me so much of what I just went through! It's amazing! My boyfriend dumped me because I got pregnant. He won't admit that it's his baby! So then, because I had no one to help me raise my son, I put him up for adoption! I get so teary because I keep on wondering what would have happened if I had kept him. Because not long after I gave my son up, I got a new bf and we're now engaged and I want to go out and find my son but he's already been adopted and they won't tell me by who so I'm gonna go out and find him even if it's the last thing i do, but i will find my lost son!!!

this is my song to my baby!!!!!!! | Reviewer: britt | 6/25/07

this is the best song ever cause i can relate to every word in it.i dont get to c my bf that much and i miss everythig about him.& when im missin him the most....i listen to this song & it always makes me cry.its just one of those songs that gets under my thanks avril & i luv everyone of ur songs!ur amazing!& i miss u babe!

OMG!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

Ohmygosh!!! I <3 this song soo much!! I cry about every time I hear it but I <3 it any ways lol idk of anyone who doesn't!!! Fav avril song by far

Nice song | Reviewer: Merry Eliza | 6/25/07

This song inspirates me so much. "When U're Gone" reminds me to my beloved persons in my life. Reminds me to make them happy before the time is up and togetherness is gone.

Keep rocking, AVRIL...!!!

loveeeeee<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

it's amazing how much i can relate to this song.
im sorry anth with all that has happened
love always

I love him! | Reviewer: Jessica | 6/25/07

This song is so perfect for my life right now! Me and my boyfriend of 5 years broke-up a few months ago and he moved out and now we want each other back so bad and we miss each other terribly. We are just scared of getting back into a bad relationship, like ours was before. I still have hope for us, we will be together again, I know it. I miss my boyfriend, bestfriend, and lover!

lyricist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

these are great lyrics. they really show a side of avril that she sort of hid in her music before. great album definately worth picking up.

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/07

you gotta see the sad :( but it really makes you think about those you love that are far away from you now

When Your Gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

This is really a great song. Every time i hear it it makes me so sad. it makes me think about what will happen if me and my boyfriend break up. he truly will never kno how much id miss him. this part is so me...

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
The words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it ok
I miss you

he always says those 3 little words that mean the world to me. I Love You. and that makes me ok. id miss him so much that id prolly die without him...

When you're gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/07

I gotta cry when i listen to this song, it's beautiful & it reminds me of my ex. I miss him.
Love this song.

vicky | Reviewer: vicjy | 6/21/07

:( nice songg haha tis song is so addicting nd really nyce =)
nd its sad , reminds me of my ex .. :/
newasyss fine song (Y)

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