Reviews for When You're Gone Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Heart broken | Reviewer: Susan | 4/15/09

When my bf of 3yrs and i broke up,ths was th 1st song i heard and it moved me to tears!!i had just confesd 2hm i had feelings for sm1 else,he was so torn i had to end it wth the other guy,though it hurts,he chose to stay wth me and i wth hm. The other guy,i see him daily,i miss hm too bt if it was meant to be,it will be. Bt ths song made me stay wth my boyfriend.,

missing u! | Reviewer: bhabes | 4/11/09

since i heard ds song,i remembered some1 very special of my lyf..i luv him so we both taken,i had bf nd he had gf,dats y i felt hurts..coz we nid to seperate..i hope sumday wve meet again..i luv u ROBE BRYANT...

luv dis song so muc!!! | Reviewer: lona | 3/7/09

hi avril! i'm a big fan of u.. i really like your song and i luv u...first time i heard dis song, i felt it is awesome and deeply touched my heart..dis is the best song i ever heard!! u go girl!! good luck to u..

I Luph this Son9 | Reviewer: tRa 'utChuLd' | 3/1/09

Hi.. I'm tRa,femaLe 18 Indonesian.I wiLL share about this song.First time I heard this song,,oh my god it's reaLLy awesome!It's a greatest song I've ever heard! I didn't beLieve what happenned to me..I reaLLy reaLLy Luph him,,but he's gone! It's untrusted,,he has Left me when I reaLLy need him on my side! I can't to forget our memories..He's my onLy one cZ he's my first Luph and I'LL aLways Luph him tiLL the end of time though he has gone.. Btw,for anybody who want to know me,,add my facebook tra utchuld or my friendster n my emaiL ce_tomboy_narsis. . .Thx 4 aLL!

deeply touched!! | Reviewer: Meggan Coffer | 2/17/09

when i first heard this song.. i didnt know what to think. i was so speechless. i was going through a rough time in my life with a guy that i fell in love with. i let to many things get to my head and ruined the relationship that we had. we've known each other for almost 3.5 years now and i still feel for this guy since the day that i met him. ever since we broke up i keep asking myself "why did i do this" we would still be together today had that shit not happened.. and right now he is in iraq and its hard. and after i got off the phone with him this song came on and i just started crying. i could not hold it in. this song says everything that i feel about him. he is the one person that can get me to smile no matter what.. and to this day he still wants to be with me but there is some stuff that i told him he needs to figure out first. but there is no exact words that i can say as to how i feel everytime i listen to this song. Avril, you are kick ass. i love your music. and this song shows a different side of you. u look as if u wrote this song as a part of your life. i love this song.

Tears for the Grave | Reviewer: Stewieismyhero | 2/12/09

I don't like Avril Lavigne...but May 2, 2007, my boyfriend of almost 6 years was killed in a horrific motorcycle accident. When I first heard it, I was getting ready for work. I just sat on my bed and cried. I'm crying even now. You really have no concept of the pain in the song until you have to live it. This song is one of many that helped me deal with the loss of him. I give her props for that.

My Boyfriend Is My Love | Reviewer: Katie | 12/25/08

This totally reminds me of my boyfriend! Every time I'm not with him I feel like all the joy has been taken out of my life, and I get really depressed! Cuz he is the only joy in my life! Luv ya John Blomenkamp! Btw John blomenkamp is my boyfriend!
~Luv Katie

pritty song | Reviewer: kitman | 9/25/08

LOL i thing this song i can sing it to my .......
well not like my girlfriends but i love her tooo much I ON love with her but i dont have the value to say i love her T_T and then she will go to atlanta like the other week xD soo sad SOB""""

mom | Reviewer: tania arith | 7/27/08

Mom i hope someday we could be together and happy. cause i really need you even though you DON'T BELIEVE THAT I DO. i hope someday you'll be able to forget my dad. i know you'd suffered a lot but remember that i love . that's all i can tell you today in your BIRTHDAY.
from your lovely daughter Tania

Review for this Fantastic Song | Reviewer: L!z | 5/3/08

I love this song so very much. When I first heard this song, it touched me so much. Because it reminds me of me and my boyfriend exactly. Because I can't live without him. And I need him so much. And he has to leave a lot for work and stuff so I listen to this song all the time to help me get through it. I even sang it once when we were in high school together for a talent show to him. He's my world and my true love. I hope everyone out there, who has a relationship that I do with my fiancee can be touched by this song. Thank you for posting these lyrics. And thank you Mrs. Whitbely for being kickass enough to write this! Rock on!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: $o|\|@k$|-|i...!! | 4/10/08

wow!!!!!!!! oh mi god!!! this song has no damn wrdz 2 describe... it has touched mi heart more than taare zammen movie <a movie by aamir khan in India> yeah!!! itz better than ther best.... she has done a so very damn gr8 job..... i juz luv this song... the video... ths muzik... the lyricz.... damn evrything..... this sng is gonna live in mi heart 4ever...... itz mind blowin.. incredible.. fantastic.. awesume.. fasinatin.. fabulous.. luv ya lotz avril..... keep rokin....... really true.... evrything she does she putz her heart n soul.... luv u loadz avril.. adore u avril..... :)

when you`re gone!! | Reviewer: sara | 4/4/08

this song is a song i rewrote too my boyfriend cause im so inlove with him and i think ill be with him forever he kisses like heaven`s angel`s and when you`re gone im saying too him in the song when he`s gone i miss him and my heart is broken when im not with him but when im with him im so happy and then im ready too spend time with him and do what ever we feel like doing??and when im not with him my heart is filled with joy whenever i`m with him spending time with him and stuff like that, whole and it is broken?? and the face i came too know is missing too like his face that i came too knoew changed so much and i just wanna be with him so much and i so so miss him rightnow cause he`s been away for sometime you know what i mean??

thz song very touching | Reviewer: pipit | 3/9/08

thz song for my man i really love him but he already die coz he gor brain cancer n deep inside of my heart i really love him even i will always love him to forever n i always cry everytime i through his house coz i really love him. i love u so much.......u will b lasting on my mind. i love u babe......

I Miss Whitney!!!! | Reviewer: Rika!! | 3/10/08

This song goes out to Whitney! I lost one of my good friends 2 months ago! And this song just makes me cry every time I listen to it! She meant everything to me! And this song just really toches my heart! Avril Lavigne you really dont know how much this song toches my heart!!!

luvvin it. | Reviewer: sombodie | 2/17/08

i think this is like, avril's best song. some of her lyrics like in "i don't have to try" where she sings "i wear the pants" are really gay, but every word is this song relates to the title and i guess this is the song she worked the hardest on!!!! this is what i call REAL music. i luv it so much that at school i'm doing it for group performance in music class XD luvvin it avril =)

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