Reviews for When You're Gone Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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wow | Reviewer: tommy | 7/11/07

i relate to this song when my girlfriend is working late and iam sitting in the house waiting for her comin makes me relise what ive really got and dont want to if i didnt know already...some song

love this song! | Reviewer: sofii | 7/10/07

I lovee this song!
when I listen to it I remember one of my best friends that traveld to another city last year
:( I miss her so much! the first time I listen this song it make me cry! i love you avril!

wow :'[ | Reviewer: anonymous | 7/6/07

this makes me think so much of my relationship right now.

its so hard.

I hate Avril,,,but LOVE this song! | Reviewer: Julia | 7/8/07

I can really relate to this song.
It seems everyone always disappears on me....
And my bf now live far away...
And whenever we leave eachother this song always seems to come on the radio.

When You're Gone | Reviewer: Tee Chickadee . . . x | 7/6/07

This is such a beautiful song! It gives me the shivers and brings tears to my eyes every time and I never get tired of hearing it. I'm sure this song touches the heart of everyone who's ever missed or lost a loved one, thank you Avril you're a star xxx

ily | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/07

i luv this song it makes me think of a special person that broke my heart (cm)

i love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

i agree, this song is so sad! it reminds me of my ex. we just broke up a few weeks ago, and im heartbroken. i miss him so much...

What a good song | Reviewer: Fu Shucong | 7/4/07

What a beautiful song it is!
This song reminds me of sb.
Though you don't love me, but I still want to say
I love you turtle, I miss you a lot

When you're gone | Reviewer: Stephanie | 7/3/07

this song is makes me think of my ex but thats part of the healing process!

When you're gone | Reviewer: Ilze | 7/2/07

Love this song. I just can't explain how many feelings ir brings out of me.

this song ..... | Reviewer: katey | 7/1/07

i love this song so much! its the best thing she has written her video is amazing and it made me cry! me and my friends lol! ive been thru alot of bad relationships and listenin to this song made me realise what i had and how iv now got better things going on in my life! and its made me realise how that certain someone isnt important to me anymore!

This one hits home | Reviewer: Andy | 7/2/07

I first heard this song only a few weeks ago. It makes me think of my wife who died 4/25/07. I listen to it constantly.

wow | Reviewer: maryjane | 6/29/07

omg this song is like the story of my life right now... i left someone that i couldnt leave... but we didnt have a choice

when your gone | Reviewer: erika | 6/28/07

i love this song i lost my boyfriend 3 months ago to suicide and this song explains it all thanx love you avril

when your gone | Reviewer: Danni | 6/28/07

its so sad. i love this song. But it reminds me of my nan.

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