so. | Reviewer: ThatGirl | 3/14/13

This song actually remimds me of how I feel right now. I know its probably supposed to be about a relationship, but I just applied for this school and they turned me down. My test scores are amazing and im one of the top people in my school. People who dont want to go got in. It really makes me feel like a failure, unwanted.

Real song | Reviewer: Kumiko Akimoto | 9/24/12

I love this song. It totally reminds me of my biological father, who hardly has anything to do with me unless he doesn't have a woman or a hobby in his life. He shuts me out and he chose his wife, the wicked bitch of the west, over my older brother and I. I'd love to start singing this song and get right up in his face with it. That would feel so good. to do. Anyone else agree with me?

Molly | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/25/12

this song for me is about a person you've been waiting to do something significant for your expecting this and that but you realizes nothing is really you are starting to feel unwanted after all this time of hoping.
its just a tragic song. but its still sublime..

............ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/11

this song reminds me of my dad actually..he left when i was younger and doesnt want anything to do with me.. we met once about a year ago and we talked on the phone a few times..but after that we never talked again.. iv tried but he shuts me out =[[..

I know what she means.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/11

Hey this song is about a realationship that never happened and the exact same thing happened to me. Theres this guy, we were like best friends and then all of a sudden he started ignoring me and telling people that i am an effing bitch.... i felt unwanted and still do cause its still going on. Another problem is i love him.... i love your songs Avril! keep writing and singing.

story of my life | Reviewer: shay jay | 7/30/11

i love this song and sang it all the time 2years ago when my bff desided i wasent good enough to hang with her when anyone better was around and just ignored me the whole year! i got sick of her acting like shes a princess and everyone else was her puppy dogs so were not friends any more but it still hurts. i know this isnt really what the song is about but im here to say i know whats it like to be unwanted.

ingored by my friends :/ | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/23/11

whenever im around they act like im not even their, like im a ghost. so idk i feel so uwanted by them it makes me so sad and depressed at school.
Avril knows how a person can feel
keep rockin Avril

*is not sure what to make the title* | Reviewer: LilyTheAnnoyance | 3/22/11

No, people, she is not singing about a breakup. She is singing about a relationship that never existed.

And for the love of God, people, type in ENGLISH. Sometimes txt tlk is tolerable, but sheesh, I can barely understand ANYTHING on this page.

"a guy came in my lyf i lyked him sooo much frm de beginning of de day i saw him......." WHAT? WHAT IS THIS? HOW CAN ANYONE TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY IF YOU TALK LIKE THAT?!

Ignored and Unwanted...... | Reviewer: Vain | 2/19/11

Exactly, Avril. You seem to know my situation.
We were so close, and I fell so hard for him. It was obvious we were meant for each other... I can't think of anyone I like more. And then, out of the blue, he gave me the cold shoulder and everything is falling to pieces. I'm so unwanted.

woah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/20/10

i've been hearing avril songs for quite a long time.. but for the first time, the lyrics hit me all of a sudden... cuz i'm in the same shit.. since we met, he ran inot my life, making all the moves, and we became so close that everyone around us (even strangers, like shop keepers when we go shopping) say they feel the aura around us to be that of couples.. but suddenly, i feel like he's trying to shut me out... and it hurts, badly. no matter how i try to get him to open up, it's not working=/ i even felt that it's making it worse=/

Whhyyyy? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

I want to shout it out, but i cant, there is someone i really love, but i cant even look at her. i dont understand her. shes the girl, you will never find again. now im like ignoring her. it hurts so much, and i cant talk to her or smile at her any more. why did i met her? why? why did i fell in love? i dont want it any more! im dying inside. :(

hmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/12/10

everybody seems to be talking about this song like it is talking about a relationship that is ending...Avril seems to be talking about one that never even began--he shut her out after she shook his hand and then she says:

I wanted to know you
I wanted to show you
You don't know me
Don't ignore me
You don't want me there
You just shut me out

She wanted to know him, but he didn't let her. I understand this very well. I am trying to get to know somebody, myself. I have seen qualities in her that are very rare and would like to find out more. I don't even care if it goes beyond friendship. Unfortunately, she shuts me out. She holds back and won't let me in. While there are many people I enjoy spending time with when they are around, a person I actually WANT to hang out with is rare, indeed, so it really sucks.

This song hits home | Reviewer: Tish | 7/7/10

This song sums up completely what I am going through right now. I had a really good friend and we act so much alike and everything and we talked all the time. Now she barely looks at me!! And this change came from out of the blue!

same happened to me :( | Reviewer: nidzzi | 1/29/10

a guy came in my lyf i lyked him sooo much frm de beginning of de day i saw him.......u can say it wus lyk love at first sight...i wus so addicted to him aftr 1 year he said on net replies dat he lyks me so much...i dint want to beleive dis so i just said thanks to him buh he wus so much of behind me n den i said yes to him..he wus so gud to me n we talked till 4months n den we had a fight wid him.....i said srry to him so many tyms buh he dint replied i felt so bad he stoe talking to me i wus so unwanted to him he ignored me...still i wait for him n cry so dat some how he can cum back to me i just love him soo much since 1 month hes not talking to me.......<3......guys ray for me so dat he can cum back to me i luv him :(

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah | Reviewer: silver | 9/18/09

this song is rock i like it & i love avril so much she is the best singer ever this song make me remember my ex boyfriend cuz he didn't care about me & if he could he would just shut me up any way this song rock keep up the good work avril