Reviews for Things I'll Never Say Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Amazing.... :D | Reviewer: Trish | 3/11/09

This is totally me... ack it's crazyyyyy!!! I totally like this guy and he's TOTALLY worth it... but he is dating one of my good friends. Problem is that he KNOWS i like him and he's cool with it but he seriously doesn't wanna be more than friends. It's really hard to watch the two of them. Sometimes I don't even know what to say to him... but even with all of that, he's become an even better and better friend - he's that AMAZING! But there will always be the Things I'll Never Say...

Yataa! | Reviewer: Hannah | 2/23/09

I like that song a lot. It is totally sugoi and descibes the way I feel about this one guy. I don't think he even knows that I like him. -_-
Maybe I'll tough up someday and totally ashige ketsunoana.

(Sorry for the Japanese. I shall translate.)

Yataa= yay/I did it/hooray
ketsunoana= ass

HELL YES! | Reviewer: Jessica | 2/2/09

I love avril lavigne! she is the reason why i put a single strand of purple in my hair. i listen to her songs non stop. i think she is sooo beautiful and talented and awesome! i love her style i love her music. and i think all haters should just fuck off

A Great Ending For the Concert | Reviewer: SFA | 12/10/08

I love Avril's "MY WORLD" DVD, which contains "Things I'll Never Say" right at the end of the Buffalo concert. Avril's ability to connect with the intimate feelings of her audience is truly special. One may listen to her songs on many levels, and feel as if she were singing directly for you!

When she sings: "I want to be so perfect, cuz I know you're worth it", many in the audience feel as if she's speaking directly and personally to them, describing her desire to give the very best performance to her adoring fans.

What a Great ending to the show!

Seniors For Avril

omg! amazing song! | Reviewer: Becca | 12/6/08

This song totally relates to me! There's this guy I work with and I like him...and he likes me I can tell, but I can't tell him i like him. Everytime I get near him, my mouth closes and I forget what I was going to say!

Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

I love this song. It relates to me, I like this guy A LOT but can't tell him how I feel cuz my best friend likes him too (my friend doesnt know I like him). So I wanna say these things but I cant, like avril. ANYWAYs I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

dream dream dream | Reviewer: tigerlilly | 11/11/08

so i like this boy but i'm to shy to do anything. which is stupid 'cause everyone knows he likes me. so any way i listen to this song and think of somehow giving him these lyric and write at the bottom "a close friend feels this way.". he would so know it was me though 'cause i pull at my clothes and fix my hair and blush and laugh at all his lame jokes.

:D | Reviewer: KatLuvsMusic | 11/3/08

well i looooove this song and i've been listening to it non-stop and i mean almost nobody likes her new style, i don't either but i mean it was her choice so we can't do anything bout it huh?
i sure do like hre punk style tho!
buhh we can't do anything bout it
but i loooove avril's old songs they're not fake they're totally like reality
and i loooove it!

Oh Please! | Reviewer: Desirae | 10/28/08

How about all of you haters get a life! Who are you to say her new look is "not her." Are you her? Do you feel what she feels? Do you think her thoughts? Maybe she trashed the "the same people she has become" because she was afraid to admit that was really her. Or maybe she just likes that look. That doesn't make her some bubbly blonde. That makes her human. Everybody changes. Just because she's famous doesn't mean she isn't human and doean't have the perrogative to change just like us regular folk. Just chill out. If u like her music fine if you don't then don't listen to her music. newayz I love all her music!

love it!!! | Reviewer: jessie | 10/9/08

I can totally relate with song..
yeah,, I'm very awkward when it comes to my feelings..
I just have a lot of pride that i don't want that person to know how special he is in my life..
its just like that,,
I'm afraid to show it..
and it'll never change..



i loovee it !! :)) | Reviewer: minette | 8/27/08

i love this song ..i've been listening dis song 30x a day . haha ! 4 me dis song is very related to me and my boyfriend .. haha ! i love you avril .. i really2 love your songs especially happy ending,i will be,etc .. u're my no.1 idol .. mMwaaH! stay safe .:P

Bubble gum Rockstar | Reviewer: Melissa | 8/16/08

Yehh I Agree....She Has Totally Chaged...I Love Rock Music n Stuff...And Yehh She HAs Changed Into Bubble gum Rockstar

But I Dont Really Care Coz I Love Her Music Expeshilly When Your Gone..Its So Sad...I Always Sing It...I Adore HEr Voice...I Wish I Could Sing Like Her

Melissa (:

.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/08

i think that everyone should try to get a life .. because avril is who she is .. and she is different then everyone else .. she still the same person who shes always been, so what if she changes her look it's not your problem, and blonde and pink hair suites her , so yeah thats what i have to say

errrr | Reviewer: madison | 7/22/08

well i for one agree with carriah. i use to love her sty;le the way no1 was like her and her music was great. but now shes the person she always trashed. here she is all girly with blond and pink hair it's not her and all her songs are really stupid that only sum stupid litle 7th grader relate to but i must say i do like inoccents and keep holdin on along with contagious

woopwoop | Reviewer: megan | 7/9/08

i think Avril Lavigne is so awsome and i waould do anything to meet her. she has achieved so much and i am her #1 fan. i know people just say they are but i seriously am. i would give an arm to meet avril lavigne. i have been a massive fan of hers since she was 17 and my friends have just learned to put up with me singing her songs i mean i cant go 5 mins without speaking about her and i cant help it either. if anybody got a meetandgreet ticket to her 2008 tour cud u tell me how much they were please so i know how much to save for her next tour cuz my mum just got me a normal standing ticket but she rocked and is awsome. if you think she is rubbish then u r just jhealous cuz other ise u udnt be looking at her fan pages would u!!!!!!
love megz x

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