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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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i dnt kno wat to do | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/1/11

i like this really funny guy but im bffs with his sister. i dnt kno wat to do n he is a sweetheart but his sister wouldn't approve. i talk to him all the time n i like him but i dnt kno if he likes me because i dnt kno wat to say because i dnt want to lose him or his sister................i love this song n it makes me want to say the things tht i wnt....if only ppl knew

0.o lmfao okay.... | Reviewer: bLu3-P3nGu!N | 1/15/11

wow.... xD when i read the lyrics im like O.o WTF! and im like i known the song for years and i NEVER hear THOSE lyrics ^ there xD but i <3 both the lyrics^ and the acctual song <3
THis song and my boi i crush on (and he likes me also) fit together perfectly. Neither him or me want to ruin our friendship, so we don't say idk y cause we both know... but i just don't want to loose him :/ *sigh*

Do you ever think of me? | Reviewer: Grey | 12/26/10

Ok so there is this guy he is super cute and super popular! I love him to death and think about him all the time. He is always in my thoughts. I even do that thing where i write his name and put hearts around it. But he never looks my way. Ever. He has this super skinny girlfriend. Or so everyone says. I have never once seen them sit together or walk down the hall together i want him so bad. But to him i am invisible. Always have and always will be the girl who no one even knows ia there.

stutter | Reviewer: -mhai- | 12/24/10

.what can i say i've known this song since highschool and it had been my favorite since then until now. i haven't realize what it means to me until i've read this reviews. . i'm a superb one of the boys, boyish. .tomboy that's what they think, but hey i'm a girl and i like this someone for over the years though he doesn't look at me. i wish i could tell him and show him i can be the girl that could be by his side.

2say or nt 2say | Reviewer: mill22 | 12/15/10

Iv bn dating this guy for over a year now, its a long distance relationship en I recently found out he has another girlfriend in his hometown, I haven't confronted him but iv been dropping hints like if I find out u hav anada girl I'll dump u . He jus keep saying I'm his one n only n that I shud trust him and all. I really don't know if I shud jus tell him wat I know or keep silent n c wat hapens. I'm confused

No spark | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/10

I'm actually in a relationship with the one person I really like but we are both too scared to do anything. It's been almost a month and he still hasn't held my hand yet. All of my friends make fun of us and I'm tired of it. I just want to say half of these things in the song and see what he'll do.

Bestfriend | Reviewer: Sadlady | 11/28/10

I dated this guy a while back, he's black and I'm white. My parents don't really approve of interracial relationships Needless to say we had to break up. I am so in love with him, we were in love. We are still really good friends and have been for over a year now. After we broke up we agreed it would be best not to say we love each other anymore bcus it would just make it harder for us to move on. I still very much love him, always will. I haven't even thought about another guy, he's seriously all that I want. I just recently turned 18 and moved out of my house. I want so bad to tell him that I love him still, that I want to try us again. But, he has another girlfriend now and I'll never be ble to say the things I want to say. It hurts so bad watching him be with some other girl. It's even worse because he tells me about how great she is and I have to pretend like I'm happy for him... I have to hide the way I feel for him:( FML

Things I'll never say | Reviewer: No Name | 11/23/10

Well I love this song cause I have lots of things I'm scared to so. Like walk up to my best friend and say I do like him cause he asked me at 1st period. Like I know I really like him but I really scared to say. Like when he asked me I turned around and walked into class. I'm really embarrassed that I like him cause he running back for our school team.

i cant tell him.. | Reviewer: i will never tell him | 10/23/10

omg i love this song cuz i really like this guy his intails are IH. haha and he sits next ti me in science. he is sooo adorable with his brown eyes. he's amazing @ singing. he is super smart to i <3 him sooo much but, i could never tell him. he is sooo funny and freindly too. i dotn know ehat to do i need help!

yikes.. | Reviewer: ellinor | 9/22/10

I have this boyfriend who's lovely to me, he hugs me tightly and his kisses are so sweet. But I'm afraid 'cause, I'm so shy, I don't have the guts to just encounter him in school, kiss him and tell him "I love you". That's what I want to do, but I'm just so freaking shy and stupid. And I'm afraid that he'll think that I don't like him, that I've just followed his moves and haven't said anything against him, just 'cause I'm shy! Man, living like this sucks, just being afraid that he'll slip away from me all the time. Because I really don't want him to. That's it. I'm gonna call him now! And freaking tell him these things I'll never say! <3's a secret... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/10

I started doing mixed martial art about 5 months ago. And there is this guy that also goes to training...and turns out I went to school with him 2years ago and he remembered me:) and I really like him and I try to talk to him but I never can and he always looks at me and smiles and idk what to do cause I can't talk to him. And he doesn't know I like him and he never will cause I can't talk to him :(

Tragedy v05 | Reviewer: Lovesick | 8/25/10

You molested me and I still love you and you're beautiful and amazing and you're just perfect... Your imperfections are perfect for me... Our life together is like a tragic story. I know I should probably tell you how much you mean to me... But I've tried a million times and all I do is stutter because I'm too scared you won't talk to me... But then again on the other hand, you might feel the same way... What is it you've been trying to tell me for all these days? You just keep changing the subject and I never get to know... I wish you did tell me what it was... At least, then I wouldn't sit and hope every single day that the words you aren't telling me are the 3 magic words every girl wants to hear.
(: Love me or not, I love you.

things i never will tell youuu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/10

i have known this boy for 11 years and we have been friends ever since. when we were little we used to hang out. he has been the one there for me to talk to, he has been nice to me. i love the way he does stupid stuff to make me laugh, and how he makes me feel like a million dollar check when im around him. we have always had a feeling more than friends but either of us have been able to show it. i really wish that he would relize just how much he means to me. i think about him 24 hours of the day, when im around him i get butterflies. when he looks at me and just smiles it's hard not to just want to jump in his arms. but there's this other girl who is much more good looking. shes got the whole nice body so he will look at her and call her babe and my girl friend and tell her she looks sexy. if only i could tell you the things i will never say to you. </3

Hey guyz.. | Reviewer: Syntinen | 8/13/10

I mean Amelia and Christian Clarke.. Guys.. Your stories... Your stories mame me remember that I'm not the one who lives an emotional torture in "relationship world"..

I really don't know why I'm doing this but...please add me, if you able to see this somment of course (:


things i'll never say | Reviewer: myra | 8/8/10

well, i have a friend in my class.. he is such a sweet guy, and we've known each other since before we entered university (fb of course!).. he's very sweet to me, and he knows how to treat a girl nicely and it makes me have a crush on him.. i dont know why the hell i adores him so much and i really can't take my minds off him coz i like him !! but then only i knew he already has a girlfriend and they were together for almost seven years.. at that point, i felt a bit disappointed and i tried not to be too close to him anymore.. he sensed my change and the worst thing is he tried to be closer to me and asked me not to behave coldly to him.. he even said "i love you" to me but i feared he only voiced it out just to make me happy.. ~sigh~ i'm still single coz every time i met a good man, they're not available anymore..

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