Reviews for Things I'll Never Say Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Song | Reviewer: Billie | 5/11/07

I love this song, it makes me think about all the times ive argued with my boyfriend and made up with him but sometimes im just too nervous to say i love you...

Lyrics | Reviewer: Billie | 5/11/07

In the first verse, 1st line the lyrics are 'im tugging at my hair' thanks, Billie x

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/3/07

I love it 'cause it says the things i think about everytime i'm about to see my boyfriend!
Do i look good for him?? i try to be perfect, 'cause i just love him!!

I do wanna see him on one knee!! Lol

I think that..... | Reviewer: Ren | 5/3/07

Btw the song is not about anorexia and bulimia.... its got nothing to do with that.. i think the song is all about how what people wanna say but when it comes dwon to crunch time to tell someone how they feel.. the words just slip away.. it happens lol Avril u rock lol woop!!!!!

the way i feel to D.j Lachine | Reviewer: Ammyy | 4/29/07

D.j i have finally foudn my true feelings for you .. i love you <3<3<3 .. i hope you love me too:):( ..... thanks avirl for this song !! love ya Dj

really awsome. | Reviewer: Samantha | 4/22/07

i love this song
i think its so sweet

meaning of the song | Reviewer: samantha | 4/23/07

this song is about anorexia and bulimia....

but its a great song anyway.

thanks Avril | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

excellente comme toutes les autres, comme tous les albums, comme l'artiste qui chante !! Merci Avril

Ashley haha | Reviewer: Ashley Taylor xD | 4/18/07

I love Avril
Im 11 turning 12 in June haha lol
i love avril
i have 2 posters in my room and avril calendar.
I sang this song for my school at the end of the year in 2006 infront of the whole school(400 kids)
(plus parents and teahcers)
im in Grade 6 boo yah!!
next yr im outta this school lol
i no u think i opsesse avril lol but i love her songs! haha!
ive been singing since i was 5 and im a model lol

wuju | Reviewer: cynthia | 4/9/07

i really love this songs cuz it says how i'm feeling now . and avril sings whit a lot of feeling and you can feel that.
it is agreat song

Extremely Awsome!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/07

i love this song so much!its melody and words totally rock me!!!!applauding Avril!!!!

Awsome!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/07

I <3 it! I feel like that sometimes like you have something to say but you just can't.

changed my life | Reviewer: danielle | 2/27/07

made my boyfriend listen to it cuz I couldnt tell him how I felt, we are very happy!

*cry* | Reviewer: Philip M | 7/6/06

That song rocks.. I can't stop thinking about people I love everytime I listen to it.. Thanks Avril <3

great! | Reviewer: May | 6/14/06

I love this song! it is a great song to listen to. the greatest avril lavinge song. now for them to put it on iTunes...

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