Reviews for Things I'll Never Say Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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it's real | Reviewer: linda | 9/2/07

crushes always r there but it's hard to express it the same way the person feels, some ppl try 2, but they don't get the ryt words. Well avril did, she choose the ryt words 2 express the real crushes. 2 me personaly wen i have a crush on some 1 i feel like i wanna be perfect, i get nervouis, mostly evry thing she says.

Avril u rock im a huge fan

Rock on Avril! | Reviewer: Siera | 8/29/07

This song is one of my favorites on Let Go. Even though I can't, I know a lot of people can relate to this song.
Rock on Avril!

awesome! | Reviewer: cool song | 8/21/07

I really like this song coz any1 can relate! I'm 11 and I'm inLUV with matt corby from aussie idol! i just wish i could sing this 2 him!

awesome | Reviewer: fan of this song | 8/21/07

I love this song, coz any1 can relate coz every1 has a crush. I'm 11 and im inLUV with matt corby from aussie idol! i just wish i could sing this song 2 him!

fell in love the firs time i heard it | Reviewer: Alanna | 8/20/07

this is one song i can relate to in fact i beleive ALL girls can ..the beat, the lyrics, the way avril sings it evrything made me fall in love with this song the minute i heard it.

i agree with sammy perry | Reviewer: sara | 8/9/07

although i like listening to her latest sngs sometimes, like girlfriend. i think she put a lot of thought into this song, a lot of girls can relate to this. when in girlfriend shes saying she knows he likes him, kind of concietedly. where this shes so nervous, unsure about him liking her kinda feeling. i personally like this song much better.

Sammy Says..... | Reviewer: Sammy Perry | 8/5/07

'Cause I'm feeling nervous,
Tryin' to be so perfect,
'Cause I know you're worth it, you're worth it

Those Lyrics Mean So Much To Alot Of People, Avril Is Amazing, I Dont Think As Much Thought Has Gone Into Her Latest Album Tho;

'Hey Hey, You You! I Want To Be Your Girlfriend!'

In 'Girlfriends' Its As If She Would Go Straight Up To The Guy And Tell Him She Loves Him, When Not A Lot Of People Would Whereas In 'These Things Ill Never Say' She Loves Someone So Much But She Cant Tell Them Because Shes Nervous - I Think This Song Shows True Love Towards The Person...

Soz For The Essay Haha

Avril roxs | Reviewer: Jackie | 8/1/07

I luv her songs. LIke how she makes it up and stuff. And how it coming from her heart and i kno i'm not the only one tht can realate. I do feel this way sometimes. I jus luv her words!!!!!

My point of veiw from the song Things I'll Never Say | Reviewer: Katie Pegrum | 7/22/07

I really love this song and Avril Lavigne. I just adore this song and Avril. The songs got a really good tune and words while Avril has a bold, strong, clear beautiful voice to sing it. Anyone who doesn't know this song should, it is so good!!!

Mmm | Reviewer: <3SHTJ | 7/20/07

I love the Lyrics.
Too bad Avril sings it or i would listen to it more.
I'm just so in love with the bit:

"I'm feeling nervous
Tryin' to be so perfect
'Cause I know you're worth it
you're worth it.."


This Song Speaks to Everyone | Reviewer: Taylor | 7/19/07

At any age, you can get a crush, so this explains how lots of people feel, when they are in love. Whether you're 11 (like me) or 21, you can relate to wanting someone to be yours.

This Song Really Speaks To Me | Reviewer: Angela | 7/10/07

This song really speaks to me about a guy I like and I can't tell him how I feel because I am too scared that he will be like "Omg I can't believe she likes me". So when I just need a good think I put this song on because it is the only thing that really speaks to me and it makes alot of sense to me about trying to tell a guy on how you feel about them but you can't tell them because you are afriad of what they might say. Avril you did an amazing job on this song!!

Woah! | Reviewer: Joe | 6/30/07

My Girlfriend really wanted me to listen to this so i DLed it last night and listened to it... it really shows how much she loves me *.* and im glad.. waitin for her to wake up now lol..

my fav song | Reviewer: Hayley | 6/30/07

i love avril and her songs. Especially this one. It makes my day when i listen to it. It explains how i feel exactly sometimes. My favortie song ever !!

awesum... | Reviewer: freeverse | 6/29/07

i love this invokes soooo many feelings! and it is SOOOOO true!

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