TAKE ME AWAY | Reviewer: angel | 9/16/07

the lyrics of the song really strucks me...ezpecially it's chorus...it reminds me of someone who didn't done any good to me...

avril lavigne really rocks!, her songs never lose it's sense.. transpires women great attitude...being a fighter! but still a soft and delicate creature that should be treated special...

avril lavigne is #1 | Reviewer: Taryn Lawrence | 9/5/07

Avril is a good song writter she is the first rock singer that i ever listened to in my lfe and i never want to forget it i think her first song i listened to was girlfriend on the best damn thing album even my little sister who is 4 loves her when ever she hears her voice she tells someone to put it back to that station or cahnnel but i love her so much when ever i hear someone say that they dont like her i tell them that there not normal but my sister and i love avril so much i love the vidoes to they rock LOVE YOU AVRIL!!

i like it :-P | Reviewer: LP23 | 9/2/07

I really like this song because my mum is quite young and so I've had an interesting past and my friends know all about it but they don't understand. Like if they've done something which reminds me of a bad part of my past and I get upset they act really sorry but I can tell they think I'm over-reacting and I realise there's no point of trying to make them understand because they cannot relate. But I agree with Lys when they said that someone out there is going through the same things as you, but I don't think they take it in the same way so no one can relate that much to me.

Interesting. | Reviewer: Lys | 8/1/07

I can relate to this as well. I remember how a while ago it felt like no one could understand... but upon reading the reviews it's different. It'a always good to know that you're never really alone in it. Someone else, somewhere, is going through something at least pretty similar. Even if you don't know them, or other then the feeling or situation, you have nothing in common, it's still cool. It's like a 'unification'. Not to feel so alone.

her idol | Reviewer: michelle | 4/30/07

hey im such an idol of avril lavigne!!!1 She rocks!!! like i do

So True | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/07

Wow....I never knew that one song could say so much....It is how I feel every day now.....amazing.

Avril Lavigne Rocks! | Reviewer: EJ203 | 11/30/06

This is her best work yet! She's awesome!

hoo-haa! | Reviewer: rams | 12/8/05

yup, this song sure does rel8 to me. i woz feeling this way a couple of days ago and i thought of this song and it made me feel better. i love the way it's sung and the lyrics and the muzic blend together wonderfulli lol. i also like the live acoustic guitar version.

Take Me Away | Reviewer: Colleen | 8/30/04

This is a great song! I don't any one who has never felt this way and I think can really relate to it.

Take ME Away | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/7/04

What Avril does best. More rock than pop, this is a sure winner!