Was This Song Wrote For Me? I think it was.... | Reviewer: Maddie | 5/10/11

Hey, yall! It's Maddie. (new comer) It seems that this song was written for me. Take me away because nobody knows that I want to be a punk, emo, rcokstar girl! They think I'm happy, opposite of emo, punk, and rockstar! I wanna die....

i love him soo much | Reviewer: blah | 8/8/09

wow why is everyone sharing if they cut? if ur sharing it then ur cutting mostly for the attention, and thats pathetic, i would know who a person like that would be cause i used to but i was forced to either stop or go to a mental hospital, but in my desission, stop telling ppl that u cutt, cause the ppl who cutt for a real reason, hate it.

take me away | Reviewer: Avril | 4/16/09

the 1st time i listend to this song was when i tried to by a cd but it was false labling.Go figure. i started to listen and i really enjoyed it. I looked up the song on the web and found what cd it was. and listen to this when I bought the cd it was the one i wanted b4.so i swiched the cases and rreturned the other.

Hey "emo" it'll b ok | Reviewer: Katie | 1/2/09

Hey reveiwer so called "emo" I know exactly how you feel! I've cut myself once b4 2! And i get in fights with my parents all the time 2! And sometimes I feel like I just wanna die becuz my life's so hard! And i feel all alone like no one understands me and what I'm going thru! And one time I told my bestfriend how I cut myself, and showed her the mark, and she totally freaked out at me , and she said get away from me! And I stopped cutting myself, and things are so much better! All the cutting does is take yor emotional pain away by causing physical pain, but in the end it's just more pain becuz your emotional pain comes back, so then you have to cuase more physical pain for it to go away for awhile, but your emotional pain always comes back! And if you just explain to the kidz around you what your going through, and tell them why you were emo, or are emo I'm sure they'll understand, and your bound to make some good friendz! And I also talk to a councelour to get my stress out, and to release my emotions! I hope you take my advice, and I hope the best wishes for you, and your life! I love helping people!
~Luv Katie
P.S. If u want to email me to talk email me at kchess232@mpsomaha.gaggle.net, or katiechessakakc@hotmail.com
try both!

stitches and scars | Reviewer: natalie | 9/25/08

I want to find a way to thank her for this song. The first time I heard this song I had to stop and sit down because it made me cry sooo much. As a child abuse survivor who hasn't had an easy life since then either it really struck a chord. I was in a difficult relationship with someone at the time, I couldn't tell them why it was so hard for me to let them touch me and hold me and love me. Then this song came out and it was like exactly what was wrong. It was as if she knew what people who suffer that kind of trauma in their life. Thank you for this, it helped to open the wound to be able to start cleaning the wound so it could heal.

This Is A Song That Describes Everything About Me | Reviewer: Carrigan | 1/26/08

This is such a great song. Were did the old avril go? I don't understand her now. Take Me Away is the best song in history. It's not the vocals, it's not the tunes, it's the lyrics. Everything in here describes me. And alot of people I know. This is just a great song. It takes about three times to listen to until you get it.

awesome | Reviewer: emo | 12/21/07

this is one of the best songs i 've ever heard; great rock melody and full of emotionals, it also describes exactly the way i feel right now; alone, with no one to talk to, no one really understands me, i also have fights with my parents every day, i haven' t got a real best friend right now, some boys make fun of me and laugh at me because i 'm an emo, i don' t feel like there 's anyone in my life who really cares about me (i don't know if that 's truth, but that 's what i think and how i feel).
and i really want someone to come and take me away
"All the pain
I thought I knew
All the thoughts lead back to you
Back to what
Was never said
Back and forth
Inside my head
I can't handle this confusion
I'm unable come and take me away"
thank you, avril, for realising this song and the album including it. "take me away" is a great song and "under my skin" is a great album
i don' t like your new stuff, though,
hopefully you will come out in the near future with your old one...

iNside me | Reviewer: suNgiT | 11/28/07

Feb 2006 was the 1st time I've ever take vac ALL BY MYSELF! 1st song I've ever heard of Avril and I lUv it! Gr8 lyrics! That's how exactly how I felt! Take me away!

totally emotional | Reviewer: e.m.o | 11/23/07

I can relate very well to this song, I feel like it's written for me. It's a TOTALLY EMOTIONAL song, and I think most of the songs on Under My Skin are emotional songs with a rock melody. Perfect! Avril was also perfect, unfortunately not anymore... And I want so much the old Avril back! When I lost her, I felt like I have lost my best friend... Please, Avril, come back!

perfect song! | Reviewer: helen | 11/7/07

I love this song because it really describes my feelings right now. I think it 's a perfect song, like all of the songs of Avril 's two first albums, Let Go and Under My Skin. Avril was perfect too, but, unfortunately, not anymore...