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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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r.i.p. <3 | Reviewer: meg | 11/27/08

This year I lost so much. I can't even think of how to move on. Because I don't want to. I want it all back.

Back in May. I lost my great-grandma Ruth. I remember balling my eyes out the day after I heard. I didn't want to belive it till then. I was in the middle of my chior class then boom crying my eyes out. Everyone was like "it'll be okay" THEY LIED! That Sunday we recived a call my great grandpa albert died also. I cried more. Then my puppy died a week or so after. I was sad yet again.

It was then August I was getting over everything. It was a day me and my bestie was gonna go shopping. Then we heard crying screaming paincing. My moms faince stopped breathing. The whole night untill about 8:30 me and aut waited at home wanting to know he was okay. He wasn;t he pasted away. It broke our hearts to pieaces. That night still repeats everynow and then in my head.

I wish it didnt happen. Loosing so many in one year. It's hearty breaking. This song reminds me so much of it. Specially of Tom.
<333 :'[

R.I.P. daddy. | Reviewer: Brandy | 11/26/08

April 2008. It was the last month my father was alive. My mother and father got into a huge arguement, and my mother kicked him about about a week before my birthday, which was on April 12th. I remember hearing him shut the front door, but not saying goodbye to me, or anybody else. That would be the last time I ever heard him around me. Three days later he was in the hospital for having gull bladder surgery, but the doctors and everybody said he was recovering fine. I didn't get a phone call on my birthday from him, and even though I had the chance to call him at the hospital to say hi, or visit him, I hadn't. I had a lot of anger towards him, and I regret it. One day I get home from softball practice and my mom sits me down as i'm bringing my dirty laundry out of my bedroom. She tells me that she got a call from the people that hold the body, and told us that he passed away two days prior to that phone call. Nobody contacted us to let us know that he was passing, because his side of the family hates us, and still to this day won't speak to us. It's hard, today is his seven months. rest in peace daddy. i love you<3.

i love you daddy | Reviewer: kim | 11/24/08

my dad passes last year. 28 December 2007. it was the worst christmas and new years i've ever had. until to this day i cry everytime i think of him. and i'm actually crying while typing this thing. damn. i miss him so much. him being not around all the time when he's still here kinda helps but when i started to realise he's actually no where in the world, this very sharp press on my heart starts and my tears just ..
eventhough he's not the dad everyone is dreaming of but i know he loves us and i love him very much and the lyrics to this song reminds me of him and therefore, I LOVE THIS SONG!

my frend wesley | Reviewer: Kyle Pitre | 11/18/08

i had a frend named wesley. he was my best frend ever. then he moved to utah. i dont no if he forgot about me or what, but wen i herd this song it brought his bright blue eyes to vision. wen i herd this song, i cried by the end. i cudnt listen to it for months, but even without the song, i wud cry for him. his house he used to live in is literally around the corner from mine and everytime i see it i wonder where he is and if hes still holding onto me like i am to him.

memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/08

this song reminds me of my brother. though it has been over ten years since he's passed, it still hurts like hell to think of him. i almost cry every time i think of him. this is a very good song to listen to when your sad.

I miss you, Mom! | Reviewer: Amanda | 11/17/08

My mother in law, who was more like my mother, died this past Saturday and we are playing this song at her funeral on Thursday. It just reminds me of all I've lost, but the love I've had in y life, too. It's beautiful!

My dearest cousin... | Reviewer: Alice | 11/16/08

My cousin was like a sister to me. When she died of a drug overdose, I knew my life would never be the same. I haven't listened to this song in over a year, but when it came on the radio today...I couldn't change the station...I love you so much, Jacquie. I miss you.
~:Jacqueline Michelle Cardwell:~
*-January 13, 1987~August 23, 2007-*

=[ | Reviewer: - | 11/10/08

I found this song only a couple of days ago when i was sitting in my music class..
i started cryin because it reminds me of my dad he sliped away he was shot dead when i was 10 =[

i miss him very much xoxox

.... | Reviewer: sarah b. | 11/7/08

Okay..well this song reminds me of a guy named Blake...who is moving schools and today was the last day I was able to say bye and I couldn' yeah this song just reminds me of him. And I think that I loved him.

i miss him, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/9/08

Hey , you. You dad died, right?
And so did mine.. I think of him to when i hear this song. He just slipped away too..
Caraccident youknow..
I really miss him, and.. yeah.
what can I say? I was daddy's little girl when i was a child, so it was really hard to move on.
But I guess I should think about that everyone dies sometime ....

RIP Dad | Reviewer: karen | 10/29/08

My dad died eight weeks ago tonight. I've heard this song many times before today, but this afternoon when it played in my car, it just hit me hard. The lines, "The day you slipped away.....Was the day I found It, won't be the same" really hit home.

My dad had kidney failure and he truly did just "slip away" on that night. I miss him. :-(

Bebe...Rest in Peace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/08

just yesterday, one of the most important thing in my life was taken away from me. My precious baby Bebe...i loved her to death. I treated her like she was my daughter. She is a half boxer half pitbull, I remember when i first saw her...i fell in love. i remember telling me bf why didnt get a brown or white color instead of black, he said he's friend just gave it to him. But Bebe grew on me. I've never loved a dog so much in my life. This song remind me so much of her...without her..nothing will ever be the same.Bebe..mommy miss you and can't stop crying. I love you with all my heart..please come back. you left too soon. god, i wish you didnt let her heart gave out..she was just a baby..just 6 months, why would you do that. bebe i love you and you will always be in mommy's heart. FOREVER baby. i love you.

my mother | Reviewer: camille | 10/8/08

this song reminds me of my mother every time. it's only for her. every word hits home and tears come to my eyes when i hear it. now i'm on the third year of her death, to this day, on october eighth and i feel as though i cant cry. oh how i would give anything to FEEL today everything that i've been holding inside.....

my life | Reviewer: coriann | 10/1/08

this mades my vry and i think of my best friend my cat and i no that some people think that sounds dum but he was my best friend i day i came home from school and got the messge he got ranover and he walked so far to see me and i wasnt there to say good bye or kiss him and i makes me cry so much. i just wish i could see hot shot just one more time.god i miss him soo much:(

4 my love.... | Reviewer: edin | 9/28/08

This summer Ive lost love of my life...She moved to other place,and left me.This song remindes me on her...and like they sad "if we still got some special person, we should spend time with them, no matter how far they are and no matter how busy we are, cuz if something bad happen, nothing can bring them back, so we have to enjoy everytime.."

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