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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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Jessie, 15 years old. March 15th, 2009 slipped away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

This song is beautiful but it's so sad. I recently lost one of my best friends from high school. This death was not like anything else. It was a complete freak accident; a tragedy. She was sitting in a hammock with her mother after doing yard work together. The tree holding them up fell on her. She died in the hospital the next day. Jessie was the sweetest, funniest, kindest, loved person I know. She was kind to everyone and she did absolutely nothing to deserve this. She is a great person and she is very missed. Everyone that is living through this tragedy can relate to this song right now

RIP <3333 | Reviewer: darian | 4/2/09

This is the saddest song in my eyes. I'm 15 years old and i just recently lost my grandmother (nana) about a month and a half ago. What kills me is that i never had a chance to say good-bye. She died in her hospital room and at the time i was sick and i didn't want to go see her just in case i got her sick and i didn't wanna feel guily if she ended up dying because of me. Now i feel even more guilty that i DIDN'T go see her and it breaks my heart every day. I was so close to her and i loved her more than anything. All growing up i was her baby. She called me every day when i was little all the way up until the night before she died. Every day after school i could expect my phone to ring from her number. And ever since my mom came home and told me she was gone, i felt like a part of me died with her. She gave my life meaning and she told me every single day how much she loved me and i don't ever get to hear that again from her. i dont think anyone understands how i feel right now. As soon as i heard, "Dari, nana died," my heart completely stopped. i was shocked and confused because i had talked to her the night before. Every time i hear this song i think of her and the times she spent with me. this song always makes me cry but makes me feel better in a way because i know she's up there watching me making sure everything's gonna be alright. "i didnt get around to kiss you good-bye on the hand i wish that i could see you again i know that i cant" <3333

hes gone | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/2/09

i had someone who ive know since preschool and growing up together only made us closer. And we went out from first grade to seventh grade. And one day his mom called me and told me that he sliped away. It still pains me to talk about him but i know i still love him very very much. See you again someday. <3u

my little angel. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/09

back in june of 2008,i became pregnant. i was almost five months in october when i got hit in the belly. my precious little girl didn't survive. even though i never met her,i'm still her mommy and i miss her so much.
i was supposed to have her this month. my heart throbs every day for her to Be in my arms. she is always a part of my heart and soul.

mommy loves && misses you Brooklyn Faith!
I'll meet you one day!

R.I.P- Grandma | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

i can completely relate to these lyrics because my grandma passed away and i dont think i even said goodbye to her. this song brang me to an emotional level that i didnt even know existed
i guesss thats the power of music.

My friends...=[ | Reviewer: AaMmBbEeRr!! | 3/25/09

Well about 3 months ago my 3 best friends told me how they hated me and never wanted to talk to me again. They don't know how much they hurt me. Everyday is a new challenge and I just want them back. I have a great friend that has helped me through it too. I listen to this song everyday and always think of the. I just want to be a normal girl. I want to know why they did that and if they have any idea how badly they hurt me. I've thought about everything and talked with them. Sure enough they still hate me. I wish for once they would say, "were sorry, can we be friends again?" I would be so happy.

I miss them and there is nothing I can do about it...


my hope is gone, but i'm still loving you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/09

when i listened to this song, i cried, because every word she sang seemed so true in my situation. he didn't die but i lost him although. he is gone for the next time. america, and with him all my hope.
i wished i could stop loving you, but i can't.
i'm still loving you and i miss you so much as i can't put it in words...

i lost my aunt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/09

i lost my aunt two days after christmas last year. we were very close. sh was only 43 and had been through so much in those years. im only thirteen and losing her really hit me, my mom, and my grandma really hard. this song and sissy's sond by alan jackson get me everytime.

gone. | Reviewer: Em | 3/19/09

Avril wrote this song because her grandpa passed away, i know exactly how she feels having the same thing happend to me and that my best friend passed away from cancer, i miss them both dearly. I pray every night that they are happy :)

i miss her everyday in my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

she passed away because of weird disease.... february 2009 is the last day for her to see all her friends....she only 17...i thought she will be safe from that disease because last year we went out together and that day she look very happy and i think that was the last day we meet before she slipped away i realy miss her

I miss you friend | Reviewer: Esmeralda | 3/10/09

I know that evry body hates to lose thier best friend but get to the point is that I had a friend that was the best in the world. But she lived in mexico and I lived in the united state. Evry vacatcion I went to mexico to vist her but almost a year I haven't seen because she moved but this songreminds me of her and makes me cry.

Unforgoten | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/09

I lost three of the people that i loved and cared for sooo much. it left a hole in my body. every night i think how much i miss them. Avril Lavigne writes so many different songs that so many can relate too. Avril kicks ass!

r.i.p my guardian angels | Reviewer: unknown | 2/18/09


It will never be the same... | Reviewer: Leah | 2/16/09

My best friend Lauren passed almost a year ago now, it was from a drunk driver. She was going to get married this year... This song reminds me of her so much I never thought I'd grow up without her. She was only 19. I miss you!

my best frend, my love, my only, my eternity | Reviewer: pokerhlis | 2/10/09

me and my lady frend, has known each other for 7years now, and i deeply love her. she has dated a few times, it hurts, because i like and love her. she comes to me wen shes sad, feeling down, and everything in between. i take care of her, and god knoes that i would. i love her with all my heart, and jux seeing her with another guy breaks my heart. she knoes i like and love her, so does everyone else. its jux that we cant be in a relationship of a boyfrend and girlfrend, its hard to think of it. no matter how much we want to, we cant. and i knoe, one day she would be off to settle down with another guy. but as long as i knoe that she is doin fine, and her life is filled with happiness, i would be happy for her too. i jux want the best for her. i love u soo much hun, with all my heart, your the only one in my heart, u have my heart. i can never love anyone as much as i love her. and if i was to fall in love with another girl, it would be different, it wont be how i loved my bestfrend. i love you, and wish u the best. hopefully things would work out in another life time. i love you.

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