Reviews for Slipped Away Lyrics

Performed by Avril Lavigne

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sad memories | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/20/11

this song is so sad...each time i hear this song i think about my granny.i never met her and i was very young when she died.i cried at her funeral.i think i was 5 years old when i saw her lying in that first i thought she was sleeping.but as the funeral went on i began to realize that i would never meet her,and when my dad picked me up over her coffin to say goodbye....i kissed her and said "goodbye granny,ill miss you.""sniff"its so sad.i wish i had met you granny.....

my cousin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/11

this song reminds me of my cousin, he was just a brother to me. :( he passed away last year. and i cant forget about it. he was always there for me whenever i needed someone, and look @ me now. noone to go to, rest in peace cousin. I Love & Miss You Very Much!

r.i.p ashley and great grandma | Reviewer: hayley | 3/7/11

i love that song cuz um my kaz ashley died at age 17 i think she graduated school early to be a doctor but now she cnt cuz she got shot and killed and my great grandma died of old age and i miss them both

R.I.P Great Mama | Reviewer: Cass | 3/6/11

This song reminds me of my great gramma. She meant the world to me. She was into all the same things I was and most of all she always reminded me how much he loved me. She died yesterday and i havent stopped bawling since. I hav a necklace of hers that she gave me that she got from her grandmother. Its a heart. She also gave me a becklace with 3 hearts on it (3 is my favorite number) she will always be in
My heart. I miss You great gramma. So much! :'(

RIP to my friend I miss u | Reviewer: Theo | 2/2/11

its been two years now since one of my friend died He killed him self But i dont belive it until nw as he had some problems wit drug dealers... each time listen to dis song remind me of him He was a great man and he loved rock music RIP to Przemyslaw Stankiewicz U r always in my heart

Cortney | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/11

This song reminds me of my grandpa he was my everything im only 9 and he was my world then he passed away when i was with my stepdad and step sibilings. my mom was with him and she text me then called me and said he was gone. it was giving him up but god toke him in his good hands. i love you grandpa and plz dont forget that.

Tears to my eyes | Reviewer: Michelle | 1/24/11

This reminds me of my grandmom that passed away for almost a year now. I miss her so much. People say it all gets better with time but how can you ever recover from such a devistating loss? All i know is she went peacefuly and thats enough for me. She lived a happy life and i loved her. R.I.P. Grandmom.

<3 RIP | Reviewer: Twisted | 1/17/11

); this song reminds me of my Fiance. he died recently. he was hit by a car. crushed his skull. he was everything to me. i miss him more than anything in tha world. he left behind me, our 4month old daughter, many friends & family who love & miss him so much. i can only hope that for whatever reason you were taken from us, God had a better plan.. RIP, my love. Robert Coello; April 23, 1987 - November 22, 2010.

My Baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/11

I lost my baby and i searched for a song that described how i was feeling and this one was prefect, i listen to it every night before i fall asleep i only lost my baby 4 weeks ago and things are still hard :(

Miss my grandpa | Reviewer: Aulia Ekina | 12/11/10

Everytime i heard this song, i always remember my grandpa. it was tragic when he got heart attack on november last year. i was visiting him at the hospital and i saw he was really weak. and a couple of weeks after it, my dad called by phone at10.30 pm and told that grandpa has passed away. so dad picked us to grandma's house and prepared for grandpa's funeral...
however, we loved you, grandpa :)

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/10

This song is one of my favorites in the world and it reminds me very much of a good friend of mine but he's gone now :,(. He passed away from an asthma attack in his sleep at around 2:00 am and I'll never for get our friendship..
R.I.P Zachary gaves <3 never forgotten...

R.I.P L.M.B | Reviewer: Jade | 11/9/10

I havent heard this song but loooking at the lyrics reminds me of my very good frind/cousin who passed away in Auguest...6 days after her 20th birthday :( she died in her sleep of an epilieptic fit...i really miss her soo much...evey now and again i sit and think of her and always cry ..:( R.i.p Lisa Marie...i love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the love of my life | Reviewer: anonymus | 11/7/10

This song its really sad for cause everytime i hear it it reminds me of, the love of my life who pasd away on 2-14-2010 that is the sadest day of my life he was everything too me, he was my air,my sun, he was every second of my day, atleast i did get to spend hes last days with him, he die on his hospital bed and i was laying there with him and sudenly his heart just stops beating i hug him really heart and i stay there with him until the nurse came in to say it was time to take him i cry everytime i here that song,miss you a lot babe
you will always be the love of my life, love you.

I miss you nana! More than you'll ever know | Reviewer: Jessica | 9/13/10

This song has always been a big part of my life. My nana passed away on August 8, 2004. She was my best friend and helped raise me. Every time I hear this song I can't help but shed a tear. I miss you so much nana. I wish you were still here <333. I'll never forget how amazing you were.

I miss you <3 | Reviewer: Monika | 8/22/10

on June 1st 2010 my brother commited suicide and a friend of mine made a slideshow of him with this song playing in the background and i absolutely love it . it's such a touching song and i can relate to it so much . Miss you James . love you forever , you were the best brother and i wish you came to me instead of doing what you did . lots of love , your lil sis .xx

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