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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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hardest thing in the world | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/09

im only 15 yrs old but the last 3 yrs have been the hardest 3 yrs of my life. when i was 12 yrs old i lost my step-dad eddie. I realize he was only my step dad but he was daddy to me. my parents got divorced and he married my mom when i was at the age of 2. after they split up my dad never wanted anything to do with me so eddie stepped up to the plate and became the man that MY father was NOT. he raised me as his own from age 2 to age 12. he was my everything and i was daddy's little girl to him but my life came crashing down when he made some bad decisions about drug use and his life tragically ended on august 31, 2006 and i was devastated and that day keeps replaying in my head from time to time. i find it sooo hard to just forget about. he wasn't step-dad, in my eyes he was daddy. now almost 3 yrs later mi doctor decides to set up counseling for me about him b/c i never got it and 2 weeks after that before we could even set it up i get slammed with the news that mi nana slipped away from me. No one understands how close i was to her. out of all 8 grandkids i was the absolute closest to her. i was her baby she called me every single day from the time i learned to talk to the night before she died sometimes it was just to say "i love you." she passed away on february 11, 2009, the worst day of my life and the day i'll never forget. she actually died in the nursing home my aunt works at and my aunt will forever remember the words she heard that day "code blue 611 door" and she knew that she was dead as soon as she heard it. When my mom laid it out that she was gone my heart completely stopped and when she died i feel like a big part of me died with her. she was the best nana anyone could ask for. she was everything to me and i never imagined my life without her. she raised 6 kids all on her own with no help and im sure there were times when she wanted to just pick up leave all her responsibilities behind but that was not who she was. she was strong and independent and i honestly thought she would make it through absolutely anything with the kind of history she had, a 10 day comba, 3 heart attacks, 2 strokes i mean what would you think? RIP nana i was always your baby and i always WILL be your baby no matter where you are or who you're with b/c in my eyes your always with me and you always will be. you have my heart forever. you can finally rest forever with the angels and it wont be too long until i get up there to see you but until then just look down and be proud of me and that's all i want. as long as you're in peace that's all i care about. i would give anything for just two more minutes with you if i got that i wouldn't complain. even though its only two minutes that's plenty of time to give you a hug and tell you how much i love you. As for you eddie you were my daddy and no one can ever replace you. you're my daddy no matter what i love you. and for everybody out there reading this right now, trust me and forever go by the phrase "you don't know what you got til its gone" b/c its 100% true i never realized how much i relied on eddie til he was gone and i needed him one day. and i never realized how much i really loved my grandmother i mean i knew but i never understood how much it would suck when she left me forever. nana everyday is a struggle to go through and not hear your voice all day. once again i love you and nothing will EVER change that OR the relationship i had with you and as far as IM concerned i can STILL have that same relationship with you and i won't allow ANY one to tell me different.
"i never got to kiss you good-bye on the hand i wish that i could see you again i know that i cant"

Michael <3 ! | Reviewer: Katie | 7/23/09

Well, last month my boyfriend died in a car accident.
A friend picked him up to drive to a race track to watch cars. Suddenly I got a phone call, that there was a big crash and both boys died. They were only 19 and 21 years old.
It was the most terrible day in my life. I don't know how I can describe my feelings. I was fallen so in love with Michael and I saw a future for us. We were such a cute couple.. and now I am alone.
Years ago I thought about my grandma, when I listened to "slipped away" .. but now I know that this song matches more to my first real love Mitsch ! Whenever I listen to this song I start crying. I miss you so bad.
I love you <3 !!!

Calvin. x | Reviewer: Dani | 7/21/09

I lost my best friend Calvin on Decemeber 2nd 2007. I'm 13, but then i was only twelve as was he. I think about him all the time and things aren't the same when you lose someone. No matter how old or young you are or who it is, it's truly horrible. This song makes me cry everytime i listen to it and most night's when im thinking about him i just leave it on repeat on my iTunes. Words can't discribe the way i feel about this whole thing. I'm also sorry for anyone on here that has lost someone. I love this song and i love you calvin. <3


R.I.P. Daddy | Reviewer: angie | 7/4/09

every time i hear this song i cry because i think of my dad her died of a heart attach in may of 08 and i only got to meet him once the day he died he sang this song to me. i miss him dearly i wish i had more time with him. for the people who hate their dads out their because they weren't their for you dont ever tell them that because you have know idea what they went threw to not have you in their lives it he=urts them too. so think about what you say before it turnes around it bites you in the back.

slipped away | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/09

this song is about her grandfather and how close she was to him and while she was on tour for her first album she got the news and as she left the stage she was told that he had passed on. So when she came back on stage for encore she sang i'm with you. she wrote this in honour of that experience and not being able to say goodbye. one would only hope we all get to say goodbye to those that we love

JASON | Reviewer: Christina | 6/17/09

I love this song, because sadly, just two years ago, on Feb 5, 2007, My cousin Jason decided to take his life by leaping off a 135foot bridge in Boston. I could never find the right song to fit how i feel, I've tried who you'd be today by Kenny Chesney, I miss you by Miley Cyrus, and many more, don';t get me wrong those are great songs but this one just fits. I'm sorry but I have to stop typing bcuz its killing me to write this. If anyone would like to email me, my email address is included.

Thanks for listening...

jessi | Reviewer: jessi | 6/7/09

i lost one of my best friend.. allmost one years ago.this song make me cry.. i miss him so bad.. he died b'cos of drugs. he was amazing person. i was with him, the day before he died, and at night he was spending time with my another friend.. and he give him a drugs.. and the next morning he called me and told me what was happened. i cant never forgive him, i never forgot what he did to my best friend..why he gives hims a drugs.. why and why and why. i miss him so bad, i need u, i miss u. i wish u here with me. (sry my bad english, im from swedish)

David | Reviewer: Emily Sullivan | 5/31/09

My brother was 21 years old when he passed away. He spent two months in the hospital dealing with multi-system organ failure. He and his significant other were both very much into Avril's lyrics and music. He passed away only a few short days ago, and it has been very hard on myself and the boy he left behind whom he loved so very much. Every time i hear this song, I will cry, of that I am sure. We love you David Justin Sullivan. We will miss you everyday. I love you baby brother.

Daddy | Reviewer: Zoe | 5/30/09

Five months ago, my dad passed away from brain cancer. I am 13, and me and my dad was the closest person to me. He was diagnosed with brain cancer when i was 5, had an operation and lived. The tumor came back when i was 8, and he lived again. He had been doing chemotherapy and he was healthy until i turned 12. They could not operate on this tumor, which was located in the back of his head. Truly, the last nail in my fathers coffin. Even being 5 months, it still seems unreal, and hasnt fully hit me yet. It feels like its only been a week. This song describes a lot.

Barry lee brooks jr aka barry bear | Reviewer: AnGi3 | 5/31/09

almost 2 yrs ago i lost the one person that had no selfishness in their heart. he was like my big brother. he protected me, brought me ice cream, checked up on, and made sure i knew how much he cared. he was my friend/ sister's ex and til this day she still loves him and wishes they were still together. even after they broke up he admitted multiple times that he still loved her and hed always be here for us. one day she got jumped, her boyfriend yelled at her and said she was lying while barry met us at my house ready to protect us with his life. that was the kind of person he was...he'd fight anyone to protect us and broke his jaw once to show it. but his big heart led him to his death. we hadnt heard from him in a long time and we worried. my sis called and his mom told her he died. she called me and i broke down in tears. when i looked it up it turned out he got shot multiple times protectin a girl from gettin robbed and he died on the way to the hospital. everyday i wish i could go back in time n call him, tell him to come draw with me, and maybe he'd still be here. my big brother, my barry bear...ill always love u bro and i kno ur lookin down and hopefully you are proud of who i have become. im graduatin in 3 days n i wanna dedicate my big day to u. i love u barry n ill always be your little peanut butter

R.I.P Baby | Reviewer: Kaitlyn | 5/19/09

Im only 15 and just yesterday (may 18 , 2009) lost my baby .
I was 3 months into the pregnancy , i went
for a check up and they couldnt find the heart beat .
They told me i had , had a miscarriage .
I didnt want to believe it , but i had to .
I cried for hours , my best friend and boy friend tried to
comfort me but couldnt help to get emotional themselves .

I never got to see your face , but your still my child and
Ill never forget you , and i WILL see you soon !

Mommy , Daddy , & many others love you so much sweetie <3

over. | Reviewer: karien | 5/19/09

word by word this song speaks the truth, although the person i loved didnt physically die, he's dead to me. he got involved with the wrong people and became someone i didnt know, hes a totally different person. we are over now but not a day goes by that i dont think of him, and i miss him so much. my life changed when i meet him, but it changed even more when i lost him. he has no clue how i feel and its probaly for the best. but he slipped away && i cant bring him back.

love | Reviewer: autumn | 5/11/09

this song makes me cry every time i listen to it. even though the lyrics are simple, they set a very deep mood and after listening to it your mind thinks about EVERYTHING possible. i have lost my pet pitbull, my bestfriend, the only person i ever trusted, my baby who i witnessed being born. i will never forget him and i miss him so much. also this song makes me think of how i am losing my current boyfriend because i soon will be moving away for college. i am so scared and this song just makes me think a lot about it and cry a lot. i love this song and i love you babe, even if you are scared about me going to college, i know we will be together forever. <3333333

can to relate | Reviewer: Amanda | 5/7/09

actually i can more relate to that song . My grandma passed away a few years ago and i still think of her and miss her . So don't you dare say tht i don't know what its like because it just soi happends that i dso . Oh and another thing my Mom's brother my uncle he died before i was born so i neve rhad the chance to to get to know him all i get to hear is what my mom tells me about him and thats all. So you better think twice before you say that.. You got that? you better youre not the onlty onwe thats lost somebody.. you know..

Rest Easy<3 | Reviewer: Mary | 4/28/09

this song is absolutely perfect for me and i love it so much. my best friend lost his life 7 months ago and today is his birthday. this couldn't be any more true . i love him more than anything& loosing him was the worst thing that ever happend to me.

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