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Performed by Avril Lavigne

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ever-remorseful | Reviewer: Juli. | 9/20/08

when my childhood dog developed cancer, the vet said he only had a few months to live. Tigger fought it though, and he made it to fifteen- old, for a boxer. My mom had to take him to be euthanized, and she didn't want me to come if I didn't want to. The day of, I couldn't deal with it, so I went to a friend's house. I regret not being with my best friend in his final moments...

So Sad | Reviewer: Steven | 9/6/08

I discovered this song several weeks ago and ever since, when ive had the chance, played on the computer. I find the song very emotion on its own but even sadder when with a video (buffy). When i hear the song i remember all the ones i have losed and it is very universal.

=) | Reviewer: vanessa | 9/3/08

if we still got some special person, we should spend time with them, no matter how far they are and no matter how busy we are, cuz if something bad happen, nothing can bring them back, so we have to enjoy everytime..

i love that song | Reviewer: Greece | 9/3/08

well..i have already listen this song after one year..i don't know why byt i missed it..i haven't lose anyone that i love yet byt everytime i listen to this song i feel different..i have conected with some is one of my feforite songs and i believe one of the best by Avril..

Sad. | Reviewer: Em | 9/1/08

I was just looking up these lyrics when i saw all these sad posts about people losing loved ones. I lost my grandpa a few years ago. He was pretty close to me, and wanted me to play some music for him on the piano while he was in the nursing home. I did, but i was about 10 at the time and wasn't thrilled about having to leave my friends to play for my grandpa. Now as i look back, i would've been with him everyday if i knew he was going to die so quickly. Luckily, my mom thinks he accepted Jesus into his heart just before he passed away. That's the most important thing, because now he's in a better place, with no pain, and no misery. just remember everyone, spend as much time as possible with the ones that you love, because you never know when they'll slip away from this Earth.

RIP mom. | Reviewer: Inge | 9/1/08

When I was 4 years old, my mom had a car accident, and passed away.
I'm living without a mom now for over 11 years, and I never had someone to stand in her shoes.
When I heard this song I started crying about her. Something I haven't done in 3 years. I learned to play this song on guitar, and I went to her grave, and played it for her. I hope she heard me, I miss her so much :(

rip grandma | Reviewer: chelsea | 8/25/08

this is such a good song. brought tears to my eyes the first time i listened to it. my grandma died may 11th 2008 and it was a suprise to everyone. she died by accident and it still haunts us all everyday. so she slipped away from us. everyday i think of her. and this song sure reminds me of everything i feel about her passing away. we all miss her so much and she was so amazing. me and her were so much alike and laughed at everything. RIP grandma, i love you.

my uncle | Reviewer: Cris | 8/19/08

i just lost my uncle yesturday.. i balled my eyes out when i heard. i told my mom if i was ever to die to play this song at my fneral, bcuz it has so much meaning to it. i get the honor of playing my guitar and singing this song at my uncles funeral. i jus dont think i can bare watching my uncle go away...

My Grandpa. | Reviewer: Dawny | 8/16/08

Today my grandpa died. He's the first person in my life to die. He means so much to me and the worst part about it is that I didn't get to see him. These lyrics, and basically the song, means a lot to me.

"I didn't get to kiss you goodbye on the hand."

my favourite singer | Reviewer: Amra | 8/20/08

When I heard this song,I was so saddddd this song si so so sad and beaufiful too
I live in Prizren but I always listen avril's songs because she is my favourite singer and her songs are my fav.songs!!
My wish is just to meet with avril but I can'I know it makes me cry
nobody can't understand me for my love to Avrill
I love her so so so so much
I wanna say that again:I love avril
somebody talk ( I miss old avril) But no
for me is avril the best

I miss you soo much | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/08

This song is so beautiful. My grandma died yesterday and i wish i could have said goodbye to her and told her how much i love her one last time. I also lost my brother last year and i hope he knows how much i miss him, and how every christmas he wrapped my presents in newspaper :). Every time i hear this song i will think of them and cry.
I miss you guys so much and know i am thinking about you. RIP

my grandpa and friendd. | Reviewer: =] | 8/8/08

well i lost my granpa about 5 years agoo. i lovedd him soo muchh. id go to his house every dayy! and recently i lost a friendd about 3 months agoo. i liked him more than a friend but never told himm. :[
i think about both of them everydayy.

mkay(: | Reviewer: echhs ohh xox | 7/28/08

This song was for her grandfather, he died. She was crying when she sang it at her concert. The second one i went to anyway, on halloween like two years ago i believe. Lost my Grandmother around the time i first heard this song, but that was way back, just thought I should add a death to this list.

R.I.P bobo | Reviewer: kaylee mitchell | 7/24/08

well... wen i listened 2 this song it brought tears 2 my eyes. i lost a very close, special lad 2 me last year his name was Brandon, he died of an asma attack at the age of 13 years old. every word that is in this song is tru coz i wasnt there 2 accompany him while he was slipping away. i was a 14 confused gurl after he slipped away and i still am. i get moments where i listen 2 every sad song i no jus 2 make me cry and get it out, but i no bobo is more happier and healthier up there and iloveyou mayte much love xxx

jt's girl | Reviewer: Jamie | 7/23/08

o my gosh, i cant beleive someone on here actually said something about jt york from degrassi and i like both ryan cooley and jt york. there is a few music videos on youtube about jt york with the song slipped away
o and my dad also died about 5 years ago from cancer. he died on june 21, 2003. he was the best dad anyone could ever ask for. he was a camedian and a magician. he was an amazing dad. i miss him so much.

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