i love this song j.lou | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/07

wow this song is very very very nice i like it. i wish that you can create more punk songs !!!!!!!!!!!

awesome | Reviewer: Thoru | 9/7/07

i luv ur songs ur girlfriend song was so sexy mail me back!!!!!

wicked | Reviewer: bella | 8/28/07

the lyrics r all right so u can sing and learn the words without having to plzy it over and over to learn them

About the song Skater Boyperformed by Avril Lavigne | Reviewer: Eloise | 8/25/07

avril ur voice is awsome.ur pretty.i am ur biggest fan.my friends r all writing to u.u r so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love the music love mua kisses | Reviewer: Macy Diermyer | 8/18/07

oh my gosh I'm totily in love with u and your music me and my friend are righting song they are pretty good I just wanted u to know that i love your stuff i have like every thing of yours well I'm getting thear and to please right me back this is to my friend Sam .... jackson and to my self Macy diermyer

x-cute-im stl dremin..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/07

i soon ll be noticed but im stl watin for evry1 da no the real me - enuf bout me i admire yur gr8t songs wit tru meanin an' the thought put into them.

i love your songs and you | Reviewer: Carli | 8/13/07

I love how you sing and you are my favorite singer i f you write me back that would be the coolest thing love you bye

about the song Skater Boy performed by avril lavignr | Reviewer: lara | 8/9/07

hey avril you rock and this is really a cool song go go

I love your song | Reviewer: Katie | 8/8/07

Hey Avil I like your song skater boy and I liked your girlfriend it was also dude, I also liked the story. Hey Avil can you type another letter just for me. I would really like to see you type for me. I need you to type back to me just a typing to katie

The good side, | Reviewer: sarah | 8/5/07

I think that song is amazly wonderful! It makes peaple feel like they belong in that song.

well it rocks my world!!! | Reviewer: vicky | 8/3/07

i think the song says how you feel about this boy lol and i know that the song rocks!!! lol i just thaught id shout out loud gggooo AVRIL lol i also like ya new song girlfriend that is a really sexy song lol and believe me it has a really good beat to it lol and u rock avril u r my number 1 fan i promise rock on avril!!! x x x x x x x

The biggest fan of avril lavigne | Reviewer: Pamela | 8/2/07

hello im the biggest fan of avril lavigne i got complete cd even magazine bag jacket and many more my favorite song is my happy ending it's really cute and when we go to new york to visit my cousins my vacation will not be complete without me going to hollywood i ride our limousine to get in the hollywood i wish avril have an concert again

UR SONGS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Emma | 7/30/07

Avril u r the best.I luv your songs so much!!!!!!!!! I do not ever think that anything is wrong with them,unlike some people.Your songs and u r awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

skater boy | Reviewer: jasmine | 7/26/07

hi!!!avril im ur biggest fan andi would like 2 say that ur song is so good and awsome to me and to my best friend elaine pls.invite me at friendster.com at

song's good | Reviewer: H4dE5 | 7/20/07

I liked the song, though if it was just a bit slower it would have been perfect.