What a good lyrics! | Reviewer: Alfre | 10/22/07

Me encanta el tema, muy buen rock, y una letra espectacular.
This song has a great lyric, very good lyric, one of the best works of Avril Lavgine. And the music isn't bad at all.

Rock on | Reviewer: Rachael | 10/21/07

hi Avril i can't believe that i am emailing you. i have heard the songs that you wrote Girlfriend and Skater boy you are a really good singer. can you email me back. i am 8 years old and i am turning 9 in December. the people that think your are ugly and a bad singer they are just crazy and stupid you are really pretty. where abouts do you live? i live in Queensland. are you going to write anymore songs as cool as this one? do you have guards following you around? whenever i hop on the computer i always get on the internet and type in google skater boy lyrics and girlfriend please email me back. i am your number 1 fan.


I hate her | Reviewer: alz | 10/22/07

I hate AVRIL!! I don't like people who pretend to be rockstars but their not!! It's annoying I like real rock! But um... I kindda got this song....stuck in my head.

Avril | Reviewer: Alexis | 10/21/07

I like this song but it needs some more work to it like what happens as they grow up and i look exactly like u are we twins?

Awesome | Reviewer: Briana | 10/17/07

I am more a skater instead of a ballet.But, this song is so amazing. this is what i list en to every time i turn on my ipod. I love this song. And the Skateboarding relates to me. Thank you for writing this song Avril. Also i look like you.

hey | Reviewer: jee | 10/15/07

dear avril lagvine you are such a good singer i love you actions but you look very ughly in black hair i bet ya haha ur kind of weird wen u dress as a goth

omg learn the song | Reviewer: angel | 10/11/07

You cant even get a simple song wright.it wasnt she said see you later boy it was i said see you later boy you meesed up a lot of it so like get a life and learn the song.

Hello, Avril! How have you been | Reviewer: Jessica Simpson | 10/5/07

It has been a very long time since the last time that we talked to each other over the past few years lately! I was wondering if you could come to my concert on October 14th,2007. It would be really great you could come we will go to my niece Ashley Paige Slone's house. She doesn't like to tell anyone that we are relative's because everyone will bother her about me and not be her friend for herself but, just because her aunt is a celeb. It does make her nervous sometimes but it will be fun!!!

This song is not music. It is noise polution. Classic rock till death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/25/07

This is not music at all. All it is singing for 10 year olds. You all need to learn how to spell and stop lisening to this noise polution.

Classic rock till death!!!

Skater Boy rox | Reviewer: Kevin Agrawal | 9/22/07

This is a classic song. This is one of my favoutite songs ever. After hearing this song some one will come to know the meaning of music

Avril rocks!!! | Reviewer: Vir | 9/15/07

That girl rocks!!! It`s true, she`s so great, her voice is awesome!! I think skater boy it`s a pritty good song... But the other songs are great too... Naked is a beautiful song and innocence, I have no words to describe what that song makes me feel!!!...I`m from argentina, my english it`s not so good, please understand me!!

ya!!!!!! | Reviewer: angela | 9/13/07

i love you song!!im 10 and going to sing it for the talnt show!!evry one is always telling me to sing it saying that that song rocks!!!i love the song skater boy so much!!!rock on!!

Good Job | Reviewer: FefeLaVu from da Stl | 9/12/07

Lol this song is so cool. I love it so much. Avrilz voicee iz awesome, the music was great, and the lyrics were bangiin. Keep up the good work

Avril your awsome | Reviewer: megan | 9/10/07

omg avril you r so cool, Ive like all of your albums your class. I lov skater boy its da best song ever, so is girlfriend and happy ending, From megan.....your no1 fan.......luv ya dude......rock on ........from megan........xXx

Wow! Awesome song!! | Reviewer: Sarah | 9/8/07

Wow! What a great job you did on this one, Avril. It's really inspiring to a fellow singer to hear somone that actually made it to the top. All of your other songs are great too, but my favorites are this one, Slipped Away, When You're Gone, and Things I'll Never Say. Well, I hope to go to one of your concerts some time. :)