hi avril! | Reviewer: micah christner | 4/12/11

Hi avril, my names micah christner. I have followed your music sinse i dont know when. I am thirteen now, and have so many dreams. My biggest one is to be a singer like you. You have inspired me. My favorite song of yours is skater boy and what the hell. Both of those songs remind me of some stuff im going through now. Im in chorus, and my teacher thinks i can go far. I just hope some day my dreams of becoming a singer can come true im live in a really small town and knowing how far you've come sinse you started at a young age i hope, maybe someday it will be the same for me. If you read this i hope you know how really awesome you are, and how many lives you touched.
Love your biggest fan,
Micah Christner!!!!

Hi | Reviewer: Zeina Moh'd Korayem | 3/14/11

hi AVRIL i really like your songs and i wanted to ask when is our birthday my birth day is on june 16,2011 i will be 12 u? opps i forgot to say how r u? plz reply i don't want to be a fan i want to be a friend this is my email if u want to send a personal mess. zeinamk99@hotmail.com

u rock girl!! \m/ | Reviewer: deepika | 3/3/11

hey avril... if u read this ever den p.s. im from india n i believe about a million teenagers are waiting for u to organise a concert here!! ur song hv got so many sensitive topics of a teenager girls lyf handled so delicately, which mkes it easir to connect it wid my daily lyf! :)) v all luv ya vry mch... <3

Avril Fans | Reviewer: HO3E!N | 1/25/11

Hi Avril, i'm from Iran N' i wanted 2 say that u have many many fans in our country, both boys and girls! we're not what they say in TVs and i myself am a huge fan of yourself, your songs, your style, ...!

... | Reviewer: Lav | 12/15/10

Oh, I love this song; it reminds me so much of high school :). I've been listening to this song ...and other like this one... all the time back then :) I remember loving every single piece of clothing that Avril wore in her videos :). She's such a great child !:). ... Even though she might be of my age now :), I will always associate her music with the most wonderful period of my childhood :)

For my funs | Reviewer: Avril | 11/25/10

ehi guys! it's the first time that i see this website! Lara, i'll come in Sydney next year,hope to see you on the backstage when i'll finish the concert with all your friends.
Thank's for listening to my music.

Great Song | Reviewer: April Boyer | 11/6/10

Avril Lavigne is an awesome rock/pop star. I love her music, and this is one-of many hits for her. Of all of her songs, I'd say this one is my favorite. The music is good and the lyrics, along with her voice make it even better.

♥ Hey Avril ♥ | Reviewer: Lara | 9/11/10

I love your music! I'm 11 and turning 12 soon. My favourite songs are; 'Girlfriend' and 'Skater Boy'.
If Avril reads this... ATTENTION AVRIL!!! Could you please do a concert in Australia, Sydney in 2011 or 2012? I'd love it if you did! I have 365 songs on my phone and I have every one of your songs! I love it how you put the pink streak in your hair and it looks SO good! I have been your fan since I was 6! Almost 6 years! I just love you!
Your biggest ever fan, Lara!
P.S I have posters of you next to my bed!

Punky Rocky Country | Reviewer: Kyar Nyo | 8/4/10

Hey!Avril,I am a Chinese girl.I like all of your songs.I'm only 13 years old.Especially,Sk8rboy.Next is "I'm with you"that brings me a lot of memories of mine.You are my punk queen.Keep on singing.Now,let me hear u say"You are my Fun girlie.I love u v much !!!!"

Avril!!!<33333 | Reviewer: Danielle Lian Erisdar | 5/10/10

OMFG I love Avril Lavignes' songs all of them! (my fave is sk8ter boy and anything but ordanry)
I've been a fan of yours sence i was six years old and now i'm sixteen and I still love your music!!! i live in clarkston washington. my aunt nattily got to meet you and that would be soo cool if i could meet you too. Sorry a bout the spelling!

your biggest fan
Danielle Lian Erisdar

i love the song skater boy | Reviewer: samantha | 4/25/10

hi Avril i am only sevein years old and i love all your songs and i really want to meet you you are soo pretty and did i menchen my birthday is tomoroww and i am turning eaight years old soo can you do a concert some time by wodswirth st and let me in for free and my name is samantha searle please can you keep righting more songs bye Avril :)

myyystery | Reviewer: If Avril chex these comments PLZ read this 1 | 3/19/10

WOW AWESOME!! I hope u make new songs cuz i love all ur songs they are awesome i know lots but i wont name them all it will take me about 4 days to name them all so yeah but ur gorgeous and u r my favourite singer Write some more songs cuz there the best songs in the world yes they are
PS: i wish u performed live in Australia! i am a young girl who loves ur music!!!!!!!!!!!

PHOO PHOO | Reviewer: sophia | 3/6/10

Avril!i just want to say i love u so much and i like this song very much.and also (girlfriend )is very good.your linking sound is also very good. and you are so beautiful.i love u so much.you are a wonderful girl.i want to meet u
bye bye !i will see u in my dream.OK?
SEE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

avril r0cks!! \m/ | Reviewer: hanibet | 2/20/10

yeah. . hey hey y0u y0u. . y0u rock my w0rld avril. . y0u are my only favorite singer in this w0rld.keep it up! y0u're d0ing great! i will still be y0ur n0.1 fan in the philippines! l0ve y0u punk princess, A V R I L ! :)

help! | Reviewer: RAHH | 2/5/10

i hav this friend on ourworld.com her name is krazymaii, she has a magor crush on this guy named clintonhunt, but she soo sad! they always have pain each other, they wouldnt talk for years, but she still ikes him, plz wat do i do to her? i feel sad for her