flamechick<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/14/13

I love that song!!!!its my Number one fav song nd Me nd my friend r gonna sing that song at our skool we love ur songs in the music video OMG u look super young nd beautiful avril u is young! I <3 ya Avril!!!

wicked | Reviewer: ononymous | 6/13/13

the song scater boy is an epic song just like all avrils other songs. Its y fave song and hope it will be everyone eleses fave song.
Q. whens your birthday
mines on the 22nd of may
love your song if you see this avril im your biggest fan!!!!!

Avril is connecting with people. | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 6/1/13

Hello Avril and all her many fans. I really enjoy your song Skater Boy because it sends a message to people who can connect with youre lyrics. I only know your songs "Skater Boy" and "What The Hell!" and theyre both really great! If Avril, you just happen to read my comment I'd love to speak to you! My email adress is valshauger@ymail.com. Thank you!

sup! | Reviewer: vampiregothgirl212 | 4/15/13

sup!! i luv this song. its so insperational. this song reminded me of a time when i wuz 12. oh yah im 13 so . and i fell for this dude but he turned me down and then when i turned 13 a month ago i got a boy friend and the dude that turned me down lost his chance cause when he finally asked me, i already had a boyfriend. so this song was an insperation. <3 u Avril!!!!

avril u rock | Reviewer: abhabya | 7/7/12

hi sweet avril u are awesome n dis song is fantastic im only 13 now but i think that i n my twin frens are your biggest fan u know wat i have just keep as my ideal im just inspired by u you are really my inspiration n your voice really does rock i swear you are rocking

love u | Reviewer: april | 10/29/11

omg hey avril im april u got my france name so coooool well i just wanted 2 say i love dis song im 26 an i just had a cest removed from my brain a week ago i will love it if u come 2 wisconsin an say hi well gotta go my bf came back see ya avril

Fantastic | Reviewer: Wyatt | 10/30/11

Awesome song. One of her best. Shame those stupid critics were so negative saying the lyrics to the song were naive. Yeah. As if it couldn't happen. That's what happened with Avril. She was a sk8er girl and got rejected just cause of that. But she became a superstar slamming on her guitar and those people who rejected her missed out.

scarlett | Reviewer: Mozhgan | 9/7/11

Hi Hi,dear Avril.I'm Mozhgan I'm 17 & I love u so much honey.I"m come from Iran but i & my close friend's love u so much more than any thing............
you are very good singer;u r beauiful.

28/07/2011 | Reviewer: elisabeth | 7/28/11

hey avril lavigne,im your biggest fans the first in the world, im sad when i read all words of all the peoples, them are really your biggest fans, and you know i waiting you consert in indonesia, especially in my home .. i want to pray of God till him give me a request i want one day you come to my home , then we talking together, joke together, travelling. shopping. swimming , sport, cycling. do you know i want everything i do just with you, i know i just high dreams but i want one day later thats will be fact , hope you lucky forever

biggest f♥n of A♥v♥riL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/11

Hey AVRIL..i just wantcha 2 kno how much im the N°1 fan of urs... l♥v ya crazy attitude..ya amazing songs..ya clothes..n mostly ya hair..uve always inspired me n i like how u keep smilin cuz i kno it makes ppl wonder whatcha up2 = ^.^= i just wish if u can come to algeria coz teens here are just crazy abt u sooo hopee to c ya here ^^ ...too much talkin k love.. ur n°1 fan reyhana <3<3<3

you are the BEST!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

hey Avril!!! i love ALL of your songs!i live in ontario just like you use to:} any way, this is one of my fav songs u wrote, next to "what the hell",and "smile".i hope to grow up and be famous just like you!:] U ROCK!!keep on singing.

U ARE THE BEST AVRIL LAVINE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/11

hi avril!you inspire me sooo much.i just turned 11yrs old,and ive loved your music since i first heard of it.the song sk8rboy is my fav song,just like smile and what the hell.my friends say that i am good at singing, so one day i hope too be as good as you.you are my favourite singer of all time, and i am one of your bigest fans. ps..in the video, i love the way u dressed!!!! pps..YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!:) ppps..how where u discovered! pppps...im from ontario just like u where;)

Love it | Reviewer: Hey dude | 5/26/11

I love it song it my favorite song ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love it if u could answer me pls do I wish u could do a concert in Austin the capital of Texas plzzzzzzzzzzz I would love it so much!!!!!! Thx

Punk princess in the world | Reviewer: Achmad | 5/12/11

Hi avril , i am one of thousandmillion ur fans !
Im from indonesia , last day u r come to jakarta to concert blackstar !
I love all ur song ! Like sk8er boi , myhappy ending , nobodys' home , and anymore !
I like ur hair in video "myhappy ending" . Its so amazed . U r so coolest !
Im so sorry . So much . I can't see ur concert cuz i must to prepare to goin to senior high school .
Promise ! U must arrange the third ur concert in indonesia at balai sarbini .
I will be glad .
I Love You So Much

AVRIL!! :D | Reviewer: Sadie | 4/19/11

Duudde! I love this song! :) I love your music.. some of it means alot to me, you know only cause it basically describes the way I feel at times. but your such a good artist! :D can't wait till you make more songs :P