You rock and u know it too! | Reviewer: Mercedes | 11/26/07

Heyy Avril!! I am ur biggest fan!! Maybe my wish will come true and i can get some tickets or something so i can see u and hopefully bring a friend with me!! Like my best friend Siobhan she adores u we love ur song When Your Gone! Please make my wish come true and hers!!! You rock avril lavinge!! Keep it up!!

U TOTALLY ROCK | Reviewer: Siobhan | 11/26/07

i just can't believe that i can e-mail you!!!!!!!!!!you have an awsome voice!!!i have a good voice too but it shall NEVER be a great as yours!!! for sure!!! you are my FAVOURITE singer i just LOVE you and your mom does too!!!she think you put on TOO MUCH maskara or eye liner whatever it is!!! i don't care your just awsome!!!!

u r my life(you know what i mean) | Reviewer: siobhan | 11/26/07

i think u rock my world hard core!!!!i'm 10 years old i'm living in desaronto and i think i could NEVER make it through 1 day without listening to you sing!!!!


your sooooooo cool | Reviewer: Anna | 11/24/07

your muisic ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love skater boy so much i have not stoped listening to it since i got it on cd. you are sooooooooo pretty and you have a great voice. you r my faverit song writer and singer i am a 4th great student at sant pete christian and i love god very much

U ROCK | Reviewer: Siobhan | 11/24/07

AVRIL YOU HAVE KNOW IDEA HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR SONGS!!!!!!! YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!! i would die just to meet you!!! i listen to your songs day and night and when i go online!! U ROCK MY WORLD!!!any time i could i would see you live i would listen to you 24/7!!!! you will forever be my STAR!!!! I LOVE YOUR SONGS HOT,WHEN YOUR GONE,GIRLFRIEND,I'M WITH YOU,SKATER BOY,AND MORE!!! HOPE I CAN TALK OR MEET YOU SOON FOR REAL!!!

one of your BIG fans

keep on rockin' avril | Reviewer: honey pie | 11/23/07

don't listen to those rumors avril..keep ur heads up high!! if sum1 calls u a bitch.. answer back.. bitch is a female dog,dog barks,bark is part of a tree, tree is part of the nature, nature is beautiful and so you are,,avril!!! keep on rockin'!! you are such a beautiful chick avril.!! your songs are super cool you know.. and i love your fashion..rock n' roll..God bless yah.. dont 4get to thank God 4 the blessings!! mwuah!!

beep beeep | Reviewer: esther | 11/23/07

hey ... the first parts of the lyrices ae wrong and has bad words in them ..... bad you what does babyon mean? come on i`m only 9.....

not right | Reviewer: watzit2ya | 11/21/07

some of that isn't right for the entirely right lyrics go 2

Heya | Reviewer: steph | 11/20/07

Hi its steph i just said
i'm going to be honest
i've only listend to two of your songs
and i know you proberly wont read this but i realy like them and they mean somthing deep down well...the skaterboy does to me..
thanks a.l if you read this

U suck bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/18/07

Avril U suck. U sing like a total child and should let others with REAL talent sing. U haven't improved your voice since age 8. GET OFF THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!you shouldn't sing!

T0 Avril Lavigne | Reviewer: Jodie | 11/17/07

hi avril lavigne your hair is so nice wat ever couler u have it and i love all of your songs.And i am 13 years old coming 14 in june.


just | Reviewer: cimmaron davey | 11/11/07

i love you
you are a role model to me
my life long dream is to chat with you on email
please email me im dying to chat
i have a tumor in my leg so i cant walk
if you email me i will be so happy
i love all your songs


avril , omg such a good singer | Reviewer: jess | 10/27/07

hi, i love u and all ur song they are dead good, plz email me bk it would be so nice to be mates with you. even in y school we do work on you and how good u are
luv ya

THE COOL CLUBE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/07

I love your song and my friend wants to say something to you and here she goes > i love you r c.d. i think it is cool and it relats to me i like to skatebord and hang out with skaterboy's yaaaaaaaa, oooolala i am loven it i want to hvae all of them cute boys and skate with all them and my cool cuz , i think this guy is relly good friend off mine i need some addvice his name is nick and he is 10 he all right now my cuz wants to say a few words so here she goes, hi i am her faverite cuz and i am nice and i like boyes and i some times like to skate but my faverite thing to do was hang out with my new brother and hang out with my family and friends i love your music so bye for now and talk to you later and keep singing your good songs that everone likes .......... BYE FOR NOW BYEBYEBYEBYEBYE

xtreme | Reviewer: Charles | 10/23/07

Whenever i turn on my system, this song would be the very first one which i used to listen.I jus luv this song like anything. Cool lyrics with cool stuff people in the show, especially you, Avril. Love you.