About the song Skater Boy | Reviewer: Brinna | 7/18/07

Thanks for writing the song Sakater Boy. I love lising to it. I have used it for the talent show.
But if you dident writt that song we wondet of did the talent show.I were rocken like you singen at a show.
P.S. your so cool
Your number 1# fan Brinna

luli | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/07

I like this song.. mmm I think that it's ok.. I haven't see something wrong! kissed from lulii

someone | Reviewer: someone | 7/15/07

That "Girl" That Said that she was Avril Obviusly is false, because she make too much grammar mistakes!! LOL!!

skater boy | Reviewer: `dolphins ` | 7/13/07

i like this song very much , it is so cool i also like the story very much . it is way cool ~~~ ~~~ Cheers ~~ !!!!!

Avril lavinge | Reviewer: avril lavinge | 7/11/07

Hi guys its me avril lavainge i really like all the things u put on this review u guys all rock!!And whoever asked if i could go to there birthday i cant sorry!!Cus im way to busy like performing on stages and writeing songs but i would love to if i could!!And i already have a boy-friend its a guy from my writeing classes well gotta go my cousin is waiting for me backstage talk to u all later!!Sorry that i couldent talk longer xoxo

Avril lavinge

So Sexy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

OMG Avril is so hot and sexy i wanna undress her in my bedroom and have some fun in the bed oh she so hot and sexy i wanna have her as my sex slave!

skaterboy | Reviewer: karleigh | 7/7/07

i love that song so much and avril lavine please email me ill love it if yu came 2 my birthay next year feb 9th 2008 hope so by

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Bre | 7/6/07

This is the best song eva I love it it tells a story and its my favorite song of all time!

OMG!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/2/07

Caityln omg she is good with any type of hair!! whats really ironic is that the song tells you not to judge people by their looks and voila! u just do it after readign the lyrics!! ironic much?

I LOVE THIS COOL SONG so much. | Reviewer: ivan | 7/1/07

I like Avril Lavigne and her songs specially "skater boy".it's an awful and COOL song for me.so,AVRIL you can tell me like you and I KNOW YOU'RE RIGHT!

YOUR SO COOL AVRIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: bn zdf | 7/1/07

YOU REALLY COOL AVRIL I REALLY WANT TO MEET YOU OH PLEASE I SOOOOOOO LOVE YOU ITS LIKE ILL BE YOUR KID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

suPeR cOoL | Reviewer: Mouneeta | 6/29/07

wel..................a super cool work by avril..she simply rocks..meh n 2 of ma frens once decided 2 perform dis song in a rockshow..bt we r far away nw..wel dis song reminds meh of them..hope we do it sumday guys..n fo u avril..jst rock on gal..!!

Skater boy | Reviewer: Billy bob | 6/28/07

You did good its just your grammar is all wrong and I mean it dude!!!!!!!!!!!! You should find out about grammar it will help you when you put down more songs.

ks8ter_possible | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

i really like this song because i can rela8 with this song. . .
this is the song talks about my love story..hehehe...
luv you b0o...


mee .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/07

love this song
i put this song on a boiis page ust because he did the same 2 me i fall in love with him ibut i was not enough for him and no he's telling me that he loves me so but now im with another person and we love each other very very mush!
i was ust like shut up u throw me out of your life n hell yeah this song makes me happy