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me_talking.about-AVRILLAVIGNE | Reviewer: MyNameIsILoveAvrilLavigne | 5/29/11

Oh, shut up, all yu stupid idiots shut up jerks! If ya dont like her don't listen to her. And you don´t know real music at all! can’t you see ur dumb and stupid. u dont kno s******!!! s***! sh%9. T! it. Screw yuo!!!! uyo cant see the light she holds. And uoy can`t c her true talent. All of u haters, go to hell! Or you can be...What The Hell? So beep u! OK!!

Avril... | Reviewer: Taylor | 12/21/10

I'm 14 years old, and i have liked Avril since i was six. I was 6 in 2002 when Avril was like huge! I was sitting in my aunts car with my sister and the song Complicated came on the radio...i was really shy, but i liked the song a LOT!! so i just had to ask my sister what the name of it was and who sung it, and she said "its called complicated, by Avril Lavigne." so when i got home, i looked it up on youtube and listened to it over and over and over again...and i still love it today, and i have all of her cd's, and a guitar pick necklace with Avril's face on it...(i'm a little obsessed..)
And i'm getting her new album 'What The Hell' when it comes out..and i can't wait to see all the new songs and learn them just like i learned Complicated. I love you Avril! You Rock!
xoxo, Taylor

avril is my favorite pop princes 4ever | Reviewer: shrinivas | 4/10/10

i firstly watch the complicated video then after i like his songs such as girlfriend,i`m with you,dont tell me etc.i collect the all mp3 songs of avril and tomorrow i will hearing avril songs forever.

Waffles | Reviewer: Bella | 3/5/10

do you like waffles yeah we like waffles do you like pancakes yeah we like pancakes do you like french toast yeah we like french toast :P Avril Lavinge eats stars because they taste like cookies also she rocks Thank Youzzzzzz

Love Bella

I don't get all the complaining. | Reviewer: DragonFly | 1/3/10

Why's everyone complaining about her and her songs?
I mean, if you don't like it, why waste your time typing? I personally don't really mind if she's prep/emo/goth/punk/scene, I just really like some of her songs.(Keep Holding On is the best!)But if you don't like it, just listen to something else. She's one of my favorite's!

avril | Reviewer: pinkchick03 | 12/23/09

To all of u who are insulting avril and saying she puts no feeling into some of her songs then u obviously dnt no how to write songs and the mood u hav to be in. u cant just make a song, 'like that'! It takes time and a passionate love for music and the subject, wether that be a depressing subject or a happy bouncy subject. Avril has voiced her opinions and feelings in her songs and played them aloud, wich is something i culd never do. My songs stay in my head and on paper and no one knows, so i applaude her for that. Her songs make me get thru sad, tough and miserable times and also make me dance and hav fun. Avril ur amazing! Dont change for anyone but yourself.
By the way, to Avrils#1fan... Avril has been to australia, twice. i went and saw her both times. she was amazing :)

lab_u | Reviewer: jualyn barbarona | 6/8/09

i love avril a lot..'coz most of her songs reflects my real life or let's just mean love life..hehe!!i'll see you soon willing to do everything after my studies..=} we'll see each other soooooon..


avril is the best.. | Reviewer: blue | 1/27/09

i don't think avril is poser..
for those people who keeps trying to criticize avril,
your stupid,you should know her first...i think you are just jealous of what avril have reach right now.she is talented,cant you see that?..she can right a song for herself, she right what she can never be her...never.. you are the one who sucks, the one who is pathetic. you cant do what avril can never be her because she's more than anything...and you?your are the one who deserves to die not avril. she is better go sucks.

let down | Reviewer: lauren | 1/5/09

i am 14 i like Avril Lavigne but she has sort of let me down on the bases that she does not put the meaning in to her songs anymore and that really let me down i mean girlfriend come on my favorite songs are im with you and when your gone sk8er boi
you rock avri xxx

Kinda sad. All the stereotypes, I mean | Reviewer: Breezzy | 1/1/09

It's sad. Honestly sad. That most people who are commenting about how Avril Lavigne "sucks" (I do like her songs, preferably the songs from Under My Skin.) are really beating down with stereotypes. Saying she's not "punk/emo/rock/preppy." And insulting her for it.

If you honestly hate her so much, why are you spending time on a page ABOUT her?! Wouldn't it lower everyone's blood pressure if you just simply said "I don't like her," or whatever if you didn't? I'm not saying you can't voice your opinions. You can, but be aware that there are other ways to state your opinions that aren't degrading to an individual. Unless, You're honestly just trying to degrade people, and make people believe that YOURS and only YOURS is "right."

I think It's incredibly sad, that me, a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD, has to tell people this. You'd think that it's kinda common knowledge among people that pointlessly insulting people isn't the way t ogo about speaking out. I mean, c'mon.
A lil bita humanity?


AVRIL LAVIGNE ROX 4 EVA | Reviewer: Avril's#! fan | 11/27/08

OMG!! Avril Lavigne is my idol!
she is just the best at everything and does everything with her wonderful passion!if there is someone in the world who doesn't know Avril Lavigne, they must be sick in the head!I want Avril to go aussie tho so I can see her!I would pay $5 million if I had to!
If Avril reads this at any stage I LOVE YOU AVRIL!!!!

oh guys..... | Reviewer: ***christina**** | 11/18/08

avril is perfect....the only thing i have to say is that if u love her u have to support her....she has her life....and everyone needs a u love avril???if u do please stop it...cause i love her and i want her to feel perfect with herself....

avril lavigne has sold her soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/08

after reading these posts i'm obviously not the only one who has noticed the radical change avril lavigne has made a change i dont think is a good thing. before best damn thing her fans were alienated and depressed teenage girls and avril was their voice. avril lavigne when she broke was a complete rebel she didnt do the bubblegum shit or the whorish dancing that other teen stars have done. so what does she do to follow it up? she turns around and becomes a complete bubblegum ho. and she alienated her already alienated fans. and her new fanbase is made up preppy girls, high school whores and teeny boppers. the damage avril has done is not yet unrepairable if she can get back to what she used to do on her next album then all is forgiven. until then avril lavigne has sold her soul and i can only sit and wait for her career to crash and burn in the ultimate fit of karmic effect.

Avril Lavigne Rocks! | Reviewer: ann | 6/15/08

Some of you thinks shes a poser but guess what? Shes not because according to what i read on the other websites about avril lavigne, shes not a poser, She doesnt decide what she will do and what her work will be. She doesnt decide what to wear and she doesnt copy people. Her mangers do all of that. And i am a number one fan of Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne; If your reading this remember i love you !!!! I wish i could meet you in person XD

To e.m.o | Reviewer: Regan | 3/17/08

Sorry it took me so long. I've been busy. I completely understand where you come from. Yes, many of her songs have absolutely no dedication, but do they really need to? I mean, A lot of my favorite songs were written just becuase. A couple of my songs were written to get the pain away, and some were written to people. I don't think she writes the songs just for the money. I beleive that she is a real nice person, and does it for the love of the music; the love of peforming. I'm not saying you have to change your opinion completely but maybe I can help you lean a little more towards her. I know songs like 'Girlfriend' and 'Hot' have no feeling in them, and it's true; her older songs are better. But the song 'When You're Gone' helped me move on. My friend died in the summer, and I still cry every time I hear that song because Avril put my exact feelings into words; something I could never even dream of doing. She's a talented artist.

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