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READ ME | Reviewer: | 4/14/06

Do all of you out there know any other words than FUCK! I agree with the person who said you should respect other fans, if you hate someone enough to come and spend time slagging her of then you're probably jalous or you've really got nothing else to do.
Avril Lavigne rocks, that's a fact, wether you like it or not. If you listen to the lyrics, which she wrote herself, i don't think any old shit head could write and sing so well. She can't help being beautiful.
Anyway, if you think she's showing of or something, that's just what you think, so who gives a shit, and especially not her.
Jalousy i say, so go and be your stupid self somewhere else (for those who critisize Avril Lavigne for being who she is)

Please You Guys | Reviewer: The Faded Rose | 3/15/06

Let's just get our facts straight shall we? Avril Lavigne's music is NOT punk music. Her outfits may look "punk-ish" or whatever, but that does not mean that SHE is punk. Like someone said, punk is a way of life, not necessarily music style or clothes. Usually it comes with the package, but in this case, it may not. For those of you who think she is a punk, have you ever met her to really know if she is or not? Although I think she is talented, some people don't, so I'm not going to yell at the others and tell them they're stupid because they have their opinions. I believe that Avril deserves more credit than she gets just for the fact that she co-writes a lot of her songs and most singers don't even have one song that they themselves wrote. That's talent you don't find growing in your back yard. If you don't think she's talented, listen to Hilary Duff and/or Lindsay Lohan and then tell me who has talent. Just saying. No, Avril is not a poser because I have punk clothes but I AM NOT PUNK. I just like the style of clothing. Does that make me a poser? Not really. Not unless I TELL YOU that "Yes, I'm a poser." But in real life, I'm not. A poser tries to impress people to fit into a certain group by dressing like them and listening to the same music they do. I'm not doing it to fit in and neither is Avril, so think before you speak people.
As Always,
The Faded Rose

to mr. anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/7/06

fuck you juggalo or what the fuck ever im waiting on your umbrella with my machete its sad when you preach shit and you dont fucking know! Avril as a matter of fact said she created punk for the new day and age. she sais she was the new sid vicious.....if you know who that is......avril lavigne should be decapitated and sliced to peices.

hmm | Reviewer: Juliette | 2/24/06

Well I dont hate her, but I dont like her, and yes it actually does get me freakin mad that preps are always going to hot topic!!! they talk about us, and even dare put a feet on the store!! and u know what else gets me mad??? MTV!!! they take all the good underground bands and then turn them into fame, and then preps (eew!! just saying that words makes me feel rash) well, and then the preps are gonna start liking them, its sad, for example: My chemical romance I love My chemical romance! and I will always do , because I know I have loved them from the beginning to the last! , other bands: HIM, Panic! at the disco, hawthorne heigths,etc. (Again, I do not hate this bands! in fact I love them! but TRL HAS TO FUCKING DIE! )

hm. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/06

ah, yes. so right you are. she DID have a big impact on the world, and let me tell you, it wasn't benevolent and honest. It was a really negative affect. you have kids who are so "into" her music and they think they're hardcore punks, when really all they are are poseurs, ad you know what? I have a problem with it. I don't like it. I don't like poseurs or preps and yes, as a matter of fact, I am part of an anti-avril site, and I love it. and I can say anything I damn well please on her biography and I "rekon" it's very fun. and I don't need to get a life, at least I don't think Avril Lavigne is great, I think other, underground BANDS are, not preppy poseurs.

fall2pieces | Reviewer: ramona | 1/20/06

look. everyone here dissing avvie: YOU ALL SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET A LIFE. this is her biography, so if u wanna spend ur time narrating ur opinions bout avril, go right ahead. but u should really find a website that's anti-avril so u can spend days there. it'd be much more fun i reckon. i guess avril made some people livid and some people really happy. she definately had a massive affect on the world. u either hate her or love her or think nothing of her. i believe avril's initial intentions were very benevolent and honest. its true that her record company had something 2 do with her image. they sorta shaped it 4 her. she was obviously gonna have some sort of impact on the world and she did. in fact, it was phenomenal coz everyone basically has got their own uniquely formulized opinion about her. gee people, gee.

Dear Iggy Pop person, | Reviewer: ahahaha the same one as before the iggy pop person | 1/16/06

haha, yes, i do know Iggy Pop, as a matter of fact, my uncle was his drummer, his name's paul garisto, and maybe you should look him up...lmao...this is so funny. you suck you fuck face =)and yes, led zeppelin rocks, so keep your fucking mouth shut before you prove that you're dumb

come on | Reviewer: uiyu | 1/11/06

AVRIL IS THE BEST ARTIST EVER? are u fuckin kidding me? that girl started playin the guitar with her 'band' at 17 and got successful cuz of her super kawaii style, fuck off u naive little brat.
good music? red hot chili peppers, iggy pop, sly an the family stones,jimi hendrix, led zeppelin,fugazi, radiohead...never heard of em? thought so...

oh please... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/06

haha...its really funny...the person who reviewed before me is talking to herself...anyway. yes, punk is a lifestyle but if you knew anything about music, punk is a subgroup of alternative :). and yes, green day rocks so much more than avril.

to all those moaners out there | Reviewer: kim | 12/12/05

wtf, people who think punk is a music genre are seriously stupid!
punk is a life style, nor avril nor green day is punk that's my fucking opinion!
i like avril for what she does and her music, i really don't like green day but i'm not saying: yuk like o my god that green day is so fake, i respect other fans, so the other fans must respect us too.
and by the way, to the 'punk' who didn't wrote his or her name above the review: if you have any evidence of avril saying shes punk please post it.
thought so...

To the person that wrote right before me. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/05

Wake up. ur saying that no1 cares about wat the reviewer before you wrote...no1 cares what you're saying either. So STFU before you talk ok? thanks.

avril lavigne is the best artist out there | Reviewer: sam | 9/30/05

ok so people that diss avril need to get a life.....she is the best singer out there..she isnt out there to sell her body...she doesnt need to she is an amazing singer she is awsome to her fans....she is following her dream and she doesnt care what ppl think of her...she is a role model toyoung kids that if u want to sing go for it ..u can be from the smallest town and u can still go for it....she teaches u not to go out there and sell your body...i look up to her...she is amazing she writess about personal stuff that teens can realte to...i love avril and hope that she does good with her music cant wait tilkl another concert!! avril u rock thanks for being yur self!

oh for gods sake... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/05

err okay so all you 'punks' crtising avril, when did she ever say she was trying to punk?? i think the answer to that is never. just youre own lives are as boring as hell, u go and start moaning about something irrelevant to anyone else in the world. understand this : NO-ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. now go before i shove an ummbrella up ur arse and open it. ie fuck off

Im not with you. | Reviewer: Wouldn't you love to know? | 8/22/05

Hey all u avril lavigne fans! what r u on? she's not punk. and she ruined it for all the real punks in the world. sad, sad, sad. u kno, we used to be considered "different" until she showed up. I know you don't agree, but its not an opinion, its a fact. she's a poser. face it. try listenin 2 real punk, day, rancid...etc. (o and by the way, its taking all my will power not to swear on this review ;)) all of you that are insulted by this are preps to heart. thought so. as we all know, punks don't go around saying they're punks. they don't sing about "they're happy endings," because if you face it, punks don't end up with happy endings. hmmm..wat else? ah, yes. the way she dresses. we haven't completely covered this topic. nowadays, you walk into hot topic and see a bunch of preps trying to get they're paws on studded belts. why is this? because of avril. hot topic, for all of u people that live under a rock, is a store where real punks, goths, and skaters by clothes. there are a shitload (sorry, couldn't resist =)) of awsum band merchandise. anyway. avril thinks she created punk for today's day and age. how wrong she is. anyway, hopefully we've helped you open your eyes:) and your ears:) peace out.

... | Reviewer: sum1 | 7/28/05

um ok...sum1 submitted sumthing that said that avril sings about stuff she feels strongly about and that other singers dnt do'm sorry to say, but they do. i dont really like avril lavigne, she has a good voice, ill give her that much. but her music is the same thing over and over again...and i dont like the fact that she put basket case on one of her cds..thats green day's for gods sake! i kno singers do that but idk...its wrong...especially cuz green day is a lot better and they've been around the punk genre for so much longer...

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