unknown | Reviewer: kim | 9/29/10

this song is so real it says alot no matter wah u r going through i only hope 4 da world to get fair and ket ppl3 stop judjing all da tym3 this sonq speaks 4 anyon3 who eva been throgh sum n and dnt think ur gong to make it and wants to go h0m3 or wants a h0m3

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/10

There are lots of pple who ve been betrayed by friends, decieved into lovin only to find out the truth later. You fight these betrayal n deciet inside n u r overwhelmed by the fact that not al that glitters is gold. U search 4 a hidin place n a confidant, which in our world 2day is hard to find. And if u r not strong enough, u ll be lost n can completely loose ur mind. Though life can be beautiful, with the wrong pple around, life can be madness. Great song this, love the artist.

My Life .. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/10

This song is my life im 12 years old and im trying to become a singer like avril and my parents don't accept me and they won't listen to what I have to say and they don't like my friends , my boyfriend or even me , my parents have abused me and I've ran away from home like 200 times just to get away from the shit that happens at my house

tina | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/28/10

i love this song!!!!! listening to this makes me think about all the mistakes i make and the consequences i,m scared to face on my own.i also feel the same way like no one understands me.awah....i wanna cry ...i can't stop crying when i hear this song..

FEAR TO BECOME NOBODY | Reviewer: Tenzin | 4/8/10

i like this song..lyrics + feelings Avril has put in dis song. i think i'l be rejected in yrs to come bcoz of a mistake i made when i was a kid. which is stil unknown to my dear ones. tat's da second biggest fear i got beside loosing my parents. Hope God helps me by not letting tat truth come out..coz i'll be Nobody to dem if dey knows da truth

my life my life | Reviewer: tiffanyweatherspoon | 3/26/10

okay my life used to be like this my dad was a jerk i had no where to go cause my mom was always at work and so i didnt have the balls to tell her my life is kinda good now but it not ever goin to be perfect.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if you ever need to tlak to me iam 14 and you can email me on tiffanyweatherspoon98@yahoo.com and my dad was (mean) just put it that way

04.03.2010 | Reviewer: mutant keys | 3/4/10

hi. I am from Bosnia&Herzegovina and in my country is the same situation as in other countries.teenagers are to much on computer and that makes them more depressed. this song is song with a lot of emotions and it describes my whole life. i always remember my old friend when I listen to the song :S <3

i fell that | Reviewer: daeln | 12/22/09

this is a good song to feel wut people are going throw . they parents didnt care. they drop out of school; dont have no where to go they made that mistake and they wish they can take it back . they life used to be nice and fun but they started to hang with the wrong group. People now day have feelings for wut they did and wish they can take it back .life on the road i hard stuff never make a bad mistake in your life u only have1 or2 lives

my lifebelongs to this song!!! | Reviewer: aizay | 9/18/09

i remmeber how my brother and i used to fight every day and i dont actaully think my parents even like me as much as they did my brother!sometimes i just wished that i wasnt born or i would run away.but even if id try the would find me and then you dont wanna know what used to happen!!this song is so much to me!!!

Nobady's Home | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/09

This song fits me perfectly,my parents don't accept me, and they're always trying to force me into being something I'm not. The house we live in doesn't even feel like a home, I remember wishing how my home could be my escape from school (I was picked on alot by the other girls and a few boys)but it never was. My only escape was my room, my books, and my music, though even then my haven would sometimes be intruded by my mom. The few friends I have, have dedicated this song to me more than once.

omg this song...! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/09

Ha i remember when me and my big sis used 2 sing this! She wasnt actrli related 2 me, but we just kinda adopted each other. didnt know what it meant, cause i was onli ten or eleven, but i was sittin in class being naughty with my frends and this song came on and i was crying because i havnt seen or heard from her 4 aaages,and i realised how much i miss her xx. Im in a new town now,and everythings different, i love it, but u gotta miss ya childhood right?!

nobody's ever home 4 her | Reviewer: some scene kid | 7/29/09

this song makes me cry it reminds me so much of her.Her moms in iraq and her step-dad doesnt care for her.She's always doing something bad and hangs out with the wrong people sometimes she's acts like she's older than she is i told her act your age you don't know what love is and you need to stop doing this stuff thats wrong i know the real you she ask me why havent left me like all my other ''friends'' i said cuz i love u sweetie nothing will change that i feel so sorry for her her sister's and brother ignor her and they get into heaps of fights she thinks she loves some guys she barley knows i and i feel bad beacause i have a nice family and her she really doesnt have a home she's alway's on the streets. btw great song avril ur my idol

Exactly | Reviewer: Katie Lowman | 7/16/09

i love this song its jux like my life and every time i hear it i cry really bad bacause i feel like no one gets me and no one is ever there because all my friends have perfect lives and im all alone because my mom is NEVER around and im only 12 and my dad walked out on me when i was 3 and i feel like nobodys home....

For ANONYMOUS | Reviewer: Maria | 7/7/09

hey...I was feeling the same way,few weeks ago..And that feelings come again sometimes...:S Every person on this world have felt that way,maybe because that is the part of our lives which will make us stronger for the problems in the future...Everything happens for a reason( I didn't believe in this but it's true)...Dont worry..And dont feel that way...One day you'll find someone who will understands you and that will be very soon..Trust me..I've already found that "someone"...Sometimes it's not like I thought it would be,but somehow he is all i ever had...so Dont be worried...There's no reason about that...That's how the life works..Everyone has problems..You're NOT ALONE...
I hope this will help you...

ANONYMOUS. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/09

Words can not describe how this songs represents how i feel every minute of everyday. I'm lost, broken and alone and no one on this Earth want's to save me. I feel as though i don't belong with one person, i have no place to go except from inside my head and to hurt myself even more, no one can even hear me cry for help and no one can even wipe my tears away. I just want to go home...