mint song | Reviewer: B A B ii 3 R A C H - x | 9/1/07

this song is really deep n thts why i love it! i love singin it n watchin the video because its so sad, makes me want to cry at what some people go through ;[

i love you | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/07

this is really good everybodys right it makes me cry sometimes and think about my boyfriend that i broke up with because he was immature.:( i love avril lavigne.!!!!!!!!! this is my favourite song ever.

feeling others | Reviewer: steph | 8/19/07

this is a beautiful song, that every time i listen to it maks me feel how other girls may be feeling or feel about thier home life, family, stress of depressment in thier life. Avril is great a getting the message through to ppl, as it has gotten through me. that girl is great! woop woop

I can relate | Reviewer: Alexandra | 8/11/07

I have depression [diagnosed, along with anxiety], and this song sums up so much for me. I'd say it's her best too, like others have said.

well, i'm surprised. | Reviewer: mina | 8/9/07

this song strikes as a message about a sudden feeling of isolation from others girls feel in adolescence. This may come from constant rebellion from their parents, stress in school, and/or pressure they feel from the social scene.

but what really is evident in the lyrics is that "nobody's home;" nobody - family, friends- is there when they need them the most. or maybe nobody cares.

the first time i heard avril lavigne was when i heard "girlfriend," which i found ridiculously stupid. i, being guilty of making judgments too quickly sometimes, thought she was obnoxious and immature. but in this song, avril was noble, dark, and graceful.

i feel very indifferent about avril now. i'd have to say, this song, simply, is the best by miss lavigne.

nobody's home | Reviewer: metalhead | 7/29/07

wow ! this is such an awesome song...! and the video is very apt..makes u understand how life really is..n for all the ppl out der for whom this song really means something ..a moment 4 u !

i love dis song | Reviewer: madza | 7/28/07

omg dis song is da coolest song um dis song makes me think bowt ma boyfriend

luv madza

[[HeartInAMillionPieces]] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

im in love with this song its so talkin about me like so much

this song is soo cooooool!! | Reviewer: someone xoxo | 7/7/07

I think this song is really good coz it's quite emotional and avril sings it so well

she is amazing | Reviewer: jazzy | 7/7/07

i think this song is one of her all time best, and she should make more of the kind of standard cos they are ace
i love the lyrics, and i guess for some one out there, they might mean something to them.
i think out of most songs on earth, this has quickly become one of my all time fave. <3

OHMYGOD x | Reviewer: L ii S H 3 3 x | 7/10/07

I Love This Song.. Its Just... Me... :|
It Reminds Me Of Me Sooooo Much You Just Don't Understand.... I Don't Fit Enywer... :(

About the song | Reviewer: Sophie | 7/5/07

This song relates to my friend since Iv'e met her
When i listen to it it reminds me of her
Its sad really. Its great how we can relate to songs.
Me and my friend are falling part now and It's pretty upsetting.

the best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/07

nobody's home is the best.. :D
this song is fantastic

Nobody's Home | Reviewer: Jane Lee K. | 6/30/07

I really love this song. It truly is moving and hits really close to home. Avril has such a beautiful voice and...rock on!

WOWWIES | Reviewer: Ella | 6/25/07

hey i luv this song so much cuz i rocks the house up and down...lmao!!!