omg... | Reviewer: a angry angela | 6/11/09

i love this song but it is sooo sad because it is just like my life i hide everything from everyone because i dont want them to think bad of me except that they already know how bad i am .... urghh!

GREAT SONG | Reviewer: Chrystal Daniels | 5/27/09

I used the lyrics as a grabbers sentence for a project and was told by my teacher is was EXTRODINARY!!! I had written a paper about a poor boy in a story called " Wish You well" It related well with him.

Wow | Reviewer: just another depressed suicidal kid... | 5/26/09

Well I can definately say this song describes my situation. Nobody in my family cares about me and my mom said she'd kick me out if I wasn't only 13. Concerned about being arrested. Hm. My dad's a drunk, and my mom just doesn't care. I have no shoulder to cry on because I have no friends either and I feel I don't have a real home. I cry every time I hear this because it reminds me of myself so much... Well done.

Understood. | Reviewer: Jen | 4/11/09

Hi,Avril , i love this song so much.
Its the only song ,i feel like i can completely connect with . I love all your lyrics, cuz its actually about something REAL. Unlike some other songs... . Alot of stuff , has been happening since the being of the year. depression. drugs. cutting. eating disorders. with everyone & me. The town i am literally. The most dramatic. depressing town. Ever. News travels fast, so do tears, words and punches. I really want to escape it all..but i dont know who I am half the time..

oh my. | Reviewer: just some kid. | 3/4/09

My best friend one time told me this song reminded her of me and I almost cried.
My parents are divorced, so theoretically, I should have two homes... instead I have no home. I've been kicked out of both of them because of how bad I do in school and because of my anger issues. The irony of it is that neither of them know about my drug abuse and eating disorder.

Avril Lavigne;Nobodys Home. | Reviewer: Kanwal | 2/1/09

Hi Avril,I love you and I like the clothes you wear,I like that NOBODYS HOME song;the first time i watched it i felt very sorry for that girl,anyway my favourite songs from your cd is GIRLFRIEND and SK8TER boi i bet its one of your favourites too.

yourself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/08

... to me this song is talking about you, and how you feel on the iside. how you know you want to live better but you cant help your self, and how your jsut soo lost in your own thoughts that you dont know the way back to the really you becasue you've pushed in pulled in so manny directions due to like peer presure and stuff like that..

Breaking Dawn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/08

I chose this song for my english project on Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I think it means that there is always that fear of losing the ones you love and never being able to go back to them. Either way, it's a great song.
I won't say how it relates so i don't spoil it for anybody else...

undecided | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/08

I guess everyone have there own interpretation, bu i think its about a girl who knows people love her but know one really expresses their love for her and thats all she wants. Also her not knowing who she really is or how to find herself. I am a college freshman right now, and that song really speaks truth to how i feel regularly and its the worst feeling to have when trying to transition to a new environment.

idk | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/25/08

, its so sad. reminds me of my best friend
really, i hate how you just cant help
your friends when they need it, i love her like
a sister, but i know i cant to anything because
in the end its always her choice.

finding yourself | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

For me, this song talks about someone who knows people they know love them, but can't really love them self. I've got that problem, and when I heard "Nobody's Home" I thought about how I'm not at home with myself and how I keep doing stupid stuff because I want to find AND escape from me.

self discovery | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/4/08

I think "nobody's home" also talks about someone who doesn't feel at home with themself, even though they kmow they're people who care about them. So they do stupid stuff to bnth find and escape from themself; they want to go home to who they are, but at the same time don't want to know who they are.

there's no pace like home..* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/08

this song makesme cry everytime i hear it...
more or less my situation is the same
why you've been rejected and now you can't find what you've left behind*

sorry mommy i miss you and love you loads!!!

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/18/08

this is songs means a lot to me its says every thing my best mate is homeless lonely tryin to fit in but never able to home and forget it all so when i listen to this song it up sets me cause i carnt help her i quess you can only help the people who want help and shes just to stuburn

depression | Reviewer: salehqt | 6/30/08

i like this song, specially after i heard avrils comment on this song: "there was a girl in the highschool she was homeless".
this song has a very nice and rythmic music composision.
i am very similar to the person in the song, i'm not homeless but everyday i got home and i don't like people in home. and I'm alone, i cried listening to this song couple of times.