very emotional | Reviewer: Rawan Ayad | 8/1/13

Hey Avril 'I'm your superfan from Iraq ,Baghad.I just listened to your awesome songs and they were helping me with everything I had in that stupid life I had in my own full of problems and tears and blood .I just thank my god that he introduced me to a beautiful girl like you.I had all of your posters and photo and they are gorgeous .Nobody's home is an amazing real song that you sung .It helps me to pass the whole day. GODS BLESS YOU 'AVRIL.
Your syperfan Rawan 'yours truly......

It's my truth | Reviewer: Keyauna | 4/9/13

Personally I feel like this song is about me. I have always had my own personal struggles in my own home with my mom cryin and my brother trying to run away. It's been hard just to even try to manage all these tears and hold them back. When I listen to this song it helps remind me that I'm not the only one who has these problems. Thanks Avril. You've always helped me through everything. I just wish I could be you and have you here to help me through my struggles. I love you Avril, you are amazing! Love Keyauna

Stephanie's Side | Reviewer: Stephanie | 12/28/12

this might be weird, but my brother has been abused. This song, I just cant even explane about how I feel about this song. I just love it and Avril, I sereously really rally really want to be you and have your dreams have your songs and too just be you. LOL! OMG! LOVE, Stephanie!

Truth of my life | Reviewer: Aastha | 12/24/12

I love this song becoz it indicates my life. I m a girl from middle class family. My mom died when i was 14 and after 4 month my dad married another woman. She has already 3 children,so she was so creul n rude towards me. My dad started 2 luv her children ever more than me. I felt so alone,I want 2 be a doctor in future but my dad left me n depart from me wid his wife n children. And now i can't able 2 think that where i have 2 go? Coz there is no place for me. I lost everything my mom,dad,my family,my happiness even i lost myself. M just living my life to complete my aim but it seems like it wil be incomplete coz i have nobody to help me financially in my further education but still i won't give up becoz all that i can do is try try and try. So this song helps me 2 share my lonelyness n pain beside me.

avril is great | Reviewer: lili | 11/29/12

i ♥ avril lavigne so much she has a verry deep songs i love her style to and she have a great voice i listin to her songs every day and she has just beutiful end awsom songs i ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥3hr so muuuuuuuuch ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07/11/12 | Reviewer: katarine starks | 11/7/12

iam 16 years old and iam in high school. to be honest high school sucks. because teachers nowdays in high school are not like the teachers in primary school. the differences is that i high school they don't give 2nd chances to children and they expect them to have similary work with other children without giving them a chance to come out of their shells and express their innerbeauty.sometimes i feel like i'm the only child that is left behind or ask myself what is my purpose in doing in earth,if there is a purpose please show me a sign and that is why sometimes i wish i could go somewhere far from here whereby me,myself and i only and come back maybe after 10 yrs and continue back my journey in earth but the old me is gone and the new me is born again.recently this song really help me to overcome my lonelylinessand help me move thankz alot.xoxox.u know u luv me:)

Your Not Alone | Reviewer: Avril Lover xoxo | 11/5/12

I love this song because it is very deep and beautiful and strong. I'm not alone or sad but I'm not exactly pampered either. I just love this song and how it grabs to the people who are sad. It's a sad song yet it somehow bring happiness to others. or maybe just a little hope that even a rock star has their own sad moments. :) your not alone.
girl on the other side of the world

Self injury | Reviewer: Leighsha | 5/1/12

For a girl who is celebrating her 17th this week and has had three long years of self mutiliation, eating disorders and drug/alcohol abuse this song means a lot to me. I'm in a middle class family, have many amazing, funny, caring friends and one or two boyfriends and there's no logical reason that I am the way I am except possibly from bullying when I was a young child. It's unusual for a song from any genre other than rock to interest me but Avril Lavigne was my favourite artist as a little girl and continues still to be an inspiration - Leighsha Kaycee

So alone... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/1/12

I was pampered as a child and got nearly everything I wanted. Except a listening ear. My parents ignored all my problems and they still do. They dismissed them as lies and stories and called me weak. They bought me things just to keep me "happy", but I just want to talk to them without fear of being judged harshly. When I struggle in school they never look for the cause and they would beat me.
I feel so alone, I don't think i belong here at all. Sometimes, I just feel like a big failure who'll never achieve anything. I get angry and frustrated with myself and I can't even figure out what the causes of my own problems are. It's just like the girl in the song... My friends want to help me but all they can do is watch me fall, get up, and fall again.

pop pop frankey | Reviewer: marissa | 3/11/11

my popop just died in october and im just 11 and it hert me really bad and that song makes me thank about him and makes me sad but happy at the same time it sounds dumb but that song makes me feel beter to and i love it and because im like that to like her noplace to go nobodey home

reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/11

I feel that everytime I try to make my life better,I fail in everyones eyes. Even if I do succed,I just get scholded and feel even more lonely. I won't lie. I was a very pampered child, and now i don't know what to do. do you?
whenever i attempt to love. i can't find no-one
to share my love with. :(

Nobody is home | Reviewer: Malane | 1/19/11

Hello , i was like a princess in my house but suddenly i woke up and found no body so i tried to figure up wats happening but all what i found is that they left me alonee ,, and nobody is home ! and i dont were do i belong right now !

Alone... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/10

I feel like I'm lost somewhere strange, apart from anyone and everything I've every known and loved. In a hostile environment, becoming hostile myself. There's no way out, and I'm giving up. Alone.. and lost.

I'm here right now | Reviewer: Paige Swift | 11/15/10

Wanting to go home and can't... I'm there right now. I no longer feel like I have a home. I'm living with someone who is throwing away all my things because she doesn't have room for them.
I'm surprised she has room for me.

nobodys around | Reviewer: justin Em Hua | 10/21/10

my parents r always there,especially my mom.but i'm always alone.but i get in touch with my guy friends heart 2 heart(im a boy),but sometimes i just feel theres only me in this fking world,but m manson & eminem's music is with my heart 4ever